"When Jesus heard [it], he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." Mark 2:17
Going Viral
“Going Viral” has a whole new meaning now.  The Coronavirus is all anyone is talking about.  We had meetings canceled, like a mission’s conference in Florida at Fellowship Baptist Church in New Port Richey.  Even though they were not having their missions conference, they were gracious to let us stay in their prophet’s chamber and give us an opportunity to visit with family and Jen’s mother after being diagnosed with bladder cancer.  We stayed the weekend and then made our way back to TN/GA area, but first a stop in Alabama.  A few days after we arrived in Alabama, we received a phone call from the people we were staying with, in Georgia.  We had been staying with them for a couple of months already.  They told us we needed to find another place to stay due to the Coronavirus.  Our "framily", the Thomas’, were accommodating. 

We stayed in group-quarantine and played board games and cards.  Keith helped Ryan with some things around the house like sprinklers, mowing the lawn, gate repairs, and even gave the van an oil change and did some needed repairs.  We also endured a few heavy rainstorms with tornado warnings, hence the gate repair.

When coming home from the store one day, our A/C fan in the van stopped.  This happened before in Mexico and in the States, so Keith tried the trick he knew to get it working again, but was not successful.  The connection on the resistor that tells the fan at what speed to run had burned out.  Keith ordered a new part and installed it himself.  He said it was easy, only two screws.  Keith also had to buy a new window motor for the driver's side window.  These mechanic skills will be helpful in missionary life in Mexico.

We have started asking people to prayerfully consider helping us get a vehicle that needs less maintenance and has a bit more room for us to travel.  We ask that you pray about helping us but understand that many of us have limited funds with the recent events that have unfolded.  If you pray and feel that God is leading you to give, we appreciate your contribution.  You can click the link below to contribute directly to this fund.  We have already received $465 from two different donors.

We celebrated the risen savior in Alabama with the Thomas’. Pictured at the left are their two daughters Allison and Shelby and our daughter Bianca.

We were so excited to be able to watch our home church’s (Sun Coast Baptist) sunrise service and their Easter service also.

During the time spent in Alabama in group-quarantine, we had a video conference call with some teachers of the CCI curriculum, the North American & Caribbean Regional Director, Ric Hesse, and the President of CCI, David Nelson.  After an introduction of each other, we discussed strategies and suggestions of classes.  We talked about the tremendous spiritual growth that is seen in the students and that it is due largely to the amount of scripture that is used.  We agreed that God’s word and the Holy Spirit do a mighty work in the lives and minds of each participant. 

Since the restrictions have been lifted in some areas, we asked to stay at a prophet’s chamber in Florida. We stayed there before and they said yes, so we traveled to Georgia and gathered our belongings and then went back to Florida.  Through a large storm in Georgia, we witness a vehicle hydroplane off the road onto the embankment and into the tree line then spun back to the side of the highway.  Keith had to steer away from the vehicle’s debris and bumper that was now laying in the road.  We then endured many wind gusts and our top-heavy van being tossed back and forth on the highway in Florida.  By the grace of God, we made it safely to our destination. 

We have seen some attrition in our supporters due to the uncertainty of this virus and the inability for some to maintain an income.  We know that God has got this and we are trusting in Him to get us to the field.  We spoke with the leadership of CCI and have looked at our budget for Mexico again.  After praying and seeking wise counsel from missionaries that are living in our area of Mexico, we made an adjustment to the amount of support we need to be ready to move to Mexico.  In doing this, we are now in need of $1,300 more in monthly support to be fully funded.  Be in prayer with us to be able to develop meetings and regain our momentum while decisions are being made to open up borders, states, counties, and countries.
Praises & Prayer Requests
  • God continues to open doors and hearts of individuals and churches to become our ministry partners so that we are fully funded by the end of 2020. We only need $1,300 more in monthly support.
  • Travel safety/mercies. Currently for our travel to and from Florida.
  • Pray for the opportunity for us to upgrade our vehicle as the one we have is almost at 300K miles.
  • Please pray for Donna, Jen's mother, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  She had a CT scan we know it is malignant but pray that it has not spread to other parts of her body.
  • Pray for the lost souls in the world who have never heard about Jesus Christ that someone will come to them with the gospel and that He will open their hearts and give them peace.
  • As always pray for our nation and leaders.Especially with COVID-19 now at the forefront.
  • Pray for those that have contracted, lost someone from, or is worried about COVID-19 to find hope in Christ.
  • Pray for Pastors of churches to not grow weary in well-doing as they make adjustments to their services and routines.
  • Pray for the church (body of believers) to grow into true Bible-teaching churches.
  • Pray for ALL Missionaries to be protected and provided for by the hand of God.
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