Next Step Up Monthly Newsletter | Nov. 2017
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Note from the Founder

At Next Step Up We Mentor, We Tutor, and We Change Lives, but what does changing lives look like? It looks like providing knowledge, putting skills to work, and preparing for the future by doing the best today! This semester we had 67 new volunteers join our organization. Our volunteers are deeply invested in the students they mentor and tutor.

Generally, I provide a lengthy description of the benefit of our program or give insight into the initiatives that we are planning for the upcoming month. This month I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I am humbled and inspired by the dedication of our volunteers and by the eagerness and effort of the middle and high school students we serve! 

If you are inspired by this please DONATE HERE! This newsletter highlights our current activities to keep you abreast with the latest NSU news. Additionally, we are always looking to partner. If you, your business, or organization would like to partner or donate, please reach out to us at

-Elise Tolbert, Founder and Director

Recent Activities
November Mass Meeting
Mass Meeting:  Each month, we hold bi-weekly progress meetings. Directing the program remotely it is rare that our Director, Elise Tolbert, is able to interact with volunteers. We were glad to share our progress with her at our November meeting and plan for the upcoming weeks.
After School Tutorials
Our volunteers have really been working. Here's a glimpse of what our mentoring and tutoring looks like. From ACT prep to homework help, to assistance with college scholarship applications, NSU volunteers are eager and ready to help!
In School Tutorials: Taking Initiative
We appreciate our volunteers for taking initiative to throw a pre-Thanksgiving party for the class they tutor daily. 
Tuskegee University Homecoming Gala
Mr. & Miss Next Step Up, Kalyla Danmusa and Tyrin Kirkland represented well in the homecoming gala. 
Trunk or Treat: Holloween Event
The city of Tuskegee hosted "Trunk-or-Treat," a community Halloween event for youth. Next Step Up participated in providing joy and treats to children from the city! 
News/Upcoming Events
Check out the Next Step Up website! It contains general information about the program, our mission, leadership, and our services. It also serves as a portal with information that will help our high school students, teachers, and community partners. Click here to check it out:
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