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Lampix simulator: build your own Lampix apps on your PC or MAC

We are preparing to fully launch the Lampix Simulator. We have selected you, a sub-group of highly appreciated Lampix fans, to help us test the simulator and provide us the first feedback on the simulator.


  • How does the simulator work?

Lampix allows developers to build and run their own apps using HTML5. The simulator is a computer software that you can run on any machine that runs on Windows or Mac. The simulator doesn't require anything else except a PC. It is free. It allows you to build Lampix apps directly on your desktop/laptop without having a Lampix in your possession. Once you built an app, if you share it with us, we can run it on Lampix. If the app is interesting we can then discuss getting you an actual Lampix device. We have a limited number of Lampix devices and therefore we can only provide them to a small number of people at first.

  • What do I need to know to use the simulator?

You need to know basic HTML and to we recommend that you read the manual here.

  • How can I get the simulator?
You can download it here. ( Or go to, Choose Dev Zone in the menu, and find the simulator). For now it works for Window and Mac. Linux version coming soon.
  • How do I get support for the simulator?
We have setup a support forum here. You can also email us at
( The support forum is simply: )
  • What do I do with the simulation?
Once you have a simulation you like please email it to us ( to We will run it on a physical Lampix. Film what it does and send you back the results. We will partner with the best app makers and promote them on the Lampix platform. We will also give the best app makers the earliest access to the physical Lampix and any other benefits we can. 
  • What version is it?
This is our first version, v0.1. Honestly, it's not that well tested yet. You will likely find bugs. Please report it and we will fix them asap. Please also let us know how we can improve.
  • What is Lampix?
Here is what Lampix is. We have APIs. Here is more info on the APIs. This simulator allows you to build apps as if you were working with a physical Lampix. You can simulate placing objects, and fingers pushing projected buttons. You can simulate things moving. You can simulate anything you would do with a physical Lampix. 
  • What if I have questions or suggestion?
We love suggestions. Please email them to
  • Where can I get ideas of what to implement?

Here are a few videos:

Thanks and enjoy !

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