31 May 2017
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Excitement about Klawer 2017 Vintage wines

Klawer Wines are crafted of singular quality and outstanding character. These wines represent the cultivars of the region.
Klawer Chenin Blanc 2017 has a very fresh and crisp taste with a bit of honey, melon and pineapple aromas. This wine is best enjoyed within a year of vintage and works best with fish or vegetarian dishes.
Klawer Sauvignon Blanc 2017 has ripe tropical flavours with a grassy undertone to excite the senses. This wine is best enjoyed with fish, white meats and pasta.
Klawer Chardonnay 2017 has a fresh and crispy taste with aromas and flavours like honey, melon and pineapple. This wine is best served with fish, pasta and poultry dishes.
Klawer Cellars Michelle Sparkling Wine 2017 is refreshing with a strawberry flavour. It also has a pink hue which makes it perfect for the ladies. It is a 100% Muscat de Frontignan and best served at social occasions. These wines are best when they are well-chilled.

Q&A with our new white winemaker, Wim Viljoen

Meet the newest member to join our team, Wim Viljoen.
Where were you born? Worcester
Do you have a degree in winemaking? No, I went to Elsenburg and I have a diploma in agriculture.
What do you love most about winemaking? The smell of the wine in the fermentation process.
From what age did you know that winemaking is your ultimate career? I would say in 1991 at the age of 30.
What is your advice for new and young winemakers? Go for it and do your best.
How does Klawer Wine Cellars differ from other wine cellars where you have worked before? At Klawer Cellars harvests are on a bigger scale.
What would you suggest for pairing food with wine? A full-bodied Cape Blend with an oxtail potjie and a fresh and fruity white for crayfish.
Do you have any cultivars you prefer to work with? Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc - I like the end products and there are so many possibilities.
What would you consider your greatest achievement as a winemaker? To have a good quality end product.
What do you like to drink after a long day of winemaking or any other time you want to kick back and relax? A good Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc and if I can’t drink wine then a good potstill brandy.

Mother’s Day giveaway: A congratulation is in order! Raise your glass to Caro-Christi Wiese who won 12 bottles of Michelle Sparkling wine for our Mother’s Day Facebook Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated and for your ongoing support. 

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A word from Andries Blake, chief executive at Klawer Wines.
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