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~ Photo by ATL photographer, feminist and gem Lizzy Johnston ~

Threats to Health Care Are Plenty Scary

It’s hard to believe the inauguration is a week away. Mainly because creepy, unlucky things are supposed to fall on Friday the 13th — that’d be today, hi — not the 20th. 

To be fair, plenty of creepy goings-on have been happening throughout the week, and not all of them even involved golden showers. For instance, during the wee hours (heh) of Thursday morning, under the cover of darkness — and during a legislative event referred to as vote-a-rama — Senate Republicans approved a budget blueprint that got the ball rolling on repealing the Affordable Care Act (which, yes, is the same thing as Obamacare). While the vote itself doesn’t dismantle the ACA, it’s essentially the first step toward a bill that would do the said dismantling. 

Activist Brittany Packard took to Twitter to encourage people whose lives had been changed by the healthcare law to share their stories, and the results were heartbreaking. People testified under #saveACA to the lifesaving treatment they’d undergone for cancer, fibroids, HIV and heart disease, not to mention the life-affirming care trans women and men had received in the form of hormones and other medications.

We don’t need a ski-mask-sporting Jason Voorhees to scare the daylights out of us; just listen to Trump make promises for an Obamacare replacement as the GOP moves to defund Planned Parenthood. 

~ Check out Emily Ellsworth's "Guide to Contacting Your Representative the Smart Way" -- and THEN tweet ~

this week in unladylike
We were over the moon that 'Hidden Figures' beat out 'Star Wars' at the box office.

News If You're Nasty

Sound the Ute:
  • Woman accused of coat-hanger abortion pleads guilty to felony in exchange for immediate release (New York Times)
  • Warning: Abortion’s deadly DIY past could soon become its future (The Cut)
  • Fight looms at Iowa Capitol over tighter abortion restrictions (The Des Moines Register)
  • Ute gotta be kidding me! Tiny brain found in teenager's ovarian tumor (IFL Science)
Not Our Bodies, Ourselves:
  • Sociologist Lisa Wade sat down with Andi Zeisler about students, sexuality and her new book, American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus (Bitch)
  • Underage Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan are being abducted, converted and married (New York Times)
  • An Indian YouTube prankster is just now learning that kissing women without consent isn’t a joke (Quartz)
The Female Gaze: 
  • Meet the Ivanka whisperer. Goldman Sachs exec and political wunderkind Dina Habib Powell, Ivanka's go-to gal on women's issues, has been tapped as a senior White House advisor. (CNN
  • They call themselves "skin chicks." Inside the lives of white supremacist women whose terrible nickname is the least of our worries (Marie Claire)
Onward and Upward:
  • Between astronaut Jeanette Epps and Hidden Figures, black women in STEM are in the spotlight (Slate)
  • Study predicts the Swedish women poised to close gender pay gap first (The Local)
  • West Point grad Sue Fulton is leading the fight for civil rights within the U.S. military. (The New York TImes)
Golden Moments:
  • Thank you for being a snack. ‘Golden Girls’-themed cafe teases opening with photos of sassy decor galore (Eater)
  • Which one's Dorothy? A trio of IRL 'Golden Girls' and the wet bar that's kept them together (People)

That's What She Said: Clare Hollingworth, reporter who broke the news that WWII had begun

“I enjoy action. I’m not brave, I just enjoy it. I don’t know why. God made me like this. I’m not frightened.”

The action-loving journalist died Jan. 10 at 105 years old. Read more about her badassery.

Nasty Women of the Week: Saudi Women on Wheels

Cycling. Rollerskating. Bowling. Not exactly revolutionary activities for most of us (especially when you look at our bowling scores), but in a country where women can't drive or open a bank account without a male guardian, getting active and irreverent -- on camera -- deserves a salute.
In the video for the song "Hwages," Director Majed al-Esa features niqab-sporting women who look like they're having the BEST time as they clap and sing lines like, "if only God would rid us of men" and "men make me mentally ill." Not really catchy ways to cheer on your bowling league, but excellent ways to say #banmen in any language.

Even one of the oldest Saudi Arabian newspapers was charmed, saying the vid celebrated a "new generation of women [that] is different from the past."

Honorable mentions: Viola Davis, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D. Ill.) and that "overrated" legend, Meryl Streep

Hot Takes on Cold Cuts: Evan Rachel Wood's Tuxedo

Westworld's oldest host cut a divine figure (and message) in her three-piece. But credit where credit is due: Janelle Monae invented that shit.
Bingeing It: The OA? No way.

For such a gripping, engrossing, mysterious show, this one sure did have a crummy, bizarre, exploitative ending. Can we just have some more Olivia Popes, Claire Randall Frasers and Buffys? Kthx. -- Caroline "I Love 'Strong Female Characters'" Ervin

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