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January 2021 Newsletter

Programme January – February 2021

A Happy New Year from all at Fintry! The house itself remains closed, but meanwhile the New Year programme offers a range of engaging Zoom events. We have a 12-week Mindfulness Meditation course led by Jean-Paul and Sally Jeanrenaud. Then under the general heading Plato & Aristotle in Accord, Greg Gauthier leads the first of a series of 3-week courses spread throughout the coming year comparing the views of these philosophers on key subjects. Also, in a 9-week course leading up to Easter, Mark Vernon presents an exploration of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

One-off Zoom sessions in January include In Pursuit of Spirituality with Julie Parker, Harmony – The Franciscan Way with Father John Quigley, Bill Taylor on Krishnamurti’s life and thought, and Nature as Poetry and Wisdom with Dr Valentin Gerlier.

In February we welcome Jo McHale speaking on the art of non-violent communication, Peter Dawkin on Shakespeare, and to mark 14th February A Valentine’s Day Drinking Party to Honour the Spirit of Love – a reading of Plato’s Symposium led by Elizabeth Medler.

Details of all these sessions are on the website, and may they mark the start of a very happy and productive 2021.

In Pursuit of Spirituality 
with Julie Parker
Tuesday 5th January, 19.00
Details and Booking

Mindful Practices for Health and Wellbeing
with Jean-Paul and Sally Jeanrenaud
12 sessions starting Monday 11th January, 19.00
Details and Booking

Plato & Aristotle in Accord: On Justice
with Greg Gauthier
3 sessions starting Friday 15th January, 19.00
Details and Booking

Harmony – The Franciscan Way
with Father John Quigley
Sunday 17th January, 19.00
Details and Booking

The Life and Legacy of Krishnamurti
with Bill Taylor
Monday 18th January, 15.00
Details and Booking

Nature as Poetry and Wisdom
with Dr Valentin Gerlier
Saturday 30th January, 14.00
Details and Booking

The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Spiritual Journey 
with Mark Vernon
9 sessions starting Tuesday 2nd February, 19.30
Details and Booking

The Compassionate Life – The Art of Nonviolent Communication
with Jo McHale
Saturday 6th February, 10.00
Details and Booking

Shakespeare, the Tenth Muse
with Peter Dawkins
Saturday 13th February, 18.00
Details and Booking

A Valentine’s Day Drinking Party to Honour the Spirit of Love
Come Celebrate by reading Plato’s Symposium
with Elizabeth Medler
Sunday 14th February, 14.30
Details and Booking

To book these and future events visit

Calendar Note:

Zoroaster, Divine Teacher (28th January)

Zarathustra, generally known by the Greek rendering of his name Zoroaster, was an Iranian spiritual leader and founder of Zoroastrianism. His dates are uncertain: he clearly lived prior to 600 B.C., but may have lived as early as 1500 to 1700 B.C. The most direct source we have for his life and teachings are the Gathas composed by him, the most ancient part of the Zoroastrian Scriptures, the Avesta.

Zoroastrian theology may be considered as monotheistic, since it holds Ahura Mazda as the supreme God, primary in the Divine Heptad, with the other six members, the Amesha Spentas or ‘Holy Immortals’, being directly or indirectly derived from Him.

Zoroaster taught that 'free choice is a divine dispensation surpassing all others' (The Gathas, Yasna 51.1) and that the choice for good or evil lies with the individual. Zoroastrianism is thus a religion founded on ethical dualism, with the choice made being that of the individual.
British Museum

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Your Stories of Resilience and Renewal 

Many thanks to Miriam Gosling who shares how getting away from it all can lift the spirit in challenging times.
'In these uncertain times with plans for the year turned upside down, I headed out to a remote island off the coast of Dublin for 7 weeks solace from roads, shops and people in the bracing Irish air. Lambay Island provided space to breathe, for walks with wallabies, talks with seals and curling up with a good book in-front of a roaring fire. I felt more connected to the 6 other humans on the square mile of space than I had for most of 2020. The removal of daily chores and the need to fulfil the daily quota of Zoom calls, lifted my spirits and strengthened my soul.'

Share your story of resilience and renewal. 

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