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A Republic, if you can keep itVote

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it.” —attributed to Benjamin Franklin at the close of the Constitutional Convention

Ruth SmithWe Have a Choice
Guest Essay by Ruth Smith

America is faced with a great challenge today, a challenge that will not be easily answered or dealt with. The tentacles of socialism have penetrated our national government in the huge bureaucracy of non-elected officials and departments. These public offices have the authority to make regulations to which we, as American citizens, are as accountable as the laws written by Congress.

First of all, I wanted to see what statistics I could find. I found a report put out by the US Office of Personnel Management for the fiscal year of 2015, which shows the number of employees in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government to be over 2,000,000 employees. Read On

VoteVote, then Double Down

The people of the United States founded our country, from the first colonies, on the basis of self-government. Self-government means the people administer its civil government through representation of their wisest neighbors of the best character. Such service has always required sacrifice. The best early American civil representatives served only at the urging and sometimes insistence of their neighbors.

A just and free republic is impossible to sustain without a Biblically literate, skillful, and wise people to sustain it precisely because it depends on self-government. Admitting the notion of a ruling class, which we now must because of Christian dereliction, is admitting the worst. The only hope we have in the short run is for the body of Christ to awaken to the need to educate the present generation in the content, faith, skills, and wisdom necessary to run a Christian republic from the home and church outward. One saving grace is that learning the ropes in one sphere applies readily to greater spheres since the same principles apply.

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Daniel ItseOf John Locke
Guest Essay by Daniel Itse

Who is John Locke?

I myself have just finished a 400-page biography of John Locke, “John Locke, Philosopher of American Liberty”. As I began it, it seemed a bit tedious, but by the end I was enthralled and even more convinced that the understanding of liberty by our founding fathers, and the governments they formed to protect those liberties were firmly founded on John Locke’s political philosophy.

John Locke was born in 1632 in Pensford, Somersetshire in England to Puritan parents. As a Puritan, he would have been inculcated in the principles of self-government found in the 1599 Geneva Bible. This is the same religious perspective held by the Pilgrims who traveled to America from 1618 to 1623

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John Locke  Philosopher of American Liberty

John Locke
Philosopher of American Liberty

Book by Mary-Elaine Swanson

In Locke’s day, a turbulent age, Christian liberty struggled to emerge. Calmly navigating through extreme sectarianism and a deadly political jungle, Locke gave practical form to a Biblical civil model of government upon the ground of Life, Liberty and Property.

In turn, Christian early Americans embraced that model.  Locke’s ideas fill the Declaration of Independence and other American founding governmental documents.

Upon Mary-Elaine Swanson’s tremendous scholarship, John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty will take you far in restoring the vision, purpose, wisdom, and resolve that founded the greatest freedom, prosperity, justice and generous practical ministries the world has yet known. Shop Now

Peter HammondThe Reformation Roots of Western Civilization
Guest Essay by Peter Hammond

Western civilisation has been blessed with the greatest freedom, productivity and prosperity ever known in history. The liberty, standards of justice and creativity enjoyed in Western civilisation is a direct result of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century.
First Things First
Our Lord Jesus Christ taught: “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33
The Question of Authority
Martin Luther’s earnest quest for peace with God, intensive study of the Scriptures and 95 Theses challenge over the unethical fund raising tactics of the papacy, led to primary questions on authority. Martin Luther’s love for the Word of God and dedication to truth led him to challenge the entire ecclesiastical and political authority of the Roman Catholic church and the Holy Roman Empire:

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Featured NPI Titles

Jefferson's Tears  Liberia's Founding and Fall, One Man's Horror and Hope

American Amnesia
Is America Paying the Price for Forgetting God, the Source of Our Liberty?

Book by Jerry Newcombe

With his latest book, American Amnesia, Dr. Jerry Newcombe continues to press the cause of Christ through his powerful commentary on current affairs from a Biblical worldview. He wields the mighty, healing weapons of God’s grace, love, and wisdom in this compilation of his essays syndicated on outlets such as djameskennedy.orgWorldNetDailyTown HallNewsmax, and Christian Post, among others. 
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Listen to Jerry Newcombe interviewed on Point of View with Kerby Anderson

Confrontational Politics How to Effectively Practice The Politics of Principle

Confrontational Politics
How to Effectively Practice The Politics of Principle

Book by H. L. Richardson

In this era of ever-growing, more distant, unresponsive government—and politicians of both parties who do not walk their talk—retired California state senator H. L. (Bill) Richardson’s book is a strong tonic.

He spells out in a series of lessons how his often hard-pressed conservative minority was able to win victory after victory on issues like the death penalty, gun control, and removing liberal judges. “The central theme of this book is the methodology both sides use. Being ‘right’ is not enough,” he cautions.
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Jungle Sunrise

Oaks in Office
Biblical Essays for Political Leaders

Books by Ralph Drollinger

A collection of fifty-two essays, in six parts through four volumes, intended for a year’s study. Written for Public Servants, the objective of Oaks in Office is to develop leaders through Scripture—in political office and in life. These comprehensive essays drill deep and wide into the Word of God to disciple and mature you in your faith, as your reliance upon Jesus Christ grows. Through consistent immersion in Scripture, you develop a fruitful spiritual life as you become more Christlike. You gain new insight into thorny contemporary social issues by examining them through the lens of Scripture. Rounding out the teaching, rich pastoral guidance strengthens your personal life by providing a Biblical perspective on marriage, children, and family. Most importantly, through the Oaks in Office journey you will grow in knowledge, righteousness, and faith, and come to more fully understand what God expects of you as a leader. This book is written by the man who teaches the Bible to leaders of nations, and this is what he is teaching them.
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Capitol Ministries

From Capitol Ministries: Are You Praying Most Effectively for the Elections?

Article by Ralph Drollinger

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Because of this, it is vital that we pray effectively for the best success.

This is especially true during this season of upcoming elections which are critical to the future direction of our country. I don’t believe I am overstating it when I say that these elections will, among other crucial issues, affect whether America will remain strong in sending missionaries across the globe in obedience to God’s Great Commission. Read On

Also, check out the California Voter's Guide

Jerry's Bookshelf

Christianity and the Constitution: The Faith of Our Founding Fathers
Christianity and the Constitution: The Faith of Our Founding Fathers
Book by John Eidsmoe

Search the Internet on Christian Reconstruction and you find this historic view of the Biblical faith much misrepresented and maligned. Rather, Andrew Sandlin declares Reconstructionists to believe in the Bible, salvation by faith alone, preaching the Gospel, and other allegedly dangerous doctrines. No, Christian Reconstruction is nothing more than the historic Reformed faith of Jesus Christ in its fullness.

Nordskog Publishing now makes unused copies of this valuable little book, out of circulation for some time, available to the public while our limited supply lasts.

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Immigration and Nation, a Biblical View
Immigration and Nation, a Biblical View

Book by John Vinson

This book examines Old and New Testament teachings on the topic of immigration and the related issue of nationhood. The author concludes from numerous passages that the divine plan calls for the division of mankind into nations, each with its own unique character and distinctions. To the extent that immigration erases these distinctions, it is out of the will of God.

Far from being a humanitarian enterprise, the author concludes, massive immigration is a policy rooted in humanistic pride and the worship of mammon.

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Liberating the Nations: Biblical Principles of Government, Education, Economics, & PoliticsLiberating the Nations: Biblical Principles of Government, Education, Economics, & Politics
Book by Mark Beliles, Stephen McDowell

How do we go about liberating the nations? By infusing into them the principles contained in the Bible. History has shown that the most free and prosperous nations have been those that most accurately applied the principles of Christianity in every sphere of life. Learn Biblical priciples of education, government, economics, law and family life. Examine the role of the church, the family, the media, and civil government in a nation. Learn what you can do to bring godly reform. Thousands of people in scores of countries are using this book.

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Salvation and Godly RuleSalvation and Godly Rule
Book by R. J. Rushdoony

Salvation in Scripture includes in its meaning “health” and “victory.” By limiting the meaning of salvation, men have limited the power of God and the meaning of the Gospel. In this study R. J. Rushdoony demonstrates the expanse of the doctrine of salvation as it relates to the rule of the God and His people.

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Featured Video: Blue Wave a Bust?

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