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New to RVCC?
If you are new to RVCC, don't worry.  It's normal to feel confused and overwhelmed.  But the Evelyn S. Field Library @ RVCC is here to help.  Contact us if you have any questions.  If we don't have the answer, we'll definitely know who does and get you in the right direction.

Welcome Janelle!

The next time you come to the Evelyn S. Field Library at RVCC you will see a new friendly face.  Please welcome Janelle Bitter, our new full-time faculty Systems and Technical Services Librarian.

Janelle worked for 2 years as an academic librarian at Ocean County College. Before that, she worked as a library clerk at The New School in Manhattan while she attended the Pratt Institute for her Master’s in Library Science.

The reason she became a librarian is 
because she had previously done work study positions in libraries while studying music in college, and realized how much she enjoyed the work.  She especially enjoys keeping resources organized and helping people find what they need!

Janelle is excited to work at RVCC because of the wonderful students, staff, faculty, 
and administration that she would get to work with. To her, RVCC seems like a college that supports every member of the campus community, and she can’t wait to start making a difference.

Since Janelle studied trumpet in college, and originally planned to be a band teacher, this makes her the third classically trained musician amongst our full-time faculty!  She also likes being outside, and runs a few times a week (unless it’s snowing too hard)!
Sign Up for Classes!

The librarians @ RVCC Library offer year-round information literacy instruction for students in every discipline.  Studies show that students benefit from library instruction in their initial coursework and that students receiving this instruction perform better in their courses than students who do not.  Library use also increases student success!  Students who used the library in some way achieved higher levels of academic success than students who did not use the library.

take take our word for it.  #NoFakeNewsHere. Check out this study done last year by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects

We are getting booked fast though, so hit that big green button and sign up ASAP before there are no slots left.

Liaison Shuffle

With the arrival of our Systems and Technical Services Librarian, Janelle, we have reassigned some of our subject liaison areas.  Please take a look to see if your subject liaison has changed.

Megan Dempsey, Chair
Instructional Services Librarian
Business & Public Service
Honors College

Alyssa Valenti
Electronic Resources & Technical Services Librarian
Health Science Education
Mathematics & Computer Science
Visual & Performing Arts

Carina Gonzalez
Outreach Librarian
Science & Engineering
Academic Support Center
Advising & Counseling 
First Year Experience
SGA and Student Life
Workforce Development

Janelle Bitter
Systems & Technical Services Librarian
Communication & Languages
Humanities, Social Science, Social Work, & Education

Summer Reading

One of the grand prizes winners of the 2018 RVCC Summer Reading Program was student, Michael Allers.  He won a PS4 Slim by participating in the program.  #ReadingRewards

Through 13 weeks, our summer readers 

  • read 260,688 minutes 
  • off 192,764 pages
  • from 557 books
  • by 83 participants  
  • and wrote 93 book reviews
For more stats and information on the Summer Reading Program, just visit
One Book Update

For those who haven't heard, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is RVCC's chosen One Book for 2018-2019 academic year.  There is now a central location where you can learn all about RVCC's community-wide read ( as well as a special section of educator resources just for those professors planning on integrating The Hate U Give into their courses.

So far, 265 copies of The Hate U Give have been distributed with more on the way.  If you would like to teach The Hate U Give in your course, please contact Outreach Librarian, Carina Gonzalez, ASAP to reserve your copies.

There are three events scheduled this year that focus on the themes in The Hate U Give.  Please consider giving your students extra credit for attending, and remind them that these are good events to put on their student engagement transcripts.

Displays @ RVCC Library


The following are currently on display in the Evelyn S. Field Library.  Click on the name of the display to see the full list of resources in that category.  If you are interested in having a certain topic on display in the RVCC Library, just contact Outreach Librarian, Carina Gonzalez.

Reel Women
All about the women of the silver screen.  Directors, actresses, 
screen writers, and how they are portrayed.

50 Years of RVCC
In honor of the 50th Anniversary of RVCC, we have created a display of archival memorabilia, including photographs, personal items, and original documents.  This and much more is available for perusal in the RVCC Library Archives.

Banned Books
Banned Books Week is September 23-29.  Celebrate your #righttoread by reading a book that has been banned somewhere in the United States.  Each book has an insert explaining when, where, and why it was banned.  And yes, The Hate U Give is already a banned book.

Constitution Day
September 17 is Constitution Day.  In addition to getting a free copy of The United States Constitution in Spanish or English, also come and see our selection of books about The Constitution.  Learn about the history, politics, and scandal that surrounded our founding fathers. 

Do you have students that haven't picked a major yet?  Or maybe they have a major but aren't sure what to do with it?  Tell them about our display and the many resources we have in the RVCC Library on what to do after college.
Events @ RVCC Library


17 Constitution Day
While supplies last

18 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:00 | Sculpture Garden

20 Library Open House 
12:00-4:00 | Library 1st Floor

26 One Book Kick-Off 
4:00-5:30 | Robeson Institute

27 LIONX: Meta Theatre 
4:00-5:30 | Robeson Institute


3 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

9 Transfer Workshop
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

11 Chip Chat 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

16 Immigration Lawyer 
1:00-2:20 | Robeson Institute

16 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

19 One Book Movie Night 
Time and Location TBA

24 Library Snapshot Day 
8:00-4:00 | RVCC Library

LIONX:  Women Rising
4:00-5:30 | Atrium

30 Click-or-Treat 
1:00-2:20 | RVCC Library


7 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

13 Transfer Workshop 
1:00-2:20 | Library Classroom

LIONX: Hannah Simpson 
4:00-6:00 | Holocaust Institute

15 One Book Speaker 
5:30-7:30 | Nash Theater

20 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

20 Transfer Workshop 
1:00-2:20 | Library Classroom


5 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden

12-18 Relaxation Station 
All Days | Library 1st Floor

18 Therapy Dogs 
1:00-2:20 | Sculpture Garden


Spring 2019 events are being planned now.  Please contact Carina Gonzalez, Outreach Librarian, if you are interested in holding an event in the Evelyn S. Field Library next semester.

For the latest information on events @ RVCC Library, visit

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