Invitation - One Wild Life Training Course 15-25th June, Portugal
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One Wild Life

Fostering authentic vocation
and entrepreneurship
in youth work

training course for youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, trainers and facilitators
Banzão, Colares, Sintra (Portugal)
15-25th June 2017
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one, wild and precious life?”

(Mary Oliver)


Our points of focus

When young people choose their job or higher education, their decisions are rarely based on clarity about their vocation, but rather influenced by short-term interests, momentary trends, the opinions of parents and peers. Very few youth are conscious about what they really want to do, what their talents are and how they can use their potential to address local and global challenges. Through our training course we are addressing the questions:

How can young people find their authentic vocation, live their “One Wild Life” in a socially and environmentally sustainable way within the context of the many, often overwhelming socio-economic challenges they are facing in the 21st century?

And how can we as youth workers, mentors and educators support them on their quest for a sustainable profession and for meaningful engagement in the world?

Our objective

Our objective is that youth workers participating in our course empower young people on local and regional levels to find a vocation in line with their values, dreams and talents and to become initiators of sustainable projects, which not only support them in sustaining themselves but also contribute to the creation of a democratic, inclusive, just, sustainable and creative society.

Our approach

One Wild Life is a whole-person learning experience, integrating methods working on intellectual, emotional and physical levels through a carefully designed, profound individual and community-based process. We aim to deliver a practical set of innovative nonformal educational tools and methods, which can then be implemented in local contexts to support young people in the process of discovering their authentic vocation and of finding paths of manifesting it in sustainable and creative ways. Our “magic toolbox” includes activities and topics such as :

- The Way of Council

- The Hero‘s Journey

- Nature Quest and Sweat Lodge

- Open Space and World Café

- Storytelling

- Charismatic communication

- Coaching, co-counselling and facilitation

- Dragon Dreaming project design

- Strategic and business model planning

- Artistic activities, yoga, singing and dance


The location of the course is Quinta dos 7 Nomes, a permaculture cooperative farm in the region of Sintra, with close to zero ecological impact, fostering a profound connection to nature through EcoCamping, sustainable forestry, permaculture gardens, sustainable farming and responsible animal keeping.

Participants will be accommodated in high quality camping tents (in case of special needs space on one of the rooms will be available). There will be 3 vegetarian and all-organic meals provided with additional snacks in the breaks. In the surroundings all possibly necessary services are available: a small organic shop, pharmacy and market.

Participation and finances

Training course financed by the Erasmus+ Programme and is open for youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, trainers and facilitators (with no age limit) from Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Spain.

The costs of food, accommodation, training and travel will be covered by the grant.


Apply to our training course if you are…

… a youth worker, youth leader, trainer, teacher or facilitator with at least two years of experience on the field of working with young people

… you live in one of the following countries: Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia or Spain


You can apply by filling in the application form here.

Deadline of application: 30th April 2017

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer team by sending an email to:
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