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Grateful Daily

November began with a Facebook challenge to journal our daily moments of gratitude. Well of Mercy has taught me over the years to focus on gratitude even in the face of challenging events completely out of my control. I’m finding how nice it feels to be truly grateful for the small things and to focus on who is responsible for these items I’m enjoying.

I awoke recently reveling in the fact I had 30 more glorious minutes to stay in my comfortable bed; a wonderful time to meditate and focus on gratitude. I became very grateful for my pillow - but what shifted is I lifted gratitude for all the people responsible for creating and manufacturing this particular type of pillow with the right amount of loft and squishy for my personal sleep preference. It’s like sleeping on a heavenly cloud. With each word of gratitude, the pillow became even more comfortable.  

Gratitude also hit me this month traveling to/from Well where I often encounter farm equipment which on occasion slows my travel if I’m behind a tractor, or pushes me to the edge of the road if the large combine is wider than its lane, or the smell that challenges one's nostrils when the honey wagons spread their “product” on the fields.  

One evening as I was leaving, the field harvesting was creating a large dust cloud. It was late and the farm work was far from complete. I began thinking of the various challenges farmers face during the planting, growing, and harvesting seasons - completely out-of-their control. Once again, Well teaching prompted me to be grateful for the farmers and all those responsible for bringing food from farm to table for me to enjoy.

Dear God, thank you not only for the food and comforts I enjoy but more importantly, thank you for the people who make it their job to create and share their talents and produce. Blessings on all your children of creation. –Amen

Blessings on your process of finding gratitude in your life.

Sandra H. O'Brien
Executive Director


~ NOVEMBER 2022 ~

The Advent Heart: Living with Hope, Love and Tenderness with Colette Lafia


November 29




~ DECEMBER 2022 ~

Advent Retreat: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love 


December 6-8


~ JANUARY 2022 ~

Vision Board Workshop: What are your dreams for 2023? 


January 14




~ FEBRUARY 2022 ~

The Mandala: Colorful Creations for Prayer & Meditation


February 15



                          Upcoming Retreats (details coming soon):

  • Tuesday - Friday, 2/21/23 to 2/24/23 - Art of Self Care & Compassion -
    3 Nights
  • Thursday, 2/23/23 - Into the Wilderness: Journaling Through the Lenten Desert - Virtual
  • Thursday - Saturday, 3/02/23 to 3/04/23 - Silent Guided Retreat - 2 Nights
  • Tuesday - Friday, 3/14/23 to 3/17/23 - Celtic Spirituality - 3 Nights
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~ Giving ~

Giving Tuesday Update - Help us reach our goal of $5,000 by November 30!  Join the Facebook Fundraiser where we have a MATCH gift up to $5,000 making a total of $10,000 to fill the Well.
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Introducing one of our most sought after gift shop items: The Zaphir Chimes

They are known for their crystal-clear sound and amazing colors. These chimes are handmade in France using mostly ecological and recyclable materials. When you hold the chime and swing it gently, you are met with a magical melody. Perfect in size for a harmonizing and relaxing sound that can be used for relaxation, yoga, meditation or other forms of therapy. 

When you visit our Gift Shop you will have several color options to choose from.

We are grateful for the recent St. Francis & St. Claire retreat. During the three days, participants created a beautiful nature mandala from the property and several lovely poems. Picture yourself in nature at Well while you read the poem shared by Jane Coburn.

Do people go their whole lives never sitting still and hearing the leaves fall through the branches to the ground?

Do people go their whole lives never sitting still listening to the babbling of the water as it meanders over rocks?

Do people go their whole lives not standing still and gazing up into the bright blue sky through the tops of trees?

Do people go their whole lives not watching a fallen leaf float on top of a river until it is out of sight?

Do people go their whole lives not turning their face up to the sun, eyes closed, smiling and taking in the warmth?

Do people go their whole lives not stopping to watch a spider weave her web?

This...these moments in nature feeling connected to everything, knowing I am not alone, still, quiet, listening...

This is what I want for everyone,

This is my prayer.

~ Connecting to Our Core Values ~

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

The Thanksgiving holiday is an opportunity to express gratitude for the many gifts in our lives. This simple lesson is often lost amid the activities of the season. For Well of Mercy, gratitude and gratefulness lives in every piece of this beautiful sanctuary of healing, hospitality, and renewal. During this season, we share a heartfelt thank you for the blessings showered on this beautiful space and to the many people’s lives that have been touched.     

It is with grateful hearts that we share this inspiring video, “A Good Day” by Brother David Steindl-Rast.  

In honoring the inclusiveness, dignity, and worthiness of all, Well of Mercy hopes to help transform and bring about a more peace-filled and just world.
Blessings to you.

"A Good Day" With Brother David Steindl-Rast

~ Giving Tuesday – Donate Early ~

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~ Wish List ~

Thank you in advance to those who would like to order items from our Wish List for guests &/or staff. We hope to replace a few lamps (adding USB ports) and backup blankets for the winter months.The kitchen can benefit from towels and the office a new desk chair. You can order here and we will send you a Gift-in-Kind acknowledgement for your tax receipt as these are tax deductible contributions.  Blessings & Peace!
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