September 2016

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It has been a while.


It has been a long time since we notified our customers and the scientific community about our projects. The delay is a result of an uptake in our activities last year and during the first half of 2016. We hope you find this update both informative and interesting.

Toxicology Studies


Along with the common PK and MTD studies to start new drug compounds characterization we were engaged in a 6 months GLP tox study in which 124 rats were dosed twice daily, seven days a week. Such a study is not only very demanding logistically but very time consuming and included the dissection of 4000 organs at the end of the study.
In addition to the 6-month GLP tox 
study we started a 3-month GLP tox project to study local reactions of an implanted material. This required surgeries, health monitoring, and final dissections for histopathological evaluations.

Creating Models


One interesting project, which illuminates the wide range of studies we perform, is one that included the establishment of a glioma tumour model created by injections of tumour cells into the striatum of immunodeficient mice. Since it is impossible to measure the growth of these tumours as when we inject tumour cells subcutaneously we used mice at different points in time to perform histological analyses of the tumour growth in addition to regular health monitoring activities.

The studies to determine anti-cancer effects are numerous and now we are beginning studies combining drug treatment with local irradiation of the tumours to mimic current clinical procedures. These studies are very time consuming since the animals have to be irradiated individually for approximately 6 minutes to administer 6 Gy but we believe that this combination therapy will eventually become the standard routine in the search for new compounds to treat cancer.

Working with Vaccines

We are happy to have two vaccine producing companies as clients. This generates repeat studies to determine potential toxicity and to confirm stability of the vaccines. We perform these studies in mice only, which is accepted by the Medical Products Agency as providing enough information to allow clinical trials.

European Level Project

The European Commission-funded project we are involved in to identify compounds that have been found to be effective in in-vitro studies, that which can be used to treat parasite infections has now generated several compounds that will be characterized with regards to pharmacokinetic properties. We hope that some of these eventually will have drugable properties.
Most of the studies we perform use mice or rats but during this period we have been using Ellegaard Göttingen 
mini-pigs mainly to test different biomaterials but also for local irritation studies. Currently, we are initiating a 1-year study in mini-pigs.

Clinical trials

It is interesting to see that many of our customers have moved into a phase where they need GLP tox studies after a period of trials and errors and it is a pleasure to note that previous customers now are in clinical trials.

Personnel Changes

During 2015 two Study Directors moved on to new challenges, which made it necessary to hire new staff members. Currently, we are a team that has a broad range of skills, which will be useful when looking ahead in our agenda.

Best regards,

Urban Höglund
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