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Beloved Rainbow Scribe Family,
I received an email from someone I do not know at the end of January 2020 that began exactly like this:  
“Drink tea with a little honey for a direct link.  Not too much.  Nurse the feeling.  It will feel like a sweetness in your mind, teeth, and heart.  A radiance.  With a sound that’s as soft as a gentle whisper yet as loud as a bullhorn.  Pure grace.  As for the kind of tea, your favourite will do.
How does it work?  Through this message.  It’s like a toast, of sorts.  Dinner parties have people toasting to the honour and glory of whatever the toast is about...” He also mentioned:  “It’ll feel like your head is about to explode.  Should this happen, don’t panic, don’t be afraid.  Although it may be terrifying, it’s just your spirits natural response to an overdose of Gods expression of Spirit”.... But a great and terrible darkness protects it.  It is the Sun of the Black Hole.  Why am I contacting you?  Because I’ve been alone for years and years.  Consumed with my work.  Surrounded by doubters, naysayers, and unbelievers.  But It is nearing functional completion.  And you seem... tuned....”

When I first opened the email, I could feel an energetic download happening...I wrote back to this person (being the nice polite Canadian that I am) and thanked him for sharing his knowingness and how I had just talked to my husband about Black Holes who told me scientists are now discovering Black Holes are everywhere! And sent the email off...I received a reply later stating that he thought I misunderstood what he was saying and that he was available if I had questions.
I replied that he should consider me “not tuned”— I did not understand what he was saying or his intent and that I was not about to divert from my path in order to seek the answer to this riddle!”
About 2:30 a.m. as I slept - there was a loud popping in the right side of my frontal lobe and simultaneously it was also a male voice saying POP! Instinct told me where this came from and that whatever was attempted had failed...

I sat up and said what I say twice a day-morning and night – “ I AM a God Sovereign Being living on a Free Will Planet. I AM a free Spirit. I AM a free Consciousness. I have earned the right to travel throughout Creation ... YOU have violated my right to make FREE WILL CHOICE!

My Galactic Guide LOH came in to tell me that I had used “The Voice” and so the entirety of Creation had heard me. There was a plausible pause in the cosmos and those who had been thinking about taking a turn to do this to me and other humans on Earth suddenly had more pressing concerns elsewhere. - I asked, “Did I hurt him? LOH laughed and said, if you mean his physical - you did did something more than that – he is at this moment quaking in his boots and trying to find a hidey hole to stay undercover...because he is now known all across Creation as a Being who violated Free Will Choice! 

The next day, my Galactic Teacher Desonian came in to give me support and to tell me that many Beings on other planets and systems who had been contemplating coming here to Earth to take over decided that it wasn’t that important, after all! It was a victory for the Beings of Light!
Following My Guidance
Lately, I have been increasingly filled with thoughts of “what can I do to bring health into my physical body?” Everything I have tried in the past several years has been to no avail – my situation seemed to produce the opposite of what I intended – almost like a reverse spell! On February 24th 2020, a voice appeared in my consciousness during the early morning hours of sleep...the voice was deep and filled with confidence, it was a woman’s voice...the voice said “I am the one”. Later that morning, I was doing an internet search and directly happened across a website that talked about Distance I read about the work of this person, I clicked on a voice recording and it was the voice I heard in my sleep!
It is here I am finding the awareness of the dynamics of the workings involved with the re-establishment of the whole and perfect body template. Dorothy is fascinating to me and I have signed up to do a series of webinars within the next 6 is like ‘going where no one has gone before!’ I am gaining more insight into the quantum field we are now learning to manifest in...I am so grateful to my A+ Number One Guides for delivering to me once again exactly what I needed. I also want to share something that I have noticed for the past 6 months...many Mystery schools and teachers are bringing forth the importance of our body elemental...however, all I knew about the body elemental was not clear in its entirety to me...the video below helped me achieve greater understanding of what it is about. I resonate with Dorothy’s perspective of our body just makes sense!


The Importance of the Body Elemental
Healing for Balance and the Musculoskeletal System - Note: After watching this several times, the sharp pain in my neck has somewhat diminished (I think I had my head severed from my body in past lives as Dorothy picked up in the group) I cannot begin to tell you what a relief it is! I can do things again!
Joint Health
Shoulders, Arms, Elbows, Wrists, and Hands
The Expansion Template

and I found this Energy Reading Dorothy did on Las Vegas energies very informative!
Have a great month of March! 
Love Marlene

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