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Dear Student 

Welcome to your February safety and wellbeing email 

This year has begun very differently for all of us, although we are more familiar with being in lockdown now. But winter lockdown when the weather is dark and cold and coming straight after Christmas and New Year, when we might have hoped that things would be getting easier by now does feel different to the lockdown in March last year. 

We appreciate that you might be feeling more worried and anxious than usual, or that you may be feeling low, fed up and finding things more and more difficult. It is even more important now that we take time to look after our mental health and wellbeing. We hope the information below will give you some tips on how to manage if you are feeling anxious at times and some information on who to contact if you need support.  

It is also worth saying that it is fine to be feeling fine during lockdown! Many young people and adults are managing well at the moment, Although the news is often scary and worrying, you don’t have to feel guilty if you’re feeling okay, positive and hopeful. We are all responding in our own ways. 

However you're feeling just remember that we are here for you and we will help and support you wherever we can. 

Corrienne Peasgood OBE

Wellbeing, Counselling and Mental Health: help from College 
If you feel you need to talk over a concern or problem, we can offer you one-to-one confidential advice and support by appointment. Contact us by email at or via this link and we will get in touch with you to offer you a telephone appointment. This is for all students. 
Feeling unsafe?
If you feel that you or a friend needs help to keep safe from harm, please tell us. We will always respond, and we are here to help you. Contact a member of the Safeguarding Team by email at  or you can call Safeguarding: for City College Norwich and Paston College call 07795 487645 and for Easton College call 07772 785346.  

  • Our Safeguarding Officers are Marie Pacey and Sam Warner.
  • Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are Corrienne Peasgood, Jerry White, Julia Bates, Jacky Sturman and Helen Richardson-Hulme.  

Getting help from your GP 

Trying to self-manage your mental health but feel like you're still struggling and need some support? The best thing to do it to contact your GP. We can help you to make an appointment, write a letter with you or make some prompt cards - using your own words about how you're feeling - that you can take with you so that you don’t feel 'on the spot' in the appointment. There is an excellent website that will help you as well, check out Doc Ready.

More help available in Norfolk
The Norfolk Assistance Scheme can help if you are unable to meet your immediate needs or you need practical help. Just One Norfolk is dedicated to providing children and young people’s health services including mental health.

Kooth comes highly recommended from lots of students who have or are still using this free service. Kooth offers free online text based counselling with no waiting list as well as magazines filled with articles, advice, strategies and tips from young people and experts, discussion boards and other tools such as journaling. Sign up here.

Crisis? 24 hour help on hand
If you're having a mental health crisis or feel unsafe there is support out there for you. If you need to talk, any time of day or night, free listening services offer confidential advice from trained volunteers. You can talk about anything that's troubling you, no matter how difficult: 

If you're under 19, you can also call  0800 1111  to talk to  Childline. The number will not appear on your phone bill. 

More support  


  1. You're not alone
  2. It's okay to not always feel okay
  3. We are here to help. 

What are you looking forward to after lockdown? 

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