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It's time for new beginnings.


Welcome to my first ever newsletter! 
This year holds a lot of firsts and new beginnings.

On Saturday 4 February 2017 you can join me for my very first Yoga & Meditation Workshop at Yoga Place E2 and in March I will offer a Yin Yoga workshop at Leyton Yoga for the first time (details below). 
Later this year I am planning to hold a yoga and mediation retreat in the Indian Himalayas (which will be my first trip to that corner of the world), and another one in Spain. 

For all this and more check out my newly-updated website

May 2017 give all of us the opportunity to try new things, to see the world with fresh eyes, as John O'Donohue says in his poem "For a new Beginning":

//Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.//

Sending love,

Yoga & Meditation afternoon at Yoga Place E2.

// soften the edge, focus the mind //

How can I slow down? How can I bring more stability into my life? How can I be less affected by life’s constant demands? How can I simply enjoy the lightness of being?


This afternoon will include some basic Hatha Yoga to open the body and prepare it for sitting, followed by simple Pranayama (breathing techniques) to bring stillness and concluding with an introduction to some meditation techniques involving mindfulness and mantra.

Saturday 4 February, 3pm to 5pm, £20 for your first session, by donation for all subsequent sessions. Please pay cash on the day.
Open to all, no previous experience necessary.
No need to book. 

Sunset Yin Yoga Workshop at Leyton Yoga.

// attain contemplation and diminish the causes of suffering //

Yin Yoga is a slow practice of seated and supine postures which encourage softness and nourishment. Each posture is held for a sustained period of time (3-5 min), emphasizing the relaxation of muscular tissue and soothing of tension. These long holds give us the opportunity to slow down and stay with what is there, moment by moment, breath by breath. 


The Yin Yoga approach can lead to a sense of greater harmony and peace in life, more ease in body and mind, a deeper sense of balance and feelings of calmness, acceptance and gratitude. Yin yoga helps to increase agility, flexibility and mobility in the joints, within their natural range of motion.  

Sunday 5 March, 5pm to 7pm, £21.
Open to all, no previous experience necessary.


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