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Museum Passes
It's getting chilly outside which means it's a perfect time to visit a museum, and we can get you in FOR FREE!  
  1. Visit
  2. Select your museum of choice 
  3. Check to make sure it is available
  4. Fill out the registration form
Please check the museums' respective websites for availability.  Some museums are closed on certain days of the week, and there are scheduled closings for special events.
If you have any questions about the Museum Pass Program, contact Abbe Mulroy at the RVCC Library.


Welcome Jessica!

The next time you come to the Evelyn S. Field Library at RVCC you will see a new friendly face.  Please welcome Jessica Hirschey, our new adjunct librarian.

Her professional background includes a bit of everything, but she realized she wanted to do more.  Jessica was always an avid reader growing up, and had some awesome librarians in school, so she decided to enroll in the library science program at SUNY Albany and get her Master's degree in information science. Her original concentration was school libraries and she worked for several school districts in New York State. Jessica's favorite level was high school because of the research and information literacy components.  She wondered what it would be like to work at the academic level.

Eventually, her family settled in New Jersey; rural Northern New York to busy suburbia.  Jessica is really excited to be in a community college environment because it is exactly what she enjoys doing - helping students find the information they need, and teaching the research process.   RVCC so far has been very friendly and welcoming, giving a little bit of that smaller community feel that she missed.

When Jessica is not busy raising two young children, she enjoys taking a wide variety of group fitness classes at her local Y, from kickboxing to barre. She also reads a lot of young adult literature, and spends weekends exploring what New Jersey has to offer.  

Got Info Lit?

Are your students information literate?  Someone is information literate when they know information is needed, how to find it, how to assess the quality of the information, how to use it, and how to communicate it effectively.  Being information literate is necessary for every discipline and career!  This is especially true now that the quantity of information is always expanding, while the quality remains uncertain.

If you suspect that your students could use some more practice with information literacy, please contact us.  We are now offering tailored workshops on information literacy for every discipline.  We will work with you to design a session that gives you and your students just what they need.  

Let's Collaborate!

The 4th pillar of RVCC's strategic plan is about collaboration, as well as increasing equity, sustainability, and civic engagement.  Let's help each other achieve these goals.  The Evelyn S. Field Library has thousands of resources to enhance almost any event, as well as connections throughout the community.  The more collaborative events are, the more effective they tend to be, with larger audiences and pooled funding.  

If you are interested in teaming up with the Evelyn S. Field Library for an event, contact our Outreach Librarian Carina Gonzalez right away.  Spring 2019 events are already being booked.

RVCC Z-Courses

Do you teach a z-course?  A "z-course" is a course for which there is zero cost for textbooks or course materials. In these courses, students are still required to consult course materials throughout their learning, but those materials are freely available to the students, often through Canvas, library databases or ebook collections, or internet resources. In some cases, a printed version of the materials may be available for purchase from the RVCC Bookstore or can be printed for free or for a small fee from the website where it is published.  

We maintain a list of courses at RVCC that are zero cost.  Bookmark for quick access and check back often! This list will be continuously updated as more faculty adopt open educational resources.

Displays @ RVCC Library


The following are currently on display in the Evelyn S. Field Library.  Click on the name of the display to see the full list of resources in that category.  If you are interested in having a certain topic on display in the RVCC Library, just contact Outreach Librarian, Carina Gonzalez.

50 Years of RVCC
In honor of the 50th Anniversary of RVCC, we have created a display of archival memorabilia, including photographs, personal items, and original documents.  This and much more is available for perusal in the RVCC Library Archives.

LGBT History

In honor of October, which is LGBT History month.  

Blood Types - Vampire Fiction for Every Taste
Halloween is coming.  Sink your teeth into something appropriate for the season.  

Women In Song
There is a rich history of women in song, from rock to folk.  Learn what was going on behind stage.

Hispanic Heritage
September 15 - October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month.  57.5 million people in the United States consider themselves Hispanic, making them the largest racial or ethnic minority.  Learn their history.
Events @ RVCC Library


21 One Book Movie Night 
Time and Location TBA

24 Library Snapshot Day 
8:00-4:00 | RVCC Library

LIONX:  Women Rising
4:00-5:30 | Atrium

30 Click-or-Treat 
1:00-2:20 | RVCC Library


7 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

13 Transfer Workshop 
1:00-2:20 | Library Classroom

13 Author Panel: So You Want to Write a Book?
7:00-8:30 | Library Classroom

LIONX: Hannah Simpson 
4:00-6:00 | Holocaust Institute

15 One Book Speaker 
5:30-7:30 | Nash Theater

20 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

20 Transfer Workshop 
1:00-2:20 | Library Classroom


5 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

12-18 Relaxation Station 
All Days | Library 1st Floor

18 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden


Spring 2019 events are being planned now.  Please contact Carina Gonzalez, Outreach Librarian, if you are interested in holding an event in the Evelyn S. Field Library next semester.

For the latest information on events @ RVCC Library, visit

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