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Fall 2019 issue two


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Directions to CUHK campus
The most direct way to reach CUHK from the Hong Kong International Airport is by taxi.  The ride is around 45 minutes and HK$350.  A bit expensive, but convenient.  Alternatively, you can sign up for the airport pick-up service between 26 and 28 August*.  It's HK$100 per person.

Orientation Hostel
Details of your assigned hostel for the orientation (between 26 and 30 August 2019) can be found within this PDF file.

To keep track of your arrival date and time in Hong Kong, you should complete and submit the online arrival information form.

*Service hours:
Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27 August from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Wednesday, 28 August from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon



Academic Advising Session

Each exchange student will be assigned to a 30-minute session during the orientation to meet with one of the colleagues of the Office of Academic Links (OAL) to go through important issues related to course registration in September 2019. Students are welcome to ask any questions related to course matters and receive immediate assistance from the OAL colleagues. Your assigned timeslot can be referred to this PDF file. You will also find the details on your student record sheet which will be distributed to you upon registration at OAL from 26 August 2019.


The following documents may come in handy for reference:

- Orientation Schedule

- CUHK Campus Map
- Shuttle Bus Schedule

Start of Lecture Period

Lecture period will start from Monday 2 September 2019.  Full-time undergraduate classes will be suspended in the morning until 1:30 p.m. on 2 September 2019. Please refer to your schedule to attend classes accordingly. All tutorial sessions will be held after the first lecture. If the tutorial session is scheduled prior to the first lecture day, please go to the tutorial from the following week.


Building Friendships While Studying Abroad

Settling into a new environment is challenging but getting to know someone to go through the same process with you may make things easier. Come and join the cultural activities arranged by the Office of Academic Links to make new friends and experience the local culture together! Some activities include Buddy Gathering, Cooking Class, Chinese Martial Arts Class, Coffee Gatherings, hiking, Excursion to Big Buddha and Tai O, etc.


Useful tips for building friendships:

Extracted from of The California Abroad.

•              Stay confident and open-minded

•              Live in student housing if possible

•              Sign up for student exchange activities

•              Be an active participant in class

•              Find your spiritual tribe

•              Join a club on campus 



Please refer to this PDF file for the result of permanent hostel and your orientation hostel. The balance of student mix in the aspects of gender, country of origin, study period and major studies have been taken into consideration of the assignment of College affiliation and hostel. Due to the great competition for on-campus accommodation, request on moving to another student hostel will NOT be considered. Kindly note that it is not necessary to apply for permanent hostel place with your college again.



Environmental Levy on Plastic Bags

The Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags has been in force since July 2009. The Plastic Shopping Bag (PSB) Charging has come into effect on 1 April 2015, retailers shall charge customer an amount of not less than HK$0.50 for each plastic shopping bag or each pre-packaged pack of 10 or more plastic shopping bags.


Bags subject to PSB charge can be referred to this webpage.


Electrical System

The electrical system in Hong Kong operates on 220V. You can bring electronic devices for use in Hong Kong if it has a built-in transformer. This is usually indicated by “INPUT 110-220V”. However, a plug converter might be required if the electronic device is connecting with a plug that is different from the one shown here.


Mobile Service

If you are going to bring your mobile phone to Hong Kong, you can purchase a pre-paid SIM card for local and international calls and data services. The pre-paid SIM cards can be purchased at major mobile phone service providers and 24-hour convenience stores (such as 7-11 and Circle K).


You will find the CUHK Mobile app handy as it tells you the time of the next shuttle and locates classrooms within seconds.  It is compatible with both iPhone and Android mobile devices.  You may download it from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store by searching CUHK Mobile.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Student Advisor at OAL:

For students from the Americas – Mr. Alex Chau
For students from Asia and Oceania – Ms. Cora Chan
For students from Europe and South Africa – Ms. Nicky Pang

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