Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc.  Winter, 2017
Volume VIII
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Happy New Year!


From the Desk of Jill Freeman, Executive Director

Dear Friend of Boykin Spaniel Rescue:

As I reflect on 2016, and plan for the coming year, I am humbled by the work of the BSR team, and the endless generosity of the Boykin community.  Here are just a few of our many accomplishments in 2016:

Dog Statistics

*  52 intakes, of which 7 were placed in our Permanent Foster Care (PFC Program)
*  10 Heartworm Positive
*   9 Seniors
*   26 Intact, requiring spay or neuter
*   1 Diabetic
*   2 Cardiac cases
*   2 Blind 
*   1 Catastrophic, requiring spinal surgery
*   26 Adoptions

Operations Update

We have worked tirelessly on building the operational infrastructure to support our growth.  With the assistance of our volunteers, we made tremendous strides.  

*   We are almost exclusively paperless.  All applications and reporting is now done via secure, online processes.
*   We have established a detailed database, which has dramatically streamlined our workflows.  This is allowing us to spend time doing what we do best-- caring for the dogs that need us the most.  
*  Both of these initiatives have also drastically reduced the costs to BSR, utilizing software and applications which work with non-profits, as well as allow us to self manage. 
*   Our Marketing team has been dedicated to create awareness to all age groups and demographics.  In addition to our Facebook group and PFC Page, we now have an established Instagram account.  These three social media outlets allow us to touch over 9,000 people on a routine basis. 

What does 2017 hold for BSR?  

I am happy to announce that our new website is LIVE as of today!  Please click here to see all that is new!

The new website has an enhanced donation experience, making it easier for our donors to make "In Honor of" and other types of donations, with e-cards to the recipient.  We will also be able to support independent, peer-to-peer fundraisers via our site.  And, lastly, our ShopBSR area is getting an overhaul to bring fun, new items, with an easier shopping experience.  Please "pardon our dust" as ShopBSR will remain under construction for the next few weeks.  

I should also mention that the new website was designed and will be updated by BSR.  This change will result not only in cost savings, but will drastically increase our ability to keep our website content current and our communications flowing!

We are getting ready for SEWE and Nationals.  Below you will see more information on these events, and invite you all to come by and visit with us and the Alumni and PFC dogs which will be in attendance.  

I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication of time, talent and treasure to the Little Brown Dogs we love so much.  Our Brown Dog community continues to humble me in their support of our mission of Rescuing, Rehabilitation and Rehoming at-risk, purebred Boykin Spaniels.

Wishing you Health and Happiness in 2017!

SEWE February 17-19th, Charleston, SC
We would love to have you join us at SEWE!
 If you are a BSR volunteer, and would like to sign up to work at the event, please sign up by clicking this link:
You are invited!

Where:  Mitchell Hill Gallery (
When:   Saturday, 2/18/17  11am-5pm
What:    Wildlife artist Betty Foy Botts has painted a Boykin portrait and will be signing prints.  Proceeds to benefit Boykin Spaniel Rescue.  Volunteers and alumni/PFC dogs will be there as official greeters!
Boykin Spaniel Nationals,  April 6-9th!

We will again be collecting silent auction items to raffle off at Nationals.  This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.  If you have a donation, or would be willing to solicit donations on our behalf, please fill this out and we will contact you with more information!  Click this link:
PFC Spotlight
PFC Spotlight:  Sammi

PFC (Permanent Foster Care) is a Program where the dog is determined to be unadoptable due to medical or emotional issues.  The dog will remain with their foster family for the rest of their life, supported by BSR and the generosity of our donors.  We currently have 21 dogs in our PFC Program.
Sammi came to BSR after years of over-breeding and suffering from the after-effects of a uterine infection and injury to her leg that threatened the need for amputation. Our first task was to treat the obvious, the infections and open wounds. Those took a long time and medical expertise, but slowly the outward wounds healed and we could turn to the question of how much mobility could we get back for Sammi, or would she require a boot or other prosthetic for her lame foot, or worse, would amputation really be the answer. Through a very long period of therapies and treatments, Sammi was able to regain adequate control over the foot and while not a normal gait, does not risk rubbing it raw with knuckling anymore. But her therapy needs are on-going to maintain the success we've had. Also, during her long journey, Sammi developed such a strong dependence on her Foster that she has separation anxiety when the Foster isn't there. Not wanting to risk her physical progress or her emotional health, we placed her in our PFC Program where she will be cared for by her experienced foster family.
PeeDee Motorsports Representing BSR!
BSR is well represented by PeeDee Motor Sports!  Driver Matt Hirschman took 2nd place, and BSR Alumni PeeDee was in attendance to greet all wanting to learn more about Boykin Spaniels and BSR!
Golden Leash Awards
Eric & Paw's Training Corner
Lets talk about a very controversial subject; e-collars. Some people think they are a torture device, others think they shoot fire out of the prongs and so on. All these are false and misconceptions. The advances in technology are vast and the e-collar when used properly is a tool that ensures compliance and improves behavior. The key here is "if used correctly and corrections are fair for the dog". 

So what is fair? When the dog has a firm understanding of the foundation commands "Sit, Here and Heel" you can start to collar condition your dog with the use of an e-collar. Collar conditioning a dog is simply applying light constant stimulation and then giving a sit or here command. When the result is achieved the stimulation stops. This is conditioning the dog to the collar so they understand how to turn off pressure. No vocalization for collar conditioning, just light constant stimulation and enough that it bugs them and gets their undivided attention.

Why should you do this? The answer is simple, to ensure compliance. Positive training techniques are great, but they only go so far. Then it becomes necessary to ramp up the training to ensure 100% compliance. This will potentially save the dogs life if they are chasing a bird or squirrel and go near a road. A simple "No, Here" and the dog is compliant. Start with pressure and "sit" and then move to pressure and "here" You can also use it for kennel as well. Once completed, the dog has a firm understanding of pressure and how to turn it off. They also are not fearful of the collar and don't mind wearing it at all. As you get into Hunt Testing and Field Trialing you will see the benefits of Collar Conditioning. Even if you don't Hunt Test, Field Test or even hunt, the benefits of a compliant and happy dog are worth the time it takes the get them there.

Eric Grubbs 
In Memoriam, The Rainbow Bridge.
BSR Sweetie. Loved by Dorothy Rakowski & Carolyn Acuff
BSR Charlotte.  Loved by Allyn Johnson
BSR Chester, The Wonder Dog.  Loved by Fred Wanner and Melissa Forinash.
PFC Doodle Loved by Skip and Lyne Burney
BSR PFC Junior.  Loved and cared for by PFC Parent Gail Mickley and the entire BSR Family.
BSR Facebook
BSR PFC Facebook

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