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Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson (Stanford University) is Dinner speaker at the 10th #REMforum

Prof. Jacobson's work focuses on the grid integration of 100% renewable energy systems. We are excited to welcome him for the second time after 2013. Read the interview before meeting him at #REMforum in May.
Chair: The Chair for Management of Renewable Energies was founded in 2009. Compared to 10 years ago, where do you see the greatest progress towards a 100% renewable energy system?
M.Z.J.: The costs of major relevant technologies -
onshore and offshore wind, solar PV, batteries, and electric cars  - have all dropped tremendously. In addition, there are now commitments by 150 international companies, hundreds of cities worldwide, and U.S. states and districts (Hawaii, California, Washington DC). Several countries are already 95-100% (Costa Rica, Iceland, Norway, Paraguay, Tajikistan, and Albania).
Chair: If it’s technically feasible, why is it not happening faster?
M.Z.J.: There is so much embedded infrastructure, and there is no incentive for that infrastructure to be removed since much of it is already paid for. Thus, we need stronger policies to affect a more rapid transition.
Chair: Your research has been inspiring for many and criticized by others - have you seen a pattern that could explain why people react one way or the other?
M.Z.J.: Surveys around the world show that most people want 100% clean, renewable energy in their future. The people who keep backing the fossil fuel and nuclea
r industries are against the plans because they know, if a 100% world occurs, they will not benefit financially from it. There are now at least 11 independent scientific groups with about 70 authors that have published 37 papers finding that 100% renewables can keep the grid stable at low cost.
"FUTURICUM" - the Electric Garbage Truck
Garbage trucks are some of the biggest CO2 producers in city centres, as well as a source of noise. Our workshop moderator Prof. Moritz Loock and Student Impact actively supported strategy, communication and business plan development of this University of St.Gallen project of Martin Meier, an alumnus of the HSGs Executive MBA programme. From more than 30 applications FUTURICUM won one out of three HSG Impact Awards 2018. Watch the exciting video with many more detailed information HERE. Meet Moritz at his upcoming Workshop on "Digital B2B & B2G Prosumer Business Models" at #REM-HSG on May 24th, 2019 in St.Gallen.
E-Land is a new EU-funded research project led by Prof. Moritz Loock. E-Land develops and tests a toolbox to make digital technology and the corresponding business models usable for implementing climate-friendly energy supply in rural regions. It is a joint project with 12 European project partners and 2 cooperations in India.
MISTRAL nurtures a new generation of researchers who effectively evaluate the complexity of social acceptance issues facing the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure. They propose innovative solutions in research, government and business. Included is an innovative training environment to develop advanced skills in research, also to debate current issues with some of the world leading researchers in the field.
Emotional Antecedents to social Acceptance of Solar and Wind Power investigates underlying factors leading to differences between general and local acceptance of solar and wind power. It specifically looks into differences in affective responses elicited by those two energy sources and their effects on acceptance. A mixed-method approach is planned: 1) data gathering in a laboratory, to allow testing of emotional responses in a controlled setting, and 2) a representative survey with >1000 residents with varying degrees of proximity to planned wind and solar projects.
See you soon. Prof. Wüstenhagen & Team
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