£¥€$ (lies, eyes, Pound, Yen, Euro, Dollar) 

Ontroerend Goed invites the audience to get under the skin of the well-to-do the one percent, the super rich, the ones who pull the strings, the faces we never get to see.

After the Personal Trilogy (The Smile off your Face, Internal & A Game of You), which tested your self-knowledge one-on-one, and the confrontation with your voting behaviour in Fight Night, Ontroerend Goed aims at what you truly value: Money. 

Many experts say that if we realised what money really is, there would be a revolution. The whole system would implode because the trust, which is essential, would melt away like snow in the sun. Ontroerend Goed invites you to get around the table and play the system from within. 

Visitors are requested to take some money to the performance. Cash, because the company doesn't  trust the pixels on your screen that tell us how much money you supposedly possess. 

"It’s the Belgian company Ontroerend Goed back at its remarkable best, a show that simultaneously reinvents what theatre can be and triggers our emotions in exactly the way the best theatre can do." (The Scotsman - Mark Fisher *****)

English spoken
Parktheater Eindhoven

Saturday, 4 May - 4:00 P.M.
Saturday, 4 May, 8:30 P.M.
Sunday, 5 May, 2:30 P.M.
Noot voor de redactie (niet voor publicatie) / Note for editors (not for publication)
Meer informatie / More information:
Loes Barkema /
040 - 2 156 156