Updates on the progress of opening Skillshot Pinball in Bernal Heights.
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MISSION: Open Skillshot Pinball!


You can help us open a wonderful little pinhall in Bernal Heights. All you have to do is believe (that we can surmount a mountain of red tape)!


F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K

Skillshot Newsletter: Mired in Permit Land

January 2017 UPDATE

Dear supporters and curious onlookers of Skillshot Pinball,

First off, thanks for the interest and signing up for the newsletter!  And Happy New Year!  

This is our first letter and we were hoping it might be more exciting, but it's mostly about bureaucracy and the fact that we may not be opening as soon as we'd originally suggested.  

The space we're seeking to occupy was not previously an eatery or drinkery so though it's allowed by zoning, we have to apply for a change of use.  This isn't that big of a deal, except for anyone who's not crazy about having an eatery or drinkery in the neighborhood, these applications allow them opportunities to protest the changes.  And that's what's happening.  We've had such a wonderful outpouring of support from Bernal neighbors and families, but all complaints, rightly so, must be properly heard out.  Most of the issues surround concerns about noise and the effect on the neighborhood, but some concern mixing sales of beer with proximity to children.  On our website we've got a list of those concerns and our approaches to how we deal with those issues.  And we've met with some of the complainants, but we've been unsuccessful at changing their minds.  They say they love the concept, they think it's right for Bernal, and they like us, but they don't want it right next to them.  Ahem.

So we've had, or are expecting to have, protests against our Change of Use with the Planning dept, our alcohol application with the ABC and separately with the ALU, and the Board of Supervisors approval of our alcohol application.  Add that all up and it could be quite a while before we're able to open.  We're trying to push things along, but it's probably more like a year now, or even longer.  The protests don't usually keep you from getting the permit, they just significantly slow things down and put conditions on operations (like hours) so you guys don't have too much to worry about.  We're still totally dedicated to opening up here on The Hill!  

Let us know if you have any questions about the whole process, I'd be happy to dish.  And next time I email it should be decidedly more interesting- I'll probably have the architectural layout and design motifs to show you as well as a bit more about how the space will look and feel.

I hope you guys all got a chance to check out the Pacific Pinball Expo in Alameda.  It was amazing!
Christian & Elisabeth

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