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July 2021 Newsletter

Summer Programme 2021

Welcome to the Fintry Trust July newsletter with details of another full Zoom programme. This month artist Marius von Brasch offers a 2-session course on mythology in Nicolas Poussin’s late landscapes, Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić, tutor at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, will be giving a 2-session course in the field of mundane astrology and Sarah Dawkins offers a session on Paneurhythmy. 

In August the noted translator and teacher Arthur Farndell will be offering a presentation on Marsilio Ficino followed by a course on Ficino’s God and the Soul. Dr Tamara Russell will also be drawing on various perspectives including Daoism, neuroscience and psychology to make sense of where we are in the world today and introducing the energetic concepts of Yin and Yang.  

The next Harmony series begins with presentations in July and August by Dr Sally Jeanrenaud and by Vicky Wallace – see separate description below.

There are still a few places available for our Silence & Well-Being Week being held at Fintry Monday 16th – Friday 20th August. The idea is that people can book flexibly for any number of nights within those dates, and will be free to read, study, walk, meditate, and generally benefit from the peace and tranquillity of Fintry house & grounds in their own way. If there is enough interest a second week will be held in September.  

It’s also possible to book ahead now for other Autumn events as listed below.

Painting and the Sublime:
landscape and mythology in paintings by Nicholas Poussin

with Dr Marius von Brasch
2 sessions Fridays 2nd & 9th July, 11.00
Details and Booking

As Above, So Below 
with Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić 
2 sessions Tuesdays 13th July & 20th July, 19.00
Details and Booking

Transcending the Anthropocene: Insights from
the Wisdom of the Corpus Hermeticum

with Dr. Sally Jeanrenaud
Monday 26th July, 19.00
Details and Booking

Paneurhythmy: a living circle of Beauty,
Harmony and Unity with Nature

with Sarah Dawkins
Friday 30th July, 11.00
Details and Booking

The Man who gave us Plato: the work of Marsilio Ficino 
with Arthur Farndell 
5 sessions Sundays 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th August, 15.00
Details and Booking

Summer Silence & Well-Being Week
at Fintry 
Monday 16th August to Friday 20th August
Details and Booking

What is the Reason for Human Beings? 
with Vicky Wallace
Monday 16th August, 19.00
Details and Booking

Getting to the Heart of Yin and Yang 
with Dr Tamara Russell
Tuesday 24th August, 15.00
Details and Booking

Looking into the Light: in conversation with Philip Carr-Gomm
with Julie Parker
Friday 3rd September, 19.00
Details and Booking

Myth, Mind and Magic 
with Murray Morison 
4 sessions Tuesdays 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th September, 19.00
Details and Booking

Imagining Kells
with James Harpur
Friday 10th September, 14.00
Details and Booking

The Longing of the Soul: an Introduction to Neoplatonism
with Dr Angela Voss
4 sessions Fridays 17th & 24th Sept, 1st & 8th Oct, 11.00
Details and Booking

To book these and future events visit

Harmony Programme 

The second series on Harmony: Reconnecting to Spirit for People and Planet, will recommence in July 2021, and will examine how Ancient Wisdom can enrich new world views, and address current global challenges. How did early cosmologies and philosophies see the relationships between God, Cosmos and Humanity? Can ancient wisdom support us in healing our relationship with the earth today? What can older worldviews teach us about stewardship, co-creation and regeneration? Sessions will include talks on Hermetic Wisdom; Platonic and later Platonic thought; the Vedantic tradition, and Indigenous Wisdom, and include short contemplative practices. Sessions are hosted by Jean-Paul and/or Sally Jeanrenaud. On 26th July Dr Sally Jeanrenaud presents "Transcending the Anthropocene: Insights from the Wisdom of the Corpus Hermeticum". The Hermetic maxim “As below, so above, as above so below, to achieve the miracle of the one thing” draws attention to the Divine Immanence as well as the Transcendence, the Most Manifest as well as the Unmanifest. As we face the grave challenges of the ‘Anthropocene’, what can we learn from Hermetic wisdom that can help heal our relationship with the earth today?

Then on 16th August Vicky Wallace presents a session entitled What is the Reason for Human Beings? The answer to this question can be found through the profound and demanding journey of self-discovery as expounded in the writings of Plato and the later Platonic philosophers. The talk will focus on how reason, and its power within the soul, is the link between the eternal and temporal realms of reality, and is essential to understand, if we are to live well and wisely in this beautiful world.


On 16th June we were privileged to host a presentation given by Dr Peter Fenwick entitled Life After Life: A consideration of consciousness in the context of death. Dr Fenwick has spent many decades researching the subject, which concerns each one of us without exception. It was a warm, gracious and enlightening experience, so it was no surprise then that the feedback was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with participants describing it as ‘a most wonderful talk, a tremendous gift to all of us’, and asking if a recording might be made available for others. Read more 

With Peter’s kind permission, therefore, we have added a recording of the presentation to our Wisdom Resources section of the website. This way you are welcome to pass on the recording to others for whom it might be helpful. View the recording of Peter's talk 

Calendar Note:

Brother Lawrence, French mystic, c.1605-d.1691
(23rd July)

I devote myself only to remaining in His holy presence, in which I keep myself by a simple attentiveness and a general and loving awareness of God which I may call the actual presence of God, or better, a quiet and secret conversation of the soul with God, which now almost never ceases.
Brother Lawrence, Letter 2
Brother Lawrence (Frère Laurent de la Résurrection) was born Nicolas Herman in Hériménil, France, in 1614.  He grew up without the opportunity for much education, but at the age of eighteen he had a mystical experience that left him with such ‘a lofty view of the providence and power of God’ that it remained undiminished forty years later.  When he was twenty-six, after a long period of inner spiritual turmoil, he made the decision to enter the Order of Discalced Carmelites in Paris, the order to which in the previous century St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross had dedicated much of their lives.  

He spent the remainder of his life in the monastery, touching others with his simple, humble, sincere devotion.  Not finding his way of life in books, he entered into a continual practice of the presence of God. After his death in 1691 his letters and records of his conversations were gathered together as Writings and Conversations on the Practice of the Presence of God, a work which, as Evelyn Underhill wrote, ‘is sometimes described as “simple”, but its simplicity is that of the heights’.  - RKC

Read more

‘The most radical thing you can teach is contemplation’ 

Many of you will be familiar with the work of the Center for Action and Contemplation, and perhaps receive their daily newsletter. If not, do watch this wonderful video of Richard Rohr speaking on the real basis of contemplation. View now

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