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Peaceable Kingdom and The Witness now accessible to an additional one billion people!


Today marks a new milestone for Tribe of Heart, as we release our films and web site in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Together, these languages open up access to one-seventh of the world’s population, representing the single largest expansion of our potential audience in the 18 years of our organization's history!

This new language launch is a triumph of grassroots community. Over the course of years, the talents and contributions of many people came together to build a unique linguistic and cultural bridge that is going to open hearts and minds as never before.
Global Tribal Cinema now in Simplified Chinese

Translating English into Chinese is challenging enough, but with philosophically complex and artistic subject matter, the challenges only grow. It requires a rare level of fluency in both languages AND a deep understanding of the material being translated. So how does one find a person with such specific talents and experience? Well, sometimes the answer is that they find you!

While studying Philosophy at Northwestern University, Zhiyuan Luo came across Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. “It was a revelation, even though I was familiar with the topic," he said. "The film showed me that I had a lot to learn about animals and why we should care about them. I wanted very badly to share this film with my friends in China...”

We soon learned that a very special connection had brought our paths together: the influence of philosopher/activist/visionary Tom Regan…


Taiwanese viewers can now watch our films in Traditional Chinese

There is a new wave of justice consciousness rising in Taiwan, a country where 12% of the population is currently vegetarian, the third highest rate in the world. Today, Taiwanese animal advocates are motivating increasing numbers of people not only to give up eating meat, but to become vegan and entirely end their participation in the use or harming of our fellow animals. 

With today’s release of our web site and films for free viewing in Traditional Chinese, Tribe of Heart hopes to make a humble contribution in support of this new generation’s inspiring efforts!

"Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness are two of the best documentaries I have ever seen," said Meg Jones, who volunteered to upgrade and polish our Traditional Chinese translations. "I have watched both of them over ten times while working on the translations, and I cried each time. To me, what makes Peaceable Kingdom powerful is the awakening from the most unexpected group (animal farmers)... And The Witness is the top film that I will share with people about fur cruelty... Once the non-activists in Taiwan get to know the story of Eddie, they will see the street activists with a new open heart."

New Video: From Pain to Empowerment

In this new inspirational talk, Tribe of Heart filmmaker James LaVeck explores how anger, grief, disillusionment and doubt are inevitable rites of passage for those who challenge injustice. If understood and addressed in a healthy way, these powerful emotions can open the door to personal breakthroughs, and even transform our work for change... WATCH VIDEO

Why Support Tribe of Heart?

Are you a big picture thinker? Do you want to help address the root causes of the injustices that plague our world? Do you feel passionately about taking action that will make a lasting difference? If the answer is YES, then you have something in common with the diverse members of the Tribe of Heart community.

There is a vast untapped reservoir of altruism and love of justice within humanity, and this is what inspires us most as filmmakers and educators. Every one of our projects at Tribe of Heart is designed to awaken and support these magnificent qualities. Our community is our partner in this endeavor, playing an instrumental role both in creating these transformational vehicles, and in carrying them into the world.

Simply put, your support enables us to continue offering life-changing films and thought-provoking teachings, free of charge in a commercial-free environment. Through Global Tribal Cinema, all of our films and programs are now available for free viewing in eight languages, with more new languages to come. During the last year, our films have been watched by people in 146 countries, and more than 40% of our viewers are from countries in which English is not the main language. Your contribution today will help further expand our reach, touching ever more lives all over the world.

James & JennyYour support is also greatly needed to help us advance our most ambitious film project to date, LEGACY, which unifies different conceptions of non-harm held by those who care about animal rights, human rights, and environmentalism. This project is currently in post-production, the most costly and labor-intensive stage of an intricate process that results in a film capable of opening hearts and minds across cultures, a film with the potential to change lives. Please consider making a donation today, and help us get LEGACY to the finish line!

From our hearts to yours, we thank you for being part of today's community of conscience that is helping create tomorrow's more just, nonviolent world.

Your friends,
James LaVeck & Jenny Stein
Filmmakers and Co-founders of Tribe of Heart
Tribe of Heart is a charitable 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donation is fully tax-deductible in the US. Donations can be mailed to Tribe of Heart, PO Box 149, Ithaca, NY 14851 USA

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