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September 2019
Ahoy!  Welcome to a new school year.  We’re using a nautical theme this year to chart a course for success for ALL students!  An amazing and talented crew welcomed aboard more than 500 new and returning students.  We have taken in our bowlines, hoisted our sails, and set sail for a yearlong journey of learning and adventure.  
Part of our journey this year be to navigate through the steps to become a recognized STEAM School in the Anchorage School District.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Math. We believe STEAM embraces our school’s roots in outdoor education, while allowing opportunities for our students to engage in interdisciplinary project-based learning experiences to promote innovation, and the “future ready” skills learners need to become leaders in tomorrow’s careers.  We look forward to sharing more about our STEAM application through parent nights, surveys, and school website and Facebook updates.
Please take a few minutes to read through this month’s newsletter to learn more about what is currently happening aboard the USS Ravenwood!  Find out about our Wellness Initiative, PTSO’s 4th Annual Trek for Tech, 4th Grade’s Cornhole Tournament, and much more!  As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.
Bon Voyage,
Mrs. Bautista        
Donna Lee Jardin                   3-year old Preschool teacher
Kimberley Gabel                     4-year old Preschool teacher
Josephine Mattison                1st Grade
Laura Guest                             Librarian
Kassandra Tippey                   Health/SEL
Brittany Blackwell                   IGNITE teacher
Angelina Montgomery            Preschool Sped TA
Telaina Muir                             Preschool Sped TA

Mariner” Interns/ Student Teachers: 
Michelle Barina       with Erin Colgrove (3rd grade)
Taylor Murphy         with Erica Arnold (4th grade)
Rachel Bjorklund    with Jessica Frick (5th grade)
Lifetouch will be at school on September 17th to take individual student pictures.  Please be on the look out for ordering packets.  

It has been so wonderful to see the halls filled with smiling faces of Ravenwood students and families. I am looking forward to getting to know all of our new families and students this school year.  For those of you who do not know, my name is Jennifer Cottle, and I am the school nurse at Ravenwood. My office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am-4pm. I have been the school nurse at Ravenwood for the past 16 years and am celebrating the start of my 21st year as a school nurse in the Anchorage School District.  I received my Bachelor of Nursing from Washington State University and also have a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University. I became a Nationally Certified School Nurse in the summer of 2007.  I celebrated 23years as a registered nurse in 2016 and I absolutely love what I do! 

In light of the Anchorage School District’s Wellness Policy, I thought it would helpful to discuss healthy drink alternative to place in your child’s lunch. Principal Bautista and I would like to implement a soda free cafeteria again this school year.  We are asking that you please offer other drink alternatives for you children other than soda’s or energy drinks.  Sodas contain a large amount of sugar per serving and have little nutritional value.  The increased consumption of soda has been linked to higher obesity rates among American children. Soda consumption has also been attributed to a decrease in the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D, which is necessary for the body to absorb calcium. Calcium is needed for strong, healthy bone growth and development. Energy drinks contain caffeine as well as many herbal/mineral preparations. No herbal remedies, mineral or vitamins are allowed in school.  Energy drinks have been in the news recently due to adverse health reactions in individuals, particularly children.

Milk is available for purchase daily in the cafeteria for 50 cents.  Good old water is always an excellent choice and costs nothing if placed in a water bottle from home.  Flavored water such as Propel or Aquaifina Fruit Splash is a good choice, especially for kids who prefer a little flavor to their water.  Beware of the sugar contents in Gatorade and Powerade- they can contain as much sugars as soda.  Juice is an acceptable alternative as long as it is 100% fruit juice. For my children’s lunch, if I give them a 100% fruit juice in their lunch, I consider that a substitute for a fruit that day.  Please contact Nurse Cottle or Kim Bautista at 742-3250 if you have any questions. 

Please watch for more info at the “Nurse’s Corner” in upcoming newsletters. 

Jennifer Cottle, BSN, RN, NCSN
Ravenwood Elementary 
Phone: 907-742-3254
Fax: 907-742-3260

Ravenwood Elementary is a part of a pilot program with about 20 other ASD elementary schools to increase the amount of time we provide students for recess and  lunch each day.  Our students are enjoying 30 minutes of outside recess every day, and we are also trying to make sure our students get at least 25 minutes to eat their lunch.  Pilot schools are collecting data to see if the increased lunch and recess time is beneficial to student learning.  We try to get our students heart rates up for at least 54 minutes each day by engaging them in physical activity at recess, PE, Music, Health, Art, and in their classrooms.  Our participation in this pilot is another one of our efforts to help our students to be Wellness Champions!!                                                                  
PTSO is sponsoring the 4th Annual TREK FOR TECH on Friday, Sept. 20th!  Over the past 3 years, we have raised money to create a fully furnished STEM Lab, update student and classroom technology, and provide "future ready" skill development for all our K-6 students. We'll be sending out a grade level "trek" schedule, and welcome parents to join us!  Sponsor sheets went home Friday, and are due on Friday, Sept. 20th.  All pledge money is due by Sept. 25th. Your support of this fundraiser is appreciated. 

We're a nearly brand new board, and we're off to a great start sponsoring everything from the Annual Back-to-School Dinner, Spirit wear sales, Movie Night, Trek for Tech, and so much more!  We really hope we can count on your support with our annual Trek for Tech fundraiser or Write a Check (donation in lieu of participating in fundraising).  Most importantly, we hope you will be an active volunteer in our school community!  There are MANY ways to get involved at Ravenwood and with the PTSO!

We are always looking for enthusiastic members to share their commitment to our school community. Currently, we are looking for:

  • Box Tops Chairperson (contact Stephanie Mauger for info)

  • Fall Harvest Festival (Oct. 25) Committee members

Mark your calendar and come to the next meeting, Oct. 2nd, at 6pm in the Ravenwood library.  

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Box Tops is changing to fit today's families. The new and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to your school's earnings online. Now, it's easier than ever to have family, friends, and neighbors save Box Tops to support Ravenwood Elementary!  

PARENTS ARE PERFECT  . . .  to be Noon Duty Supervisors, Teacher Assistants, Substitute Teachers and Substitute Teacher Assistants.  We currently have positions open at Ravenwood and various schools throughout the district. Fill out an application at the ASD Building at 5530 East Northern Lights Blvd at the Boniface Mall.  Feel free to contact our fabulous front office crew at 742-3250 for additional information.
AMC 9.28.055 was changed, making use of a handheld cellular device unlawful while driving within an active school zone or on school grounds.  The fine is $500 and 6 points.  Initially, warnings and reminders will be issued, but expect this to be enforced with citations in the near future. 

SEPTEMBER IS ATTENDANCE AWARENESS MONTH Everyone can make a difference in improving school attendance by building awareness that going to school every day is vital for student success. Good attendance matters, and will ensure that all students can realize their dreams for academic success and opportunity. A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. There is a direct correlation between students who attend school regularly and higher academic achievement levels.

THANK YOU Ravenwood families for making student attendance important year-round!

Dress for Outdoors –  We love the outdoors and go outside in all kinds of weather for both PE and Recess. Students need to dress and bring their gear for rain, shine, snow, cold (to -10 degrees) to allow for their safe enjoyment of the outdoors.     

PEAKS 2019 Student-Level Score Reporting

The Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools (PEAKS) is Alaska’s summative assessment for students in grades 3-9 in English Language art and mathematics and grades 4, 8 and 10 in science and was administered in spring 2019. The purpose of a large-scale, summative assessment is to provide information to parents, educators, policy makers, communities and businesses about how Alaska’s schools and districts are performing, along with an overall picture of an individual student’s progress in meeting State of Alaska standards at his/her grade level.

At this time, districts and schools are beginning the score reporting process with the preliminary work of interpreting and understanding PEAKS results. The Anchorage School District is currently preparing our online student information system for parents to receive electronic PEAKS results on September 20th.

For both math and English language arts, each student will receive an overall score that is aligned to one of four achievement levels: Proficient, Advanced, Below-Proficient and Far-Below Proficient. Students performing at a scale score of 500 or more are Proficient. In addition, information on groups of standards, called reporting categories, will also be provided as part of the score reporting process.

This year, English language arts (ELA) for grades 4-9 will include a Text-Dependent Analysis, or TDA score. The TDA is an item based on a passage or set of passages that a student reads during the ELA assessment. The TDA addresses both literary and informational texts. Students must draw on basic writing skills while inferring and synthesizing information from the passage in order to develop a comprehensive, holistic essay response.

The Text-Dependent Analysis is reported at the student level in grades 4-9 as one of the English language arts Reporting Categories. The TDA is hand-scored by the testing vendor using a rubric with a score range of 0-4, with a score of four being the highest. The rubric will be available in the ASD PEAKS Parent Guide.

For detailed information on PEAKS score reporting, please reference the ASD PEAKS Parent Guide available on the ASD PEAKS website,, along with the State of Alaska’s Parent’s Guides to Student Reports Spring 2019 PEAKS Assessment English Language Arts and Mathematics (and Science grades 4, 8 and 10), available on the Department of Education’s website,

Please remember, PEAKS is not a pass/fail test. PEAKS is aligned to the Alaska State Standards and the scores provide information to guide decision-making and support students on their path to success. Alaska increased the rigor of its standards and assessments so that our students are academically ready to succeed in the community, jobs, career training, the military and college. The Anchorage School District maintains high learning expectations for all students and is committed to preparing students for success in life.

Scouts delivers a family-friendly experience for boys and girls. Contact Robert Davidson (907) 202-0607 for more info.
Contact Sarah Guthrie at (907) 273-0314 or for information about Chugiak Eagle River Girl Scout troops. 

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