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August 2020

The sun sets behind a soybean field in Eastern North Carolina

Everyday solutions for uncertain times...

A lot has changed since our last newsletter earlier this year! We've recalibrated and adjusted to the pandemic's impact on NC State and our communities — we're having to do things a little differently behind the scenes now — but we have a slew of new tips and tools for you!

Homegrown is committed to continue providing everyday solutions for everyday lives, especially now that every day feels like the same day, and everyone could use a helping hand.

Let us know if there are topics you'd like us to cover to make your life a little easier during these challenging days - we may have to stay at home, but we can help make home a better place to stay!

The Future of N.C. Agriculture (Part II)

Farmers are the backbone of North Carolina’s $92.7 billion agriculture and agribusiness industry. What opportunities do industry leaders see as keys to long-term success? And how is NC State Extension helping position farmers for a bright future?
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How to Spot Sick or Stressed Trees

Are your trees looking a bit under the weather? Learn more about the symptoms of sick and stressed trees, and what to do when professional guidance is needed.
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6 Steps to Shop Smart for Fruits and Vegetables

Shopping for fruits and vegetables is usually not a big deal, but what if you're trying to limit your shopping trips as recommended to help slow the spread of COVID-19?
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The State of North Carolina Agriculture (Part I)

Learn more about the growth and diversity of North Carolina agriculture, the challenges farmers face as they work to feed our families, and the impact of agriculture on our economy and well-being.
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Leaves of Three, Let It Be: How to Identify Poison Ivy

Learn how to identify these pesky plants so you can enjoy a more comfortable, itch-free summer!
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Braised Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

Several fruits and vegetables have long shelf lives so you can stock up for nutritious meals, even during a pandemic!
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Buying Chicken and Meat in Bulk? Learn How to Freeze it Properly

Watch as our food safety specialist shares the basics of packaging and freezing poultry for optimum freshness and safety.
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Missing Your Taco Tuesday?

We may not be dining out as much, but we can still enjoy new and delicious ways of eating healthier at home. Retool your favorite Taco Tuesday outing into a Mexican-inspired feast for your family!
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Family Time — Making Tuna Patties

Try this tuna patties recipe at home and look forward to hearing a little less, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” and a little more, “Mom, dinner’s ready!”
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Foraging for Backyard Edibles

Did you know that you can eat some of the weeds in your yard? Join Travis Birdsell in this episode of In the Garden to learn which backyard plants you can use to make a fresh spring salad.
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Summer Safety at Home

A mother applies hand sanitizer to her child's hands while both are wearing face coverings
Given circumstances across the country, there's an added sense of urgency to sanitize and stop the spread of germs. But where to begin? We've compiled clips to help keep your home spick and span (and safe) this summer!
Homegrown would like to acknowledge the heroes working the front lines of this pandemic, each of whom deserves praise and gratitude. In particular, to the hundreds of thousands of farmworkers and agricultural employees across our state who help ensure that we have fresh food for our families, we thank you. Because when it comes to growing and raising our food, there is no staying at home - we appreciate all you do!
A Black man is cooking on a stovetop while holding an iPad, while various fresh vegetables are laid out on the counter
Use #NCStateHomegrown when sharing your best recipes or pics for a chance to be featured. We love seeing your work!
Everyday solutions for everyday lives.
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