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How you going? Hope you're keeping well, happy and toxin-free...well, as possible as you can :) That's the thing, hey? It's impossible to stay completely toxin-free. There are so many synthetic and dangerous chemicals around that pollute the air, water, food-supply and soil. Even walking down the supermarket aisle can be a challenge, what with all the synthetic fragrances oozing from (even unopened!) cleaning products. They say that fragrance is the new second-hand smoke - and it really is! Thankfully, laws have made it illegal for people to smoke cigarettes indoors, but now almost every home and work place is full of synthetic toxic fragrances wafting around, causing us to die slowly. In fact, the air quality in most homes is more toxic than outside air in polluted cities. Fragrances have been linked to a number of adverse health effects, such as asthma, allergies, endocrine and hormonal problems, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, stomach cramps and heart palpitations. The scary thing is is that the vague term 'fragrance' is an ingredient in almost all cleaning products - even some supposedly 'green' cleaning products contain the ingredient 'fragrance'.

I was in denial for awhile, thinking going toxin-free would be too hard and too expensive. I didn't mind spending money on good quality wholesome foods, and even on some 'green' body-care products (to an extent), but spending our precious dollars on cleaning products - well I couldn't quite justify that. But one day, about a year or so ago, I started getting headaches and nauseous every time I cleaned the bathroom with 'lemon' scented spray. I would literally have to hold a tea-towel over my nose every time I cleaned, to stop the fumes…ah…I mean, 'harmless fragrances'…from sneaking up my nose. This also happened when I put on my old vanilla perfume or lit my scented candles. It was then that I started to question what exactly I was putting onto my body and into my house.

I started looking into DIY cleaning recipes and I was AMAZED at how cheap I could make 100% toxic-free cleaning products, sometimes at even a cheaper price than supermarket brands. PLUS, the ingredients are so simple, and preparation so quick, that even a time-poor, DIY-dummy could make them. This made me excited!

I've been making my own cleaning products, now, using essential oils in replace of toxic 'fragrances'. I love them so much, that I've even begun to sell my all-natural, handmade cleaning (and skincare) products. I tell you what, my basil and grapefruit surface cleaning spray smells so amazing that I could almost eat it (actually, I do have a little lick if it drips onto my hand - and I can, because every ingredient in the spray is not only safe to use for cleaning, but safe to consume! Not that I'd serve it up as a soup or anything, haha…just saying'!). Jokes aside, I can now, without worry, clean my bathroom and kitchen with Poppy and Elsie around, because I know that my cleaning spray can't hurt them or me, and in fact, can improve our health and wellbeing as we breath in the therapeutic aromas.

I'm all about empowering others to live a more healthy, natural, toxin-free life, and I'd love to share my recipes with you! If you'd like to learn how to reduce toxins in your life, starting with making your own CLEAN cleaning products is an excellent start! Let me show you how at our next DIY Toxin-Free Cleaning Workshop THIS SATURDAY! This is a hands-on workshop, but you'll also be educated up to your eyeballs about dangerous toxins that proliferate our homes. Knowledge is power - and our workshop will inspire you to live a cleaner, natural more sustainable life, that will bring health, joy and empowerment to your family! 

By the way...Did you notice the delightful glass amber spray bottles in the pic above? I am so stoked to have finally found these glass bottles for my DIY-diva's to make their surface cleaner spray in at our cleaning workshops. Yay for no more crappy plastic spray bottles!!!!!!!! 
DIY Toxin-Free CLEANING Workshop 
Sat 18 Feb, 4pm @ Happy Biome Studio

Have you ever thought about going chemical-free but didn't know where to begin? Maybe you're apprehensive about the time and cost involved, or perhaps the thought of learning to decipher between the maze of the 'good' and 'bad' chemicals feels all too overwhelming. Well, now is your chance to see just how easy, fun and cost-effective it is to make your own household cleaning products that are 100% toxin-free! We'll be using 100% pure essential oils to make the products, as essential oils not only smell great and are toxic-free, but they also have strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that can kill nasty bugs, germs, odours and mould. The oils we will be using are also highly therapeutic, so while you're cleaning your home with your essential oil DIY cleaning products, don't be surprised if your mood begins to brighten and your health ailments begin to melt away!

During the workshop, you will learn to make five household cleaning products:

Laundry liquid concentrate - 1 litre
Multipurpose spray (glass amber bottle) - 450ml
Dishwashing liquid - 500ml
Toilet Cleaner - 500ml
Dishwasher powder - 525ml

You'll also learn some of the more nastier chemicals commonly found in household cleaning products to avoid, as well as the negative impacts these chemicals are having on you and your family. You'll learn what essential oils are best for cleaning, and which ones can help with physical and emotional health issues. We'll also provide you with a recipe hand-out to take home, as well as tips on where to get the best price for quality ingredients, the top 10 toxic chemicals to avoid, and a list of natural ingredients you can use to clean your home. This workshop will be educational, informative and empowering, leaving you not only armed with chemical-free cleaning products to use in your home, but also leaving you motivated to make a difference to you and your family's health and emotional wellbeing.

No pre-shopping or supplies required, just register and show up! The workshop is $50 and covers all supplies, containers, oils, recipe booklet, paleo treats, herbal teas & a wealth of invaluable knowledge! This really is a bargain - if you purchased a 'green' cleaning product from a store, chances are you would be paying anywhere from $20 - $70 for a 1 litre bottle - plus, there are often some questionable ingredients in even supposedly 'green' products.

Space is limited in the workshop and will require pre-purchased registration to ensure we have enough room and supplies for everyone.

This workshop will be held on Saturday 18 Feb, 4pm at our Happy Biome Studio, 26 Lapthorne Close, Don (entry via Jiloa Way).

All welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!

We also have scheduled the following Toxin-Free Workshops:
DIY Toxin-Free SKINCARE Workshop - Sat 11 March, 6-8:30pm
DIY Toxin-Free HYGIENE+SUNCARE Workshop - Fri 31 March, 7-9:30pm
Register HERE for DIY Toxin-Free CLEANING Workshop

Happy Valentine's Day to you, beautiful! And you are BEAUTIFUL. If you're not really feeling 'the love' at the moment, a simple drop or whiff of a therapeutic-grade essential oil could really do the trick! Almost all essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, but some more so than others. My absolute fav for balancing my hormones is Clary Sage. When your hormones are out-of-whack, not only are you more than likely grumpy, irritable and feeling PMS or menopausal symptoms, but your libido is also probably down the toilet hole. Clary Sage helps to produce the female sex hormone oestrogen which helps women feel...well...womanly. After my first baby, I really struggled to feel 'sensual' - like I had no interest...AT ALL...for like three or four years. It wasn't that my husband wasn't a loving, kind husband. I just didn't FEEL anything. I'm guessing this had a lot to do with a traumatic first birth, and babies sucking everything out of me, and a series of post-pregnancy-related health issues. I began to think that it was just 'me'. That perhaps I wasn't as 'womanly' as other ladies. That maybe I was just 'love-lacking'. It wasn't something I felt comfortable talking with others about. I certainly didn't want to go seek 'professional help' about it (awkward much!). I didn't ever get my hormones tested, but I'm fairly confident something was out-of-whack. Anyways, when I started using essential oils a year and a half ago, I was excited to find that some could help you balance out hormones. This is when I started using Clary Sage, almost daily. I'd dab a drop beneath my ears, and on the inside of my ankles, and I tell you what, within a couple of months I started getting my lovin' groove back! True story! Ask my husband ;)

There are other oils that can help bring romance back into your life: Orange oil opens the sacral chakra near the pelvis area which is associated with pleasure & sensuality. Rose stimulates romantic feelings. Ylang Ylang is a powerful aphrodisiac, and increases libido in both men and women. Cypress is great for increasing libido as it stimulates blood flow and circulation in the body. Joy (Young Living blend) is THE oil for love. The oils in Joy stimulate the brain and senses for love and affection.

We've just created a Kissable Skin! Bath Soak to help you get back into the loving mood. The soak is made with seductive rose petals plucked from our Happy Biome garden, detoxifying french pink kaolin clay, calming epsom & pink himalayan crystal salts, & the sweet romantic aroma of ylang ylang & geranium 100% pure therapuetic-grade essential oils. All you have to do is drop a handful into the tub & dip your delightful limbs into the water and let your skin have a magical remineralising & floral feast 

 Kissable Skin! Bath Soak can be purchased at our Happy Biome Studio online and on our website, or at Purple House Natural Therapies in Forth, Tas or Urban Flower in Sydney. You can also purchase some of our Happy Biome products at the Relish Whole Foods store located in Lotus Waters Wellness Centre

We are currently looking for retailers both in Tasmania and Australia-wide. If you're interested in stocking our Happy Biome Natural Products - or know a business that might be interested - feel free to get in touch!
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