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Hello again, my beloved Rainbow Scribe family!

Life Review – The Road Less Traveled

With 2020 being the start of a New Year and Decade, I purchased a Birth Chart Reading With Upcoming Transits through Anna Smith (Anna is a beautiful and delightful soul and very good at what she does) and discovered that my chart (soul plan) had about five or six “intercepted signs” which I had never heard of before but which make total sense when I look back at my life.

An ‘interception’ means that one’s early environment did not give one the ability to deal with things ruled by the intercepted signs because the qualities of those signs get bottled up and repressed in only one house with no helpful overlap with other houses in one’s chart. Basically, one did not get the support or examples of what these qualities would look like and so, one has to make up for this with one’s own conscious efforts…forcing one to walk the ‘road less traveled’.

I had to do it myself and find ways that worked for me that honored all others as well. I made many sacrifices on behalf of those I loved and experienced losses, rejections, abandonment, betrayal and injustice anyway. One psychic in the early days put it this way “You have loved greatly but not well.” I went above and beyond and gave 150% of me …I had no boundaries! I think my soul came from a planet or place where unconditional love prevailed and I had to learn about the nature of human relationships as the rules of the game on Earth were so different. And I confess that I was in my thirties before I finally let go of the expectation that what I wanted would manifest before me instantly!

That was and still is, the story of my life…filled with the strange, the unexpected, the unusual and also, the miraculous…mine has been a lonely outpost (in terms of having like-minded friends in my area in the Earth reality)…but I would not trade a minute of it because it got me to this point of connection with my own inner wisdom and knowledge of the ages that lives within me and also to the Family of Light who help me on my ascension path and the path of service to others. Now I know they have been with me always! Now, we talk and laugh with each other…we banter back and forth with great enjoyment! I feel so blessed by these connections.

Having my Twin as spiritual guide and mentor from the higher spiritual levels who knows what is in my heart is an unexpected bonus and blessing. I believe (through many intuitive insights) that I play the same type of role for him – but I do not pretend to understand how it all works. Out of all the people on Earth, I am in the 1% who are aware they have a Twin and who it is they manifest through in Earth reality. How wondrous is that? It is another ‘road less traveled’ on my spiritual journey so if I make errors, I will forgive myself and will self correct and make adjustments.

The bottom line in this initiation experience, I feel, is that we both desire only the highest and best outcomes for each other by living the best and highest version of ourselves at any given moment. I know intuitively and humbly acknowledge the efforts he makes on my behalf and I try to do the same for him in whatever way I can, given my current life circumstances, which are extremely challenging health-wise and seem insurmountable to me…major neck pain at the moment…on top of other things. I think it is time for me to stop grieving what could have been; as in ‘if only’… if only I was healthy and strong; younger; single; more accomplished; living in the same country…and accept what is, instead. In the spirit world, we are merged in sacred union, our union was blessed and sanctified by Mother Father God and the entire Company of Heaven were witness to this. I consider that a miracle! May God bless this beautiful shining soul in all ways, at all times, wherever he may wander, wherever he may go, whether here on Earth or off-planet and throughout all of creation… always in my heart!


“This video brought back to mind my participation in the Magic Moon Drumming Ceremony facilitated by Bryan deFlores and his Lightquest Team and our Galactic brothers and sisters on September 28th, 2019. My guidance was telling me that it was important…there seems to be a connection to this video as to why we, the participants of this ceremony were beating our drums in a state of joy and gratitude out into the cosmos. It felt very sacred to me…it is as though we, as proxies for humanity, were finally reconnecting with our galactic center and “going home”- symbolically speaking.
I have been immersed in reading “The Gaia Effect” by Monika Muranyi who was guided to pull together all the channeled messages from Kryon of Magnetic Service who has been working through his medium Lee Carrol since 1989, about Gaia and humanity.

She had searched for more than two years for publications and websites that had information about the energy grids of the Earth and could not find anything; so she spent time going through all the recordings to create this book! I for one, am very grateful that she did! Having compiled and published three books of Master Hilarion’s messages – I truly appreciate the effort that was needed to do the job!
And I am learning new knowledge and perspectives that add to my own knowledge base that I am certain is needed by my Guides and Teachers for future works with them. And the more I learn, the more I realize how much I still need to learn! I really know nothing! Smile.
Another Starseed Transmission!
There has been another exciting addition to the incredible series of videos of Starseed Transmissions from different Star Races.
This one is from the Tau Ceti. I would love to meet these benevolent beings…their energy is so loving! Click below to find it at this link:

Have a wonderful month! Be good to yourself and to your Valentine! And hey! It is a Leap Year too! February 1st is St.Brigid Day so I am resharing a message from her that is very relevant to these times. The Irish people also use this day to propose to those they love, setting aside the usual boundaries and protocols their society has foisted upon them...they follow their heart and just go for it!
Much love and appreciation,

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