APL: Ministry Without Collars.

Presented by The European Institute of Christian Studies (EICS)

Ministry is the work of the whole people of God. Our life in ministry is our response to God’s call to us—God’s invitation to participate in God’s ongoing mission of redemption and reconciliation in all the world.

All baptized are called upon to minister in some way or another, at church and in the wider world. Indeed, a parish couldn’t function without the many ministries, large and small, from its members. Some of those ministries are more formalized than others. Some are temporary in nature while others become beloved, permanent fixtures, part of parish life.

To better understand our opportunities and callings, an online APL on March 18, 2023, will be hosted by the European Institute of Christian Studies (EICS), where they will present the latest updates to the Called to Ministry guidebook, which lays out in detail the certified roles for laity. During this session, a brief introduction into the role and support EICS plays within the Convocation will also be discussed.

Some of these roles concern our worship life together and can be taught in your local congregation. Some worship roles require further education. Other roles are about carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ to the wider world or teaching aspects of the Christian faith in a variety of contexts. And some roles are focused on exercising administrative oversight for congregational life.

Join us for this online session March 18th, at 15:00CET, which will go into more detail about these roles, how you can pursue them, and also listen to those who already serve in these roles.