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Dear Rainbow Scribe Family,

First of all, my apologies for not sending out a newsletter last month...I had it all finished but there was a glitch when I went to send it which I was not able to correct, so rather than feeling the frustration, I just surrendered to the fact that the best thing to do was nothing! I hope your month has been a good one!

Miracle on August 21, 2019
I was taking my writing material to sit outside during these lovely summer days and was packing a few of my crystals with me in the bag each day that I carried everything in down to the lounge chair overlooking the river. A few days ago, I was missing my Microphone to the Universe crystal that I had programmed by Steven North and couldn’t find it anywhere. After checking for several days, I still did not find it so this morning I asked for the Angels Who Find Things to return my crystal to me because it was lost and I use it in my channelling work.
Before going outside I checked my bag again and there was no crystal to be seen. I took the bag downstairs and then remembered something else that I wanted and left the bag on top of the dryer while I went back for the item. When I came down, I looked in the bag and there was my crystal lying near the top of the bag! When I welcomed my crystal back, I noticed dirt on the bottom of the crystal, as though it had been lying outside in the dirt for some time because it was stuck to the bottom of the crystal. It must have fallen out of my bag when I picked it up to go back into the house and I never noticed until several days later. I asked my husband if he had found my crystal and put it back into my bag and he said no, he had never seen it before! The dirt was evidence to me of a true miracle. So I thank the Angels Who Find Things for such a quick response! I feel loved and supported in all ways!
July 22, 2019
Dear Marlene,

RE: Camelot Reading
Sincerely thank you for sharing your reading. When you is opening a starburst of jewels that energetically heals and awakens the reader. You truly are helping to enlighten the world. It's fascinating to read and I feel you enable the reader to be more fluid in their minds…to open other worlds as if it's a norm....which it is!
Thank you. 
Agnes Tyler 
(I had to write you are so inspiring! Your work is a magnificent light!)

Happy September to you all! I am looking forward to participating in the Magic Moon Drumming Ceremony facilitated by Bryan deFlores and his Lightquest Team and our Galactic brothers and sisters on September 28th, 2019. My guidance is telling me that it is important so I went and bought myself a Sacred Shaman Drum, one that has a 'thunderous powerful resonance'...I had always wanted one...I am hoping to paint it before that time to truly personalize it as MY sacred drum. (It is an 18 inch diameter and quite heavy but I can hold it in my lap to beat it during the call.)

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