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Dear Rainbow Scribe Family,

Happy November 2019! I am really, really, looking forward to a new month…the last month for me has been a series of challenges of the computer kind and I ended up having to buy a new one. I am still trying to adjust to all the new ways of doing things on Windows 10 and am embarrassed to admit my human personality self ‘needs work’ as I used the “F” word too many times…but I did it and am owning all of it by not denying that I did it. Sometimes being down here on Earth is just too much to take and one goes on overwhelm. But the Masters always tell me that ‘this too shall pass’ and I am sure that eventually it will.

Right at the moment, I am so grateful that I bought a super protective device that protects my computer even in the event of a sudden power surge and power outage…which is occurring as I speak. The unit has a battery that keeps everything running smoothly. Let us hope that power will be restored soon so life can proceed smoothly. I also have an online session to attend this evening that is important to me to participate in.

Yesterday evening I saw the mandala type of Light code that was activated in me during my Reading of a lifetime in the Temple of Illumination but this time it encompassed just the two page document that I was reading on my computer screen…I see it sort of in my peripheral vision, it is transparent and usually on the left side of me. This time instead of jagged edges, the edges were wavy and flowing, like liquid. Have not discerned yet why I would have seen that but I am certainly open to learning.

My exploration of past lives is igniting a desire to learn more…especially in regards to the lifetimes in Africa with Twin Flame. I have also been investigating generally what life was like in a Golden Age civilization as I really resonate with the Golden Age period we lived in then. I was pondering what it would look like in today’s world to be a healer such as described in lifetime number two and a few minutes later came across a book that showed me that here was a person who is the personified version in this time period of what that training might look like. The words in the Reading were “the training was in part very indigenous based and in part, science, part psychological, and then part spiritual and it lasted, I hear, about three years.”

The author of this book was told he had a terminal illness and did not have long to live and he was told this by his colleagues who were also qualified physicians. He chose to take his life in his own hands and explored indigenous ways of healing himself which he did. He found some very helpful information on how to regenerate his body and named his book “Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health by Alberto Villoldo. This is the latest research with proof that the information he is presenting works.  I need to get back to finish reading this book because I feel it will be helpful to me. There has been so many interruptions preventing that from happening!
Anyways, I do not want to be excessively wordy so I will end this write-up now. Have a wonderful November and think LIGHT! Send it out to all of Creation with joy and gratitude in your heart!
In Love and Light always,

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