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February 2017 Newsletter

President's Message
Hello Ladies,
It makes me so HAPPY to be writing to you again. I really missed seeing you at the January meeting, which we cancelled. I apologize for making that call, but felt it was the prudent thing to do considering the distance some of our members have to drive. Hopefully, our beautiful weather will hold out and we will have no issues next week. I look forward to seeing you at our February meeting.
Please read this newsletter thoroughly. It contains lots of important and worthwhile information.
First Vice President's Report
Hi Everyone,
Hope you've been enjoying our warm weather as much as I have. Don't you just love Colorado?  As you remember, our January meeting was canceled, so for our February 20 general meeting, Marilyn Corners will present the January program she worked so hard to put together for us. She'll present CDA and MDA boards and their critiques from Char Bucher, Noreen Goetz for CDA, and of course her own journey to become Colorado's only MDA! You'll be amazed what it takes to become a Certified or Master Decorative Artist. So come enjoy the program, you may want to try it!

Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter
On March 20, we'll have an evening of "Tidbits and Ting-Alings". This is a really fun evening. We'll devide our group up into tables, with one teacher at each table. The teacher will give a 15 to 20 minute demo, then the bell will ring and everyone gets up and moves to the next table. By the end of the evening you will have learned several new techniques.  This would be a great program for you to bring a friend who may have never painted.
REMINDER!! For our Ways and Means project this year, we are going to put together a calendar of pictures painted by our membership. Please bring your favorite painting project so Linda can photograph it for the calendar. Remember it should be wider than it is tall to fit the calendar layout. I it is NOT your original design, we'll need written permission from the original artist, and this can be an email print out. We don't want any copy write problems when we have these printed up.
We'll be getting these 2018 calendars printed up A.S.A.P so we can be selling them all the rest of this year, and we can only use 13 pictures, so first come, first used in the calendar! Bring your work to the next meeting to be photographed. We're counting on you for a great calendar!!
REMINDER!  The third Monday of May(for our regular meeting) is the week of the SDP National Conference in Daytona, Fla., and there won't be anybody here to lead the meeting, SOOOOOOO, the date has been changed to May 22(the following Monday) So, mark your calendars!! We don't want you to miss anything.
See you there,
Ginny Sparlin, V.P.
Questions?  Call me 303-693-0771

Tole Chatter
Hello Everyone,
Artist's Club is featuring a new book "Terry Harrison's Watercolour Secrets" by, you guessed it, Terry Harrison.  *grin*  Looks like lots of worksheets for technique and what brushes he uses. I also saw another new book you may be interested in... "Drawing Masterclass Perspective" by Tim Fisher which is a comprehensive guide to mastering perspective in your drawing.  A beautiful new book just out is by Shirley Koenig,  "Country's Edge...Artistic Creations Volume 12".  This book has an assortment of birds, butterflies and flowers beautifully painted.
Oh, I left out the best part!  All books are on SALE 35% off until March 19th.
DecoArt Americana is introducing their 2017 new products.  Some of these products sound fun and useful.
Americana Premium Acrylics - provide an intermediate-level, artist-grade tube acrylic at an affordable price.
Extreme Sheen - Offering an advanced, finely-pigmented formula, Extreme Sheen is the brightest, water-based, acrylic metallic paint on the market.
DecoArt Patent Leather - Create and refresh high-gloss patent leather looks on leather and leather-like surfaces. Ideal for shoes, boots, belts and purses.
Vintage Effect Wash - Inspired by Nordic design trends of light and washed-out looks, this line offers transparent pickling color washes.
American Decor Curb Appeal - A durable outdoor paint. This fade-resistant paint is fast-drying and formulated to work on front doors, shutters, railings, mailboxes, and more!
Americana Decor Wood Reclaim - Coat, seal, and create a uniform finish over weathered wood surfaces. Wood Reclaim is specially designed for extremely weathered wood surfaces like old porches, wooden benches, porch swings, pallets, and more.
DecoArt is also introducing line expansions:
DecoArt Acrylics - 9 new colors.  Scarlet, Coral, Cotton Candy, Light Lime, Green Tree, Bright Blue, Laguna, Light Orchid and Brilliant Purple.
Americana Chalky finish for Glass - 4 new colors.
Crafter's Acrylic - available in 16 ounce tall jars and added 10 new colors to our 4-oz family.
DecoArt Media Mediums - Added Texture Paste, Clear Modeling Paste and Heavy Gel Medium.
Stencils - many added with an outdoor theme.
You can view and download their catalog in PDF form here...
Basic information: Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colors which cannot be made mixing other colors.
To change the intensity of any color you can add it's complement.  This will dull the brilliance.  Also referred to neutralizing or graying a color.
Only the truly brilliant or bright colors come out of a tube or jar.  Nature neutralizes and changes the values of colors.
Color is affected by the color surrounding it.  For example a red color appears brighter when surrounds by black than beside white.
The brightest color in intensity is yellow.
The lowest color in intensity is violet.
Color Mixing Tip:
Always lighten a color by adding the color to the white paint.  Otherwise you will end up with a lot of paint before getting the shade you want.
Always add a small amount of black to darken a color... think small amount or you will have a big pile of paint again.  *grin*
SDP Convention in Daytona
I do hope some of you won't miss the opportunity to attend Oceans of Color in Daytona.  Wonderful classes and events are offered and the hotel is right on the beach!  Mark your calendar for May 16-20, 2017.
For those of you who remember Ellen Stamilio I have good news.  Ellen passed away about 10 years ago and her daughter contacted Della a few weeks ago.  Della is very excited to be selling Ellen's wonderful designs.  We are working to make this happen soon.  A new feature will be added to Della's website for selling e-packets, hopefully the near future.
You may remember when I listed some painting jokes a few months ago.  I am sharing few more favorites today.  The entire article appears on   The author gave me permission to use these in my newsletter articles.   Marion Boddy-Evans is an artist who lives in Scotland.  She is one of Skye’s most popular and talked-about artists.  Marion’s paintings, wirework and wearable art accessories are collected and/or worn all over the world.   Please visit her website to view her art work.   Marion also has a blog you will find very interesting.
You must be a painter if...
You butter your toast with your fingers, just to feel its texture.
You chose to buy that new Russian Sable Number Six Round Brush instead of a Big Mac, a large fry, a milkshake, dessert, and five gallons of gas.
There are Prussian blue fingerprints on your phone.
You do judge a book by its cover.
You paint more than you talk.  (Hmmm... can't say that about me!)
You know more than 28 colors.
Dust bunnies are part of your mixed media.  (Yes, still my favorite)
That is all the news for this month.  See you at our meeting on February 20th.

 Be sure and check our website for the most recent information concerning chapter meetings and event. Chris Thornton-Deason's project photos are now online.

Chris Thornton-Deason is coming back to Denver!  Chris will be teaching Saturday and Sunday August 19 and 20 this year.  We are co-sponsoring with the High Plains Chapter so the facility is wonderful.  We will paint 4 projects in 2 days.  You can sign-up for one day or get a discount and take both days!  Delta paints and mediums will be provided for us by Plaid Enterprises.
Members $50.00 for one day or both days for $90.00
Non-Members $70 for one day or both days for $130.00
If you are interested in taking this seminar don't delay signing up... space is limited.

Chris Thornton-DeasonChris Thornton-Deason

Chris Thornton-DeasonChris Thornton

Travel Teacher Seminar Chair

Local Teacher Seminar Report
Can't help wondering what happened to the snow we were supposed to have this morning.  It is ok with me but my spring bulbs really wanted a drink of water.  And speaking of water, lets talk about watercolor and the upcoming class with Randy Hale.
I wish that I could tell you what he will be teaching but if it is like last year, it will be a late surprise, and we will love it.  So plan to sign up for the
class to be held on April 8th at  Garden Plaza.  The cost is $55 and includes snacks and lunch. The sign up sheet will be at the February meeting. We already have a half dozen or so signed up to take the class.
If you want to access Randy's site, go to
See you at the meeting.
Local Teacher Seminar Chair
Hospitality Report
Ginny Sparlin, Verlene Siska and Melinda Barnes will be bringing refreshments to the February meeting.  A signup sheet will be passed out at the February meeting, so start thinking about the date you would like to bring treats to the general meeting!
Thank you for your support.
Verlene Siska,
Hospitality Committee Deputy.
Ways and Means
The Ways and Means Committee would like to publish a 2018 calendar.  We are asking chapter members to bring a painting (in any medium) to the February meeting.  It needs to be in Landscape layout (versus portrait layout) and if it not your original design you will need to obtain written permission from the original artist.  If permission cannot be received by February 20th, please bring you painting to the meeting so that it can be photographed by Linda (we want to use the same camera for all artwork being submitted), and then Ginny and I will help you obtain permission from the original artist.
Verlene Siska,
Ways and Means Co-Chair

Membership Report
As of February 7, 2017 we have 37 members.  I’m waiting to receive membership dues for two 2016 member’s that have indicated they are going to return.  We encourage you to spread the word about our chapter and refer anyone interested to our website where a Membership Application can be downloaded, printed and completed for submission.  Also, I’m happy to send an email to anyone interested with the application attached, which provides the address for you to send your $20 (Local Chapter annual dues).
Society of Decorative Painters annual dues ($50) must be sent directly to National at their new address:  Society of Decorative Painters (SDP), 1220 East First Street, Wichita, KS 67214.  You can also contact SDP by phone at (316) 269-9300 ext. 101 or go to their website:
Elissa has graciously volunteered to publish the 2017 Booklet (Directory) with distribution at the Chapter meeting February 20th.  Thank you Elissa for doing this as your efforts are very much appreciated.
Just a friendly reminder, as we start a new year, one very important Standing Rule is that “A guest may attend only two (2) meetings before joining" the organization.
Should you have any questions regarding Membership please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer.
Sherry Flowers
2nd VP – Membership
(303) 791-3189 (home)

President/Newsletter Editor
Marilyn Corners, MDA
Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter
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