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 NEXT ETIP-DG MEETING: September 2019 

A Roadmap to further develop deep geothermal technologies

 Minutes Annual Conference 2019 

 Financing Deep Geothermal Demonstration Projects  

 Report on Competitiveness of the Geothermal Industry  

 ETIP Deep Geothermal recommendations for the European Energy Transition Fund 

Geothermal in the national energy plans to 2030  

 VIDEO: The future we imagine is solidly grounded on geothermal energy 

Next meeting: September 2019 in Brussels

In September, a workshop will be organised in Brussels to discuss with the EC the upcoming Innovation Fund, to showcase the RD&I priorities of the geothermal sector and financing needs of innovative technologies.
At this time, the next ETIP-DG workshop will take place, to ensure the inputs presented to the European Commission on the Innovation best reflect the needs of the deep geothermal sector thanks to the presence of ETIP-DG members.


The Implementation Roadmap for Deep Geothermal has been released


A Roadmap to further develop deep geothermal technologies

The European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) has released yesterday its Implementation roadmap for Deep Geothermal, which aims to identify a path forward, developing high performance, cost-effective and sustainable deep geothermal technologies that can expand the production of electricity, heating and cooling while reinforcing EU industrial capacity and leadership in the sector.


ETIP-DG Annual Conference 2019

The Annual Conference 2019 of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) took place on Thursday 13th of June , in The Hague, Netherlands.

The event presented the work carried out by the platform so far and the final draft of the Implementation Roadmap, which defines the European research priorities to 2020 to 2030. The priorities have been presented, discussed and validated during the event. Latest inputs provided during the event, have been integrated in the final version of the Roadmap.


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The development of geothermal energy is driven by a number of interacting factors and the relationship between market and policy can be critical. For instance, electricity can be produced from geothermal resources through many different processes, and with varying efficiency. Geothermal technologies recently demonstrated such as EGS, will become competitive in a near future.However, policy recognition of all these differences and variations is limited, resulting in the design of generalised incentives which do not reflect the large variety in the scale of techno-logy, final utilisation, or degree of maturity. This means that in the end, the incentives mayfail to provide any real benefit for geothermal actors. Therefore, a different approach is can be implemented so as to tailor the market and policy environment to a suitable model which optimises the development of geothermal resources.

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The deep geothermal industry is structured around several key technologies that focus either on the production of heating and cooling or on that of electricity or for cogeneration of heat and electricity (CHP, Combined Heat and Power). As a heavily capital-intensive investment, the value chain of the geothermal sector is overwhelmingly concentrated around the project development phases. Altogether the geothermal industry may be subdivided in several subsectors, which correspond broadly to a given aspect of geothermal projects: subsurface industry from exploration to well completion, including reservoir management; surface industry for the construction of surface equipment; legal and financial industry. The deep geothermal industry is diverse and globally the geothermal market differs greatly from one area to another. Historical so-called “high temperature” markets tend to be structured differently that others with more recent development more focused around heating and cooling projects.

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ETIP Deep Geothermal recommendations for the European Energy Transition Fund


Investing in geothermal energy RD&I to support coal intensive regions in benefitting from the energy transition: allowing workers to retain high status jobs, industrial sectors, and minimise energy poverty.

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A pivotal next decade to unlock the potential of a baseload, flexible and widely available source of clean renewable electricity and heating & cooling.

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ETIP DG at the European Sustainable Energy Week 

On 20 June 2019, in the wake of the European Sustainable Energy Week the ETIP DG held a policy event during EUSEW on in partnership with the Smart Specialisation Platform of European regions for Geothermal energy. During this session Fausto Batini chairman of the ETIP-DG presented the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the ETIP DG Roadmap. Moreover, dissemination of versions of the SRIA, ETIP DG flyers and presentation of the ETIP through a poster session took place. The day before, a session was organised on the topic of “Geothermal energy: meeting financial and technical challenges” in partnership with actors of innovation in the deep geothermal energy sector.

The energy future we image is solidly grounded on geothermal energy


The ETIP-DG relased a video on its Vision for the future of geothermal energy.

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