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Dear Rainbow Scribe Family!

It has been an intense inner transformation May 2020 for me. I have been traversing 'The Road Less Traveled' yet again! I am posting the links to the three beginning of the new month links directly below...I have spent two weeks transcribing and typing the three Distance Healing sessions Sarah Smith was guided to offer me...which I feel honor bound to share with all Lightworkers who may also be so affected.
My Master Pendulum Dowser friend found out that she had one of these implanted within her too and she also asked her Angels if others of the Light Community were also affected, they told her yes. My prayer is that those who need to know will be guided to read these three sessions below. 

Hilarion – June 2020

Melchizedek – June 2020

The Angelic Forces of Victory


Both Sarah Smith and I are in accord that our Light community must be made aware of this... I have never focused on this kind of stuff and never in a million years would I have known this could happen to me if it wasn't brought forward during the first session!

Ever since about April 2018, I felt that something strange was happening in my body. There were a lot of psychic attacks upon me that came in the form of feeling very unwelcome at a site I have always enjoyed before, feeling as though I did not belong there, every time I went there, I began to feel really bad about myself….things I ordered got lost or delayed, orders for events where I was ‘forgotten’ as participant…all of this was puzzling to me as that had never occurred before...those all stopped when I clued in they were not my thoughts, feelings or my dreams and that I was actually being psychically attacked by an interfering energy.

My physical health continued to deteriorate to the point where I was saying to myself and then out loud to my Guides "Something is very wrong with me! It's like all my life force is being sucked out of me!" I tried everything to bring back health and energy to my system...nothing was as though there was a reverse spell put upon me. This kind of thinking in itself, was very alien and foreign to me...I do not delve into witchcraft and specifically, dark magic, as a rule, as things could go wrong and I would accrue karma for doing that!!

This went on for two years until I beseeched my Family of Light in April 2020 to give me the reason WHY this was happening so that I could at least see what I could do about it myself. I told Father/Mother God, that if it was their Will that I stay as I am where I am in a body that was basically being ‘taken out’, then I would cease making efforts to improve my lot and just allow it to continue as it was until I left this planet. Enter Sarah a few days later, who told me she was guided to give me 3 Distance Healing sessions!

What was found in this first session was shocking to me! Sarah had never seen this before in her healing work. But all of the following did happen to me and since I am a herald messenger, I must share what I learn with you, the Lightworkers, Teachers, Starseeds and High Initiates. I must know that I have warned our Lightworker community about what occurred to me so they are warned. "Knowledge shared is powe

 SARAH TO THE RESCUE - Session #1! 


In Love and Compassion to All, 
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