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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”  Audrey Lorde


Each month as the New Moon approaches many women feel called to let go, release and shed ways of being that no longer serve us. At this time when we consider what it means to us to be a woman there is no closer guide than our own menstrual cycles as how to shed and let go.

Many of us are connecting more deeply with our own womb wisdom, learning the truth of our seasonal nature and appreciating our bodies as the literal embodiment of a cyclical being just like the moon. Every woman reading this was once the potential for life, just an oocyte within the fetal body of our mothers as they were nestled deeply within the womb of our grandmothers. Three generations within one body.

In the olden days women would menstruate together on the New Moon and Ovulate together on the Full Moon. We now know that before artificial lighting it was the light of the moon that would activate our pineal gland to stimulate the secretion of melatonin and encourage ovulation. There is no right or wrong time to cycle and awareness of our cycles is what matters rather than menstruating in alignment with the moon. More relevant is how to honor our fertility cycles and the messages we receive. Often when describing letting go, release and shedding people turn to the image of the snake shedding her skin to symbolize the transformation process.

We have a closer image to symbolize shedding old ways of being and that is our menstruation. Each month we literally release and shed our womb lining. It can be emotional, sometimes painful, requiring more solitude and rest. It is a time of greater self care, the need for rest and an awareness that we are more sensitive and open to the messages around us. Each month we experience this. Each month we live through the process of shedding and letting go before we cycle again.

If you are pregnant you are not having a monthly cycle because you are creating and nourishing life. This is the most potent time to tune into the messages from your body and rest when needed and create when feeling connected to the life source itself.

Honoring our cyclical nature is scary. It is scary because it confirms that we are not omnipotent. It confirms that we are not in control and have a beginning and an end. Honoring our cycles is also mystical, magical and creative because we tune into the powerful forces around us present to support our growth.

The same power structures that wanted to put a man on the moon, to keep 7/11 lit with fluorescent lights all night, to grow unseasonal food that is genetically modified, that are sure they can live without clean water…all of these systems promote dominance and control of our bodies and our lands. They try to convince us that a fixed, certain, stable, linear experience of humanity is possible and they are threatened by the  truth that we are cyclical beings. That our lives are cyclical, our fertility is cyclical, aging is cyclical, birth and death are cyclical. The more we tune into our own bodies as cyclical as the seasons, the tides, the womb, the moon, the more we can allow ourselves to rest when we are tired and create when we are energized.  

A new moon can be a time to turn inward, reflect, slow down, set intentions, write, or visit with friends low key. At this time when we are all being asked to see more reality so that we can step up to the social change that is required at this time , practices that are restorative are essential.

Here are a few restorative, nerve calming, immune boosting, heart warming practices:

  • ROSES – Rose flowers, rose and rose hips tinctures, rosehips tea infusion, rose oil









  • LETTING GO - Consider one problem, dilemma, feud, story, that you are willing to let go instead of actively resolving. Focus instead on what you had hoped would happen and what that says about you. For example , ‘ I would have hoped we got along’ so rather than insisting or forcing getting along, at this time rather than actively resolving the situation focus on what that says about you , I value HARMONY, I value COOPERATION , I value EQUALITY …whatever, focus on your values and let go of the outcome.


With love, Genevieve



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