GCNG members for Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the member companies of the GCNG have started to mobilize humanitarian and financial resources. Within the framework of the campaign, several large funds were opened, where hundreds of thousands of GEL were collected, in addition, humanitarian aid was being collected, and various services are provided to Ukrainians in Georgia free of charge.

The United Nations Global Compact and Global Compact Network Georgia stand with the United Nations and world leaders in expressing a demand for peace and an end to the war in Ukraine. The UN Global Compact calls on principled business leaders around the world to renew and amplify their commitment to peace and support the people of Ukraine.

Multi-sectoral Partnership Project – Road Safety Training Course

On March 10, the Global Compact Network Georgia hosted a workshop and discussion to promote multi-sectoral partnership projects about road safety. The aim of the project is to prepare an online course on sustainable road safety standards and rules and to raise public awareness on road safety issues. Georgian online training module will be prepared based on the World Bank online training module:

The private sector and civil society organizations, as well as government entities, will be involved in the implementation of the multi-sectoral project on road safety. The Multi-sectoral Road Safety Partnership Project will be implemented with the support of the Global Compact Network Georgia. During the project implementation phase, the organization will have the role of facilitator among stakeholders.

Initiative was implemented within the framework of USAID-CSEP, which is implemented by East-West Management Institute in partnership with Global Compact Network Georgia.

The cooperation between the Global Compact Network Georgia and Iliauni Business School has started successfully. From the 2022 spring semester, a corporate sustainability course has been implemented for students of the PR master programme. The training course is led by GCNG Executive Director Salome Zurabishvili.

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation, corporate sustainability courses are being implemented at two universities simultaneously - on the graduate level in Ilia State University and on the undergraduate level in BTU.


We are delighted to announce that our new rubric #partnerships4SUSTAINABILITY will be aired on TV Pirveli Business Morning every Friday at 09:30. The aim of the weekly rubric is to encourage cooperation between the business and non-governmental sectors and to introduce joint projects to the public. The rubric is prepared within the framework of the USAID / EWMI Civil Society Engagement Program.

Women’s Leadership in Decision-making: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

On March 24, a multi-sectoral dialogue was organized by the Global Compact Network Georgia on the topic - Women’s Leadership in Decision-making: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling. The event was opened by Salome Zurabishvili, Executive director of the Global Compact Network Georgia, Ulrik Tideström, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Georgia, Anna Tsurtsumia, Acting Deputy Chief of Party, USAID/EWMI Civil Society Engagement Program;

Within the framework of the panel, speakers discussed existing policies in Georgia that promote women’s economic empowerment and their representation in leadership positions. Existing Challenges, as well as opportunities to develop the policy, were being debated The speakers touched upon the topic of defeating the glass ceiling and increasing women’s representation in the leadership positions

The event was held in partnership with the USAID / EWMI Civil Society Engagement Program, With the support of the Swedish government.

We are delighted to announce that at Expo 2020 Salome Zurabishvili, executive director of GCNG, has been elected as Chair of the Regional Network Council for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and as a Member of the Global Network Council at the United Nations Global Compact for a two-year term.

Corporate Sustainability Academy

The 60-hour Certificate course for representatives of RMG Gold at the Corporate Sustainability Academy has commenced. In March, the course covered topics such as sustainable corporate governance, ethical leadership, and Ethics and Ethical Decision Making.