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European MSc Metal Additive Manufacturing Engineer Pilots have started
The European Master’s Degree in Metal Additive Manufacturing is already a reality!
Cranfield University and Birmingham University (UK), Bremen University (DE) and Instituto Superior Técnico (PT) are ADMIRE project partners responsible for piloting the European MSc Metal AM Engineer, contributing for narrowing the gap between Industry’s (and its needs) and Universities in the Additive Manufacturing sector.
Cranfield University is currently piloting Metal AM Processes and AM System Design modules with their students. Finite Element Analysis is a module that will be piloted by Bremen University in two distinct phases and Instituto Superior Técnico is responsible for conducting Overview of Additive Manufacturing Processes module.
Other modules are also part of the MSc in in Metal Additive Engineer curriculum, such as Metal AM Metallurgy, Net Shape Manufacturing, Post-Processing for AM, General Management and Management of Manufacturing Quality.
For more information about ADMIRE MSc, access to ADMIRE project website, at
ADMIRE project 10th Partners’ Meeting (Lisbon Portugal)

This one-day meeting was hosted by Instituto superior Técnico in Lisbon (Portugal), on July 23rd 2019, where all ADMIRE partners gathered to discuss the next steps to take towards the piloting of the MSc and its modules in the Universities that are part of the Consortium: Cranfield University, University of Bremen, University of Birmingham and Instituto Superior Técnico.

Further activities related to the project’s dissemination focused on Industry, Universities and Students were also addressed, namely the organization of Mid Term Conferences by partners at national level, aiming at representative stakeholders to present the project and engage them on future activities.

 Admire project 11th Partners’ Meeting (Bremen, Germany)
This one-day meeting, organized by Bremen University in its facilities, was carried out in January 28th 2020 with the attendance from all ADMIRE partners (Birmingham University and MTC participated via Skype).
During an intensive day, the consortium analyzed the state of play of the remaining actions to be addressed and planned the next steps to take until the end of the project (June 2020), including the organization of ADMIRE’s Final Conference (to be carried out by Cranfield University, in the United Kingdom).
To know more about what’s to come, please access ADMIRE website
ADMIRE Mid-Term Conferences
ADMIRE Mid Term Conferences were carried out by EWF and Bremen University at national level, gathering dozens of participants in Portugal and Germany (respectively) to present ADMIRE and to talk about its future activities and how participants could engage
Mid Term Conference (EWF)
October 2019
Mid Term Conference (Bremen U.)
December 2019
Formnext 2019 - 16th to 19th November 2019, Frankfurt (Germany)
FORMNEXT is the leading exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing and all its upstream and downstream processes. ADMIRE was present at this special event where participants could ask for information about the project to the EWF staff.


ADMIRE roll-up on Formnext 2019

8th European University-Business Forum -24th and 25th  October 2019, Brussels (Belgium) 
ADMIRE was presented during a pitch carried out t an audience of 50 people. The project had a dedicated booth in the event, where people interested in knowing more about ADMIRE could have more information on its current and future activities.
Please access to ADMIRE website to watch the presented pitch –
ADMIRE pitch presentation
ADMIRE booth for additional information
Soon you will be able to access ADMIRE AM Hub/ Platform, a place where AM companies from several industrial sectors, universities and research centers can cooperate, share experiences and knowledge, tackling the gap between Universities and Industry.  Graduated student can also register, accomplishing a matching process where theyare also part of this ecosystem.

Soon, you will be able to access ADMIRE AM Hub/Platform, a place where AM companies from several industrial sectors, universities and research centers can cooperate, share experiences and knowledge to tackle the gap between Industry and Universities. Graduate students can also access and register this platform, turning ADMIRE AM Hub/Platform a potential source for replying to Industry’s compulsory demand for qualified people and for mapping resources.
More information at ADMIRE project’s website!
ADMIRE European Metal AM MSc was designed and build to be carried out in different contexts to address Industry’s needs for qualified personnel. Its Modular system approach and assessment tools ranging from Problem-Based to a harmonized databased allows all European Universities to easily implement the European Metal AM MSc. Students who successfully accomplish the ADMIRE’s Master’s Degree modules acquire a European Diploma, recognized by all EU Member countries.
These are some of the main features of the European Metal AM MSc.
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