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Be Still The Mind: Using the Relaxation Response to Counteract Stress
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
HSC LH 3, Level 2
Reports of rising stress levels among clinical practitioners is a major concern across the field. Industry uncertainty, rising patient expectations, and increasing occupational demands are only some of many factors that can push stress levels into unhealthy realms. Increased stress can lead to exhaustion and reduced effectiveness, even burnout. 

In this interactive session, Harold Pass, PhD, Chair of the Stony Brook Medicine Physicians Well-Being Committee, will walk participants through the Relaxation Response--an easy to practice meditative technique designed to reduce stress levels through focused relaxation.

Developed by Herbert Benson, MD, founder of The Mind/Body Institute at Harvard University, the Relaxation Response is a research supported means of mitigating health issues related to chronic stress.

The Physicians Well-Being Committee seeks to  provide physicians and other healthcare providers with the latest tools and information to assist them to better care for themselves and their patients and to improve well-being and reduce the incidence of burnout.

Physicians, clinical staff, and anyone who works with patients can benefit from this session.
All are welcome to attend. No registration necessary. 

Harold Pass, Ph.D.
Chair Stony Brook Medicine Well-Being Committee
Stony Brook University School of Medicine
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