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March 2017 Newsletter

President's Message

And a "Happy St Patty's Day To Ya!"

Hope you are all in the spirit of Irish Good Luck and Happiness as we begin to slip into Daylight Savings Time and Spring.
I want to thank Char Bucher and Noreen Goetz for joining me in their gracious and enlightening sharing of their Certification Boards at our February Meeting. Hopefully, you were inspired to consider working toward your own Certification after hearing all our stories of multiple attempts, constructive and helpful critiques and tales of happy successes. It is a journey so worth the effort. I encourage you to enter the program and experience the growth!
Ginny will be telling you about the fun and informative program she has planned for the March meeting. You will definitely want to take part in this instructive event.
I am so thrilled with our new and amazing Philanthropic Program. As you are all aware, Rocky Mountain Hi is currently conducting classes at the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado facility for individuals who have suffered severe brain trauma. These 'students' are simply awesome in their willingness to try their hand at painting and their enthusiasm for their completed work. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had and I genuinely believe each of the members who have been part of the 'teaching group' will say the same. If you find you have a couple of free hours on a 2nd or 4th Tuesday morning, let me know. We would LOVE to share the wealth and you will come away with a whole new appreciation of the human spirit.


Love you all and look forward to seeing you in the 20th

President/Newsletter Editor
Marilyn Corners, MDA
Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter

1st Vice President / Programs Report

Hi everyone!
Just a little reminder: Our March 20 general meeting will be an evening of "Tidbits and Ting - a - lings". For anyone who's never heard of this, we'll divide up into 4 tables, with one teacher at each table. Each teacher will then have a few minutes to teach you something interesting, then a bell will ring and you'll get up and move to the next table in line, and the teacher at that table will take a turn at teaching. At the end of the evening, you'll have learned four new techniques. These are demos so you don't have to bring any supplies, unless you bring a note pad and pen. Although, each teacher will be giving you a hand out describing her lesson. Come, bring a friend and have a great evening!
April 17, our Noreen Goetz will be teaching a secret project, come and be surprised!

May 22, Two dear friends and former chapter members: Jeanne Downing and Patsy Schultis, will be demoing at our meeting. Jeanne will be demoing a Golden delicious apple, and Patsy will demo a kitty's face. Both these ladies are amazing teachers, who do mainly online classes, so if you like what they show you, you may enjoy signing up for some of their classes! Come and learn from two of the best!!

See you at the March 20 meeting,
Ginny Sparlin, V.P.  Questions? call me:

2nd Vice President / Membership Report

As of March 12, 2017 we have 38 members.  I’m waiting to receive membership dues for one 2016 member that has indicated she is going to return.  As always please spread the word about our chapter and refer anyone interested to our website where a Membership Application can be downloaded, printed and completed for submission.  Also, I’m happy to send an email to anyone interested with the application attached, which provides the address for you to send your $20 (Local Chapter annual dues).

Society of Decorative Painters annual dues ($50) must be sent directly to National at their new address:  Society of Decorative Painters (SDP), 1220 East First Street, Wichita, KS 67214.  You can also contact SDP by phone at (316) 269-9300 ext. 101 or go to their website:

The 2017 Booklet (Directory) was distributed to those in attendance at the General meeting February 20th.  All other members were mailed their directories on March 3rd.  Thanks again to Elissa and Nancy for their assistance in publishing and assembly of the directory….You Rock!!  Also, a big shout out to Iris for contacting former members and reminding them to send in their applications and dues.


Should you have any questions regarding Membership please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer.

Sherry Flowers
nd VP – Membership
303 791-3189 (home)
303 725-7912 (cell)



I obtained the Highlands Ranch Library display case(s) for the months of March (1 case) and April (2 cases).

Thanks to the members that provided me with art pieces thus far.  We have such a wonderful variety of pieces that show off the incredible talent of this organization.  So many of the library patrons stop and admire what’s in the cases, so if you have any pieces you want to share please bring them to the general meeting on March 20th.

Thanks to Nancy Glassman for giving of her time to help set up the case.  

Article written by S. Flowers assisting Carmen Owens – Community Outreach/Philanthropic Chair

Sherry Flowers
2nd VP – Membership

303 791-3189 (home)
303 725-7912 (cell)

Travel Teacher Seminar

As you know Chris Thornton-Deason is coming back to Denver to teach again!  Chris will be teaching Saturday and Sunday August 19 and 20 this year.  We are co-sponsoring with the High Plains Chapter so the facility is great.  We will have 4 projects in 2 days.  You can sign-up for one day or get a discount and take both days!  Delta paints and mediums will be provided for us by Plaid Enterprises.

Members $50.00 for one day or both days for $90.00
Non-Members $70 for one day or both days for $130.00
If you are interested in this seminar don't hesitate to contact me.  There are only three seats left! 
The project photos are on our website under seminars in the menu.  I will also have color photos with me at our next meeting.
Travel Teacher Seminar Chair
Tole Chatter
Hello Everyone,

For those of you who remember Ellen Stamilio's designs some are now available on Della's website.  So far there are five patterns available in e-packet or paper packet form.  We also added new e-patterns and paper packets by Rosemary West, CDA.  In the future there will be more e-packets added for both artists.  Very soon there will also be new patterns by Shara Reiner, CDA and Maxine Thomas
Maxine Thomas will be teaching the next "Gathering of Folk Art Friends" in Waco, Texas for Della.  I've seen the project photos and they are wonderful.  The photos may be added to Della's website by the time you read this.

Peggy Harris Tips:
I am presenting some tips Peggy shared on Facebook.  Listed below are some of those tips shared with permission from Peggy.
Did you know that Priscilla Hauser invented the angle brush?  It was to be used to paint the boards on a barn under the slated roof line.  Unfortunately, this "fad" brush is frequently used by painters for tasks that would be much better accomplished with a classic Flat brush (such as Priscilla's famous roses).  If you find yourself constantly pulling out this brush, think again about its effectiveness!
Reminder:  Always lay brushes flat to dry... keeps water from pooling in the ferrules.  Also, plastic is not a suitable storage container for brushes as it does not breathe.
Always apply one coat of varnish to a painting before spattering snowflakes.  Unwanted flakes can than be easily removed when dry with a Q-tip without smudging and smearing.
Only share your art with those that think you are wonderfully talented... because  encouragement and praise are powerful teachers!
When mixing color always start with a very small amount of paint.  If you like what you see, add equal proportions again to get more.  If you don't like it, alter with tiny amounts of paint until you do.  Otherwise it is easy to have a mountain of paint in no time as you play with it.
Color Wheel:  The first known color wheel was invented by Sir Issac Newton (of gravity fame) in 1704 when he observed that white light shining through a prism separated into colors that could not be further broken down, such as a rainbow.
For the finest lines, such as cat whiskers, heavily load a liner with thinned paint, then remove excess paint on the palette before stroking.  This insures the paint is throughout the brush and will unload properly.  Never load a liner with paint just on the tip.
Peggy Harris ~
I read a great tip posted on Facebook yesterday. A lady was painting a Cheri Rol lamp insert and found that the paint was absorbing into the wood even though it was sealed.  She wrote Cheri and told her the wood was twenty years old and what had happened.  Cheri advised her to use two coats of sealer or basecoat with acrylic paint on older wood pieces that have dried out. I think all of us can benefit from this one. *grin*
That is all the news for this month.  See you at our meeting this March.

Hospitality Report-Verlene Siska

Thank-you Ginny Sparlin, Verlene Siska, Melinda Barnes, and Elissa McAlear for supplying the refreshments to you February meeting.  Nancy Glassman, Sherry Flowers and Carmen Owens will be bringing treats to our March meeting.


Way and Means-Verlene Siska

The March meeting will be the last chance you have to bring one of your paintings to be publish in our 2018 calendar.  Painting can be in any medium, but it needs to be in a landscape format.  If the piece is not  designed by you,  you will need to get permission from the original designer. We will be using Linda Bierman’s camera to take pictures of our art work so that all pieces will be in the same format.  See you at the meeting!

Local Teacher Seminar - Char Bucher

The good news about the Randy Hale class on April 15th at the Garden Center is  we will be painting the waterfall with the fisherman down below.  You do not have to use 300 paper.  Just regular watercolor paper will be just fine. We will be using quarter sheets.  Bring your regular paints and brushes.  It promises to be a fine class.
You can see the picture on our website

Marilyn Corners, MDA
Newsletter Editor
Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter of SDP
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