Global Compact Network Georgia actively supports the promotion of employment of Ukrainian citizens in Georgia and the provision of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

We actively cooperate with the Global Compact Network Ukraine and would like to share their humanitarian projects, which are attached to the e-mail.

1) Employment of Ukrainians in Georgia: Please send information about vacancies in your organization to the following e-mail:

2) The project of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association: which provides daily delivery of 15 thousand portions to: orphanages, nursing homes, civilians in bomb shelters, defense units, national police, armed forces. A complete list of needs is attached to the mail.

3) Mental Help Project: A union of Ukrainian psychologists assisting the war-affected population. Severe emotional state affecting citizens of all ages requires active work and project implementation will help speed up the rehabilitation process.

The member organizations of our network are distinguished by the mobilization and assistance they have shown during the war, which we are very proud of and for which we thank you very much.

More For Ukraine

On April 2, Global Compact Network Georgia with the support of the Swedish Government, along with the UN Global Compact participants, joined Orbeliani Georgia's initiative - "More for Ukraine".

The purpose of the event was to meet with the displaced Ukrainians due to the ongoing war and to provide assistance by all available means. The event was attended by more than 20 private companies and non-governmental organizations.

The event is supported by the USAID / EWMI Civil Society Engagement Program.

Representatives of the Global Compact Network Georgia participated in the "One Global Compact Week", which was held on March 27-31, at Expo 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The week was broken into four consecutive sections: Global Compact Board Meeting (27-28 March), Gulf of the Future Session and Reception (28 March), Leadership Dialogue (29 March), and Annual Local Network Forum (29-31 March). Annual Local Network Week concluded the week, convening all 300 network staff both in-person and virtually, from more than 50 countries.

At the forum Salome Zurabishvili, executive director of GCNG, has been elected as Chair of the Regional Network Council for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and as a Member of the Global Network Council at the United Nations Global Compact for a two-year term.


Congratulations to Our 2022 SDG Pioneer Nino Kvernadze - Executive Director, Adjara Group Hotels.

Fostering gender equality, strengthening women's economic empowerment, Encouraging local employment, and supporting career development for youth is a shortlist of inspiring work Nino has been doing at Adjara Group Hotels.

A policy document on the water resources management (WRM) reform was discussed at the working meeting with Members of Parliament of Georgia, which was held under the USAID Economic Governance Program’s grant activity, “Promote capacity building and enhance the sustainability of the PPD Platform in the Parliament of Georgia,” implemented by the Global Compact Network Georgia in partnership with the Parliament of Georgia.

The WRM reform policy and advocacy strategy drafts were discussed during the meeting. The advocacy strategy aims to introduce outreach and advocacy approaches for PPD institutionalization and the implementation of high-priority reforms to improve the business environment.

On April 27, an online masterclass was held at the Corporate Sustainability Academy led by Viridiana Hernandez Torija, Walmart's ESG & Sustainability Sr Manager.

During the meeting, the member companies of the Global Compact Network Georgia had the opportunity to attend the event and learn about the world's leading retailer's innovative approaches and corporate sustainability policies.

On April 27, 2022, with the initiative of the State Agency Enterprise Georgia and the Global Compact Network Georgia, an EXPORT MANAGERS CERTIFICATE COURSE was launched at Caucasus University. Representatives of Georgian exporting companies will be given the opportunity to improve their knowledge, develop competence and establish relevant connections with foreign companies, as well as implement corporate sustainability standards, which will significantly foster their export activities.

The course is implemented with support of the Swedish Government.

Global Compact Network Georgia, within the framework of the Leadership for Sustainable Development Project, which is funded by the Swedish Government, organized the Workshop on the theme of Extended Producer Responsibility in Georgia.

The goal of the meeting was to facilitate dialogue between the private and public sectors concerning the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and to review the current legislation, policy on EPR, and existing challenges.

Retail Association member companies have successfully completed certification course at the Corporate Sustainability Academy

Retail Association member companies - Goodwill, Carrefour, Spar, Magniti, Zgapari and Daily - have successfully completed a 60-hour certification course at the Corporate Sustainability Academy. The participants of the course were awarded certificates.

The Global Compact Network Georgia launched the “Corporate Sustainability Academy” in 2020 in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and with the support from the Swedish Government. More than 200 participants have already successfully completed various courses of the Corporate Sustainability Academy.