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Susan Lane, MD, FACP
Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program,
Vice Chair of Education, and Professor of Medicine
Small Group Teaching and Learning
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
HSC CR 152

  Small group teaching and learning takes place in a variety of settings in medical education – in a conference, at the bedside, in the clinic, and on the wards. We teach in small groups all the time. Often without being given the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. 
     This session is designed to help you improve your effectiveness teaching in small group settings. Led by Susan Lane, MD, FACP, you will explore the principles and components of active small group learning and compare a learner-centered versus a teacher-centered approach. Dr. Lane is one of three recipients of the 2016 Alpha Omega Alpha Fellow Leadership Award.
     Over the course of the session, we will review inquiry-based learning and explore three examples of inquiry-based learning including team-based, problem-based, and case-based learning.  Inquiry-based learning is a student-led model of education that emphasizes discovery, clinical reasoning, and reflection, and supports the development of life-long learning skills. 
     You may wonder, what is the role of the teacher in these student-led, learner-centered models? The essential part of the teacher as facilitator will be discussed, with specific recommendations to help you improve your effectiveness as a small group teacher. Common challenges in small group learning will be reviewed with tips to help you overcome these challenges. 
     The workshop that follows this session immerses you into a lively small group learning exercise that highlights an inquiry-based model called the ‘jigsaw’ method.  At the conclusion of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to plan your small group session using the ‘jigsaw’ method. 
Session Objectives
By the end of the session participants will be able to:
  • Identify the principles and components of inquiry-based learning techniques (team-based, problem-based, and case-based learning).
  • Differentiate between learner-centered and teacher-centered approaches to small-group teaching.
  • Explain the role of the teacher in small group learning sessions. 
  • Use the jigsaw method to plan a small group session. 
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