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The 5:14 Initiative

Grow Give Love
"For the entire law is fulfilled with one command: 'love your neighbor as 
yourself.'" Galatians 5:14

Local Refugee Advocacy:
As an organization, we seek to fill in the gaps that the large organizations in Greensboro can not meet with our refugee friends. Thanks to many of you, this past year we have had the financial and volunteer resources to help with so many needs that have arisen in our community. Here are some of the ways we were able to serve: 
  • Provide scholarships for many teenagers from Africa to attend their first church youth camp and provide their necessities like sleeping bags and bathing suits
  • Provide glasses for several Africans
  • Practice drivers training and help them attain license for several of our refugee friends
  • Various medial emergencies, including driving them to their doctors appointments
  • Helping with job interview training and transportation to those interviews
  • Helped advocate for a refugee who was in a car accident and her insurance company was taking advantage of her
  • Various emergency assistance
  • Provided snacks for refugees who were learning english during the summer months
  • Contributed towards buying winter coats
  • Sought out and found many jobs for our refugee friends
  • Helped with the travel costs for one of our friends whose relative died in Africa
Women Walking with Hope:
We have partnered with this group who seeks to fill in the gap of human connection and care by walking physically and communally. Most refugees and immigrants are very lonely and lack the simple platform for human connection. This group of ladies come together to walk, talk, share in life and through this group we provide baby showers and clothing for the moms and children. A baby shower is such a gift that no one else in the refugee community is providing. 

Newcomers School:
This was a record year for our refugee and immigrant school in Greensboro. There were more children enrolled this year than any other year previously and the needs are overwhelming. We have focussed on a few of the primary needs at this public school:
  • We have kept a closet of clothes filled for children and have had a specific connection with blue jeans through the VF corporation 
  • We have worked with the Boy Scouts and other organizations to keep shoes available in all sizes
  • We have been able to keep a food closet stocked where children can take a bag of food per week if needed
  • Through the work of a volunteer soccer coach, the school has fielded many soccer teams through the YMCA and we have been able to provide supplies, shoes, gear and registration fees
  • Each year the school puts on an international festival and we were able to help them get outfits tailored representing their home country
Targeted Support:
Part of what we do as a non-profit is steward the financial resources that God entrusts to us through the generosity of people like you. We have been able to bless other people and ministries with furthering their work as well:
  • Dare 2 Share clothing event in Greensboro
  • New Arrivals Institute in Greensboro
  • Jacobsens Microfinance ministry in Jinja, Uganda
  • Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage and Babies Home in Jinja, Uganda
  • Jinja Pregnancy Care Center in Jinja, Uganda
  • Moucecore Ministry in Kigali, Rwanda
  • Global Outreach in Mississippi to help with the refugee crisis in Europe 
  • Adoption grants to help couples who long to adopt, but cannot afford the finances to do so
  • We followed up with our promise to pay for the plane ticket of one of the two brothers that we helped to gain immigration last year
2017 Prayers and Dreams:
We would like to continue our work with the refugees that find their way to Greesboro and deepen our influence in the refugee community by bringing synergy to refugee care. However, we are also in the research and development stages of considering opening up an office in Southern Europe where we can be more on the front lines of the refugee and immigrant crisis. It is our passion to receive these migrants in Jesus’ name and demonstrate His love to them and we are dreaming about what they may look like moving forward here and abroad. 
Year End Giving
Every year we grow in our influence and in our giving and we are so grateful to our faithful partners. If you feel called and compelled to help those with little hope, we hope you will consider donating. You can do so through our website and through the postal service. 
Thank you and Merry Christmas,
The 5:14 Initiative Board of Directors, our volunteers, and those we serve

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Copyright © 2016 The 5:14 Initiative, All rights reserved.

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