Samhain/Yule 2018
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Samhain: October 31st ~ November 1st
Also known as: Halloween, Festival of the Dead,
Night of the Spirits, All Hallows Eve, and the Feast of the Apple


To the ancient Celts, this Great Sabbat divided the year into two seasons, Winter and Summer. Now that the final Harvest is here, this Sabbat marks the Celtic New Year. Where the cycle of Death and Rebirth begins, the end of the summer months and the beginning of the cold winter lies just ahead. 
On this night, we honor our ancestors who have crossed into Summerland as the Veils Between the Worlds are now at its thinnest.
Samhain is a holiday infused with immense energy and filled with hope. It is a time for Change; a time to reflect on the past and to rid oneself of all that is old. How we dress on Samhain reflects on what we hope to achieve or become for the coming year as this is our Witch’s New Year’s resolution. So, wear your finery and how you want to spread your magick! Let it be For the Good of ALL, So Mote it Be!


Altar by: Rev. Paul Messerle HP

Yule: December 21st

Also Known as Winter Solstice, Yuletide, Yulefest,

Midwinter, and Jól 

The snow-cover will soon replace our aging grass as wintery white twinkle lights adorn every Yule Tree at home. Icicles hang off of our eaves as the Mistletoe’s greenery, which is sacred to the Ancient ones, is hung in our homes for Power, Fertility, Love, Protection and Healing. The Sabbat of Yule is the longest Night of the year and it has arrived!

During this time, we celebrate the festival as a Rebirth of the Sun/Sun rite. He will regain his strength little by little as the Wheel of the Year turns. We Think, Rest and Heal from the cold days ahead by the warmth of our fires that keep us cozy at night. And as we light our Oak Yule log and candles of illumination, we remember what joy this season brings us.

Featured Guest
Rev. Bree Bella Cabot,HPs
Certified Cabot Teacher
Psychic Tarot Reader, 
Layout Editor / Technician CKHT Newsletter
Representative of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple 


Rev. Bree Bella Cabot HPs is from the South Shore of MA.  Bree received her 1st, 2nd degree in 2007 and was initiated and ordained in 2010.  Bree is Certified in Psychic Tarot, a Certified Teacher of the Tradition, and part of the membership staff and editorial staff of the newsletter. She currently the Temple’s youngest High Priestess.

MW:  Your latest event is representing the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple at the Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow, NY. What can you tell us about the event and how is it connected to the CKHT and tradition?

BC: The Festival of Witches is a Psychic Fair and New Age Bazaar presented by Krystal Madison “The Witch of Sleepy Hollow” This is the 5th year with each year increasing in size. Krystal invited us to be a part of the weekend long festival. The Temple obtains a booth in the vendor area where we will be signing up new members and educating the public of who we are and what we are about.

MW: Can you tell us what events occur at the festival and have you participated at any of these events currently or in the past? 

BC: The Festival of Witches provides vendor’s an area to do their psychic readings, teach classes and workshops such as Potions, Love Magick, the making of Witch’s Brooms, Psychic Self- defense and much more by various members of the witchcraft community. They also host other unique events such as Victorian Tea Parties, Séances and a Witches’ Halloween Ball!!! This year Rev. Alexander Cabot HP and I will be doing a lecture “Tea Time with the Cabot Tradition”.

Krystal Madison is a member of the Temple and last year myself along with other Cabot’s attended as guests to see what the buzz was all about.  I meet a lot of wonderful people and made some real connections. I shopped in the vender area and picked up a few great healing stones. This year they are expecting in the thousands to attend over the two-day span.
JC: How do you support the Witchcraft community as a High Priestess? 

BC: Being a High Priestess is a multi-layered honor and responsibility.  Currently I am the Ritual Coordinator for all of the 8 Sabbats, I monitor the 1st& 2nddegree classes as well as mentor the current Pre-3 Class. I am on the editing and membership team of the newsletter along with some of my past endeavors of being the High Priestess over the closing circle at the Wicked Witches of the North Psychic Fair, also representing the temple with a booth for membership.  Every other year I travel to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and help with the Sabbat circle with Rev. Lady Leslie HPs and Rev. Lord Jeff Sutton HP. I have also traveled to Staten Island New York multiple times For the Staten Island Witches Ball where and have been deemed "Queen of the Ball" and also in other years participated or was High Priestess in the events circle. I have traveled to CT and NH to teach a Healing Light Class that I developed that expands on the Science we learn in Witchcraft 1.   

JC: How are you representing the tradition and temple outside of the Salem Witch Community?
BC: In 2001 I was interviewed by Rachel Stone from St. Michael’s College, VT about life as a Cabot Witch in modern day. 2013 I taught a workshop in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada while visiting Rev. Lady Leslie HPs and Rev. Lord Jeff Sutton HP at the Hamilton Pagan Pride Day.  In January of 2015 Rev. Snow and I spoke about the Cabot Tradition, Witchcraft and the Temple to the Mack Park organization in Salem. MA. In July along with several of my Fellow Cabot’s and I participated in the 1st Annual NYC Witch Pride Parade walk.  This was a way for all witches to come together and take pride in who they are. Most recently I was interviewed by two film students at Colorado College that are making a documentary for their thesis on the culture and traditions of Witches today.   

MW: What are some of your future endeavors to continue to represent the Tradition and
Temple outside of the community.
BC: Most of my events are done for the season.  Next Year I will be going back to the Festival of Witches where we will be presenting another class on the Cabot Tradition and the Temple. There is also another trip to Canada being schedule around Lughnasadh. There are several festival and events all around the country that I am looking into to see about representing the temple and there will be more to come on that. 

You can visit the Festival of Witches website for more information

Featured Writer
Honor The Flame
 by: 2nd Degree Priestess Nemina

Divination by fire, or Pyromancy, as it is known, may have laid the first stones on the path we now walk to connect with the Divine.  Pyromancy is thought to be one of the oldest forms of divination man practiced.  Some of the first written accounts of Pyromancy are from Johannes Hartlieb (1456) in his book, The Book of All Forbidden Arts.  This book also contains what may possibly be the earliest documented recipe for the Witches Flying Ointment.   

Beyond what has been recorded in books, we know of many majickal people and tribes who had their witch, shaman or medicine person, dancing around the flame, under the full moon sky... whether gazing into the fire or watching the smoke twist and twirl, by the burn, they saw... 

As humans, we are spoiled with how easily we may possess and control fire.  Perhaps so many of us have lost the understanding and respect of just how precious this element is: how difficult it can be to create without our convenient technology, how vital it is to our survival and how fragile our lives are under its wrath.  This, our ancestors knew, cherished and honored.   

Imagine, for a moment, as you look upon that flame lit candle, living in that time.  Dancing to the sun to bless your crops, depending on the fires to warm your camp during the harsh winter months... Would worshipping fire be far from where you might wander?  Definitely not!  The reverence of fire is seen in our tradition through the personification of our God, symbolized by the Sun, just to name one example of how we honored the flame throughout history.   
It makes sense that we would seek divination through the same elements that our survival depended on, because of the energetic attachment.  We understand through our everyday use of majick, that which we bond to, that we need to survive, creates a love, a link, a bridge... And so, Pyromancy.  We call through that love, that need into the Divine, to get our answers. 
At its core, Pyromancy is where one looks into the flames to foretell the future.  As they danced and fed upon the burning, images would appear either in the flames or reflected from the fire clairvoyantly into the mind of the Diviner.  In ancient times, people would make sacrifices to the Gods, and depending on how the flames reacted, would be the telling of either the sacrifice well received or not.  Though we don’t sacrifice anything with a beating heart, we still can utilize the essence of this.  And by sacrificing something that is meaningful to us, would mean that much more.  Perhaps you would sacrifice your morning tea leaves or coffee beans in the flame.  (This means no daily dose of caffeine for you today).  Gods know that is a HUGE sacrifice for many of us.   Alternatively, you could sacrifice a meal or a precious item to the flames as you call upon Deity.  I definitely would advise not to sacrifice lightly... Save this for when you really need some divine help.  By simply meditating and gazing upon the flame would suffice for most everyday use of Pyromancy.
The following represents just a few other ways in which fire can be called upon to aid with our Divination: 
Candle Scrying - In this method, one gazes deep into the dark part of the flame that surrounds the wick.  This is seen as a gateway or tunnel and allows for images to come forward.   
Pyroscopy - Is when a sheet of paper is burned and placed upon a fire safe, yet visible surface.  The stains that the burnt paper makes are divined.  Another great addition to this technique would include writing a question on the paper before it is burned.   
Alomancy  -  This divination is by means of salt.  However, there is one technique that uses fire.  In this version, once the fire dies down to embers salt is thrown onto the remaining hot ash.  The diviner looks both to the smoke and how the salt melts for images.   
Botanomancy – The divination of plants by burning leaves, branches and herbs.  Vervain was an especially favorable one.  In some methods, the divination was done based on the smoke and ashes.  In others, a question was carved into a branch or on leaves before being burned.   

Whatever you choose to burn, (so long as it harm none) or however you decide to reach into the flame with heart and mind, divination by fire is full of power and transformation.  Just think of how powerful the symbol of the phoenix is.  

Though this article is more inspiration than recipe, I hope that these few words reignited or fed the flames of your soul and majick.  

   Blessed Samhain & Yule

Vision Oil…
by: 2nd Degree Priestess Nemina
Vision day one: Samhain
Subtle scent, but pleasant, like cloves.  Upon closer inspection, I could smell the citrus scent… very drawing for me.  I love the clean, citrus scent.  
First application, working, not doing anything spiritual per se.  I could feel my 3rd eye vibrate with acceptance and I feel calm and relaxed. My body is in a medium state even though I am just working.  
Applied on Samhain before doing 3 hours of non-stop tarot readings.  I would say that I notice this oil can put me halfway into alpha upon application.  
11/3 Applied oil, 3rd eye stimulation, left hand higher energy.  
11/5:  Applied oil with the intention of receiving visions.  I placed oil on 3rd eye, back of neck and each wrist… Immediately my palms vibrational energy output was stimulated and activated strongly. 
I felt myself immediately go into alpha and was able to see certain visions.  Every time I used oil it worked better and better.  It was a little hard to get out of the bottle initially because it was filled too high.  The smell is wonderful and I would say: It works!  Great job!  I will start on the next oil tomorrow.
The Mighty Dead Of Samhain
By: Antonia Cambareri
3rd Degree Priestess

At Samhain, we reach the Dark Half of the year in which Nature is cloaked in the silence and dormition of death. Mabon, the Sabbat Of thanks for a bountiful harvest leads into the harvest of meat, quite possibly the most gruesome and difficult period of the year outside of the battlefield. It becomes clear, then, why Samhain brought deep reflection on the harsh realities of the ending cycle of Life. Paradoxically, the time of honoring the Gods and Ancestors in this harrowing aspect of the seasons would lead to the rebirth of the now diminishing Light at Yule. The Child Of Promise, which heralded the return of flourishing life. Life containing death and vice versa. Everything containing Its opposite.

This great mystery of the resolution of opposites was reflected in the lives of some of the Ancestors. Those that had undergone physical death but yet, remained a vital role in the lives of the people: The Mighty Dead. The Kyballion, a main staple in the continuation of the Mysteries, tells us that the Gods are those individuals Who choose to remain in a Realm adjacent to our own in order to aid those of us still physically incarnate by retaining, to varying degrees, their individuation instead of dissolving back in to the All. They are our Ancestors Who once lived in our realm, experiencing the same cycles of life that we now experience. Who mastered the Mysteries with diligence and discipline, applying Majick to every area of life. The Gods and Ancestors attained what is described in Eastern philosophy as Enlightenment. Finally releasing Themselves from the continuous karmic cycles of death and rebirth, moving beyond the need to physically reincarnate.
The stories of the Gods that we now know, may be hyperbolic or it could very well be that in climbing the “spiritual ladder” so-to-speak, these Mighty Ones advanced enough or lived at such a primordial era of the development of the planet, that Their deeds were indeed fantastic, immediately affecting Their environment and the very motions of the Cosmos. This leads to a question of whether or not the Mighty Dead are “archetypal” in a Jungian sense, being representative of Natural forces and in a more personal level, aspects of human psychological and spiritual change and development, or whether They are the Spirits of actual individuals that lived on Earth.

In every indigenous culture and religious expression, of which Witchcraft is the native Indo-European example, the Gods, Ancestors and Spirits have a distinctive personality. There are ways prescribed in order to commune with Them as well as specific offerings which can draw Their attention and hopefully gain Their aid.There are also taboos in dealing with certain Gods, Spirits and Ancestors, which, if not heeded can lead to alienating Them or, in some cases, earning a bit of backlash! There is such specificity to these rituals and stories that one must come to the conclusion that the Mighty Dead are not just abstract “feelings”, “impulses” or characterization of an aspect of the Natural World; They are individuals that lived just as we do, practicing the eternal Majick, and remain individual and distinct, although not carrying over the egoic illusions that can sometimes obscure our perspective given our somewhat limited view of the Universe, stemming from our Saturnian encapsulation in a physical body.

Honoring and working with the Dead is a phenomenon that transcend all cultural lines and locations. It is found everywhere, obviously being a practice of deep resonance with all human beings, particularly those involved in a magico-spiritual tradition. The various cults of Roman Catholic saints, even those that were actually Christian mystics rather than a renaming of the Old Gods, Muslim saints and the prophets of the Old Testament give witness to just how significant this communion with the Mighty Dead is in spite of a generally hostile environment to Majick. Even in the more modern aspects of ‘mundane’ society, the Mighty Dead and their honor and rites are reflected. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean are a few examples of those celebrated dead which have been deified. People leave offerings at their tombs and in some ways, invoke their aid in the traversing the path of Life.

What is the purpose of the Dead in our lives? What is the importance of not only honoring Them but developing relationship and communication with Them? For Witches, the answer is one of great necessity. With the decimation of our cultural heritage brought on by the importation of new patrilocal Middle Eastern religions into Europe, much of the ancient wisdom was lost to the general population. We continued in secret, veiling the rites and Majick to preserve the lives of every Witch from the new rulers who found the new religions useful in subduing the general population, women and LGBT people in particular. In spite of these new difficulties that we have inherited in our own age, there remained a way to transmit the lineage of the Old Religion. To preserve the Majick keeping It alive and vibrant for each generation to come. All wisdom is held by Those that have gone before; the Mighty Dead.
We know that within Circle, the Center is the Eternal Present. Boundaries between the myriad quantum worlds are diminished, giving us the ability to commune and honor our beloved Ancestors and Gods. It is here that the Majick remains unpolluted and wisdom of the incomprehensible mechanics of the Universe are shared in the realm of experience, understanding within the heart rather than the critical, over analytical reason of the conscious mind. Samhain, the Eternal beginning of the new cycle, is the sacred time of reunion. The usual ‘restrictions between ourselves and Those in the Otherworld are removed, allowing the ancient lineage to extend Its power and knowledge to all those that sincerely and in a disciplined way, draw this transmission into their lives.


 This three part series by
2nd Degree Priest Robert Cabot Baggani


We continue our final study of the Elder Futhark Runes with the Divine Aett. This last family of runes concentrates on the relationship between man and the Gods.  These runes delve into the mysteries of why man strives to attain a higher sense of self, in hopes of reaching a divine state, like the Gods. The Divine Aett teaches man to bring order out of chaos, and justice from injustice.  Attaining a higher level of consciousness, in the paths we follow, is the ultimate teaching of this runic family.  For these are the teachings that encompass the lessons of the Earth Family and the Warrior Family, that allow us to ascend to a state of spiritual well being that introduces us to the light of wisdom. Once attained, we become the ancestors whose goal is to pass what we have learned, on to future generations. We transfer this legacy of knowledge to the seekers that follow.  With each future generation we continue this cycle to ensure the survival of our destiny.

TIWAZ- Imagine an abandoned and forgotten stronghold, that once kept many stewards housed for the purpose of safeguarding its contents, its leadership, and its history.  What went wrong?  Did war and conflict erase past victories?  Were the chosen stewards not prepared for the future?  Did the spirit leave these warriors, placing them in an unfocused position to be overthrown and destroyed?  Tiwaz reminds us that landmarks between this world and the next, require guarding by their stewards.  Tiwaz, is a rune of stewardship.  Modern day warriors face many challenges keeping honor and justice alive, so great leaders can continue to be victorious and courageous.  A great leader knows what battles he or she can win, and which battles to avoid, for fear of imbalance and defeat.  “Pick your battles wisely” is the lesson that comes from the teachings of Tiwaz.  Know your strengths.  Know your weaknesses.  Know your stewards, and know your enemies.  When all these facets fit into place, we acquire the wisdom to firmly stand our ground in times of upheaval.  When these facets do not fit to provide direction, failure and conflict ensue.  Tiwaz teaches consistent leadership and powerful guidance to stewards who keep their vows to protect the stronghold, so future generations of stewards have guide marks along their path.  These guide marks make their sacrifices worthy of remembering and give hope to the faithful, that their loyalty is not futile.  What do you stand for?  What will you fight for?  What will you defend to maintain order?  When heading into battle, your opponents may be armed with swords and their bodies protected with armor and helmets that hide their faces.  It is what’s behind the helmets that pose the real threat. To achieve victory, learn from Tiwaz. It just might give you the insight and perspective to see beyond the helmet, and remain victorious.

BERKANO- Mankind has forever sought to be pure in life and spirit, pure in our surroundings, and pure in our families and relations.  We desire purity in our spiritual connections with our beliefs.  We desire purity in our transitions into different stages of our lives, from birth to death.  We desire to remain pure, and we nurture that which keeps us pure of heart and mind. Berkano is the rune that opens the gate to rebirth.  Rebirth is wiping the slate clean to begin anew in a pure form.  Berkano allows that purity.  It is a rune of beginnings.  Historically, Berkano has been associated with the sacred birch tree.  It has been said that a birch tree outside your dwelling brings protection to the dwelling’s inhabitants.  It is a known fact that the birch tree is the first of the sacred trees to bloom its leaves after the cold winter.  Its growth heals the cold from the land and prepares the forest for the rebirth of spring.  By doing so, we can say that “rebirths can be created.”  While nature physically begins its rebirth after the winter months and the return of the Sun, humanity also can physically do the same after death in this realm.  But more importantly, humanity can symbolically be reborn, when higher levels of purity and growth are achieved within one’s spirituality and mental acuity. Our journey is filled with pathways that lead to doors of hidden knowledge that allow us to be reborn many times over in one life.  Berkano guides us to those doors and gives us the courage to embody all that is possible. As the birch tree is the first tree to bloom after the cold of winter, Berkano teaches us a simple truth.  Being reborn can happen many times throughout one life.  It is up to us to journey out into the universe to find new beginnings.

EHWAZ- We move through our lives with various degrees of ease and turmoil.  Sometimes life can be as smooth as canoeing on the gentle river through the bloodstreams of the Earth, or as bombastic as staying above ground and firmly planted during an avalanche.  Regardless of the conditions, the gentle river and the bombastic avalanche represent movement.  The river gently carries us from one locale to the next, while we must pull all our might together during the avalanche that life sometimes requires us to survive. There is duality.  There is union.  There is Yin Yang.  There is partnership.  Our experiences are interconnected and interdependent.  Where there is life, there is motion.  Where there is motion, there is Ehwaz.  Ehwaz is the rune of motion.  In ancient times, Ehwaz, and it’s connection to movement, was symbolized by the horse.  The horse was the sole mode of transportation.  Ancient British myths tell of women, who were themselves horses, that travelled, protected, and reproduced, all to honor and uphold the natural sovereignty of the land.  Owning many horses was associated with the inheritance of kingdoms.  It signified wealth and prosperity.  Fehu once again comes up here.  But the most significant aspect of the horse, is that its offspring is able to rise from the ground and begin using its legs on the day it is born. The foal begins its own journey shortly after entering this realm.  Once the foal is strong and able to stand tall and proud on the land, a partnership arises.  For what is a horse without its rider, forming “two halves of a whole.”  Many partnerships naturally occur among the inhabitants of Earth.  Husband and Wife.  King and Queen.  Sorcerer and Apprentice.  Farmer and his land.  Mind and Body.  Plants and soil.  The Earth and Her Moon.  The Earth and the Sun.  Each partnership is interconnected and interdependent.  One element compliments the other.  One needs the other to be successful and grow physically, spiritually, or celestially.  Like the rider giving the horse purpose, the horse gives the rider power.  A most fitting analogy of the energy of harmonious interactions.  It is when this harmony is betrayed by treacherous acts leading to mistrust between the partners that interconnectivity is broken and polar opposites form.  At this point, it may be extremely difficult to regain the partnership without each half understanding that survival is based on their mutual loyalty to one another. But all may not be lost.  For Ehwaz also grants the wisdom to rebuild the broken pieces and regain the union of two halves.  Its power lies in the ability for the horse and rider to regain their footing and become two halves of a whole once again.  Ehwaz stands for wisdom achieved through transition and the harmonious relations between an imaginative mind within a physical body. Hold on tight.  Ehwaz will help guide you through the journey of your travels within the many realms.  If you need a partner, get one.  Only Ehwaz knows whether the journey will be gentle or bombastic.  Best to be prepared for both.  

MANNAZ- We have survived all these centuries by choosing to live within families.  Families that we are genetically born into, and families that we create.  No man is an island unto himself.  The human species continues because we choose cohabitation as a means to our continued survival.  Yet, cohabitation requires cooperation.  We wouldn’t want to live in the same families with others that we see as our enemies. That would bring along rivalries and mistrust, when what we really need is companionship.  Mannaz signifies mankind and human nature,  from our ancestors, all the way down to our present day family circles.  We are never alone.  Mannaz has been described as a double Wunjo.  Joy from exterior origins and joy from inside oneself, for a true sacred union of duality.  One needs the other for humanity to flourish for the common good.  They are companions that complete the human experience and see humanity to it’s perfect form.  Mannaz is that rune of companionship.  When families reach order in their social structure, they achieve their full potential for the common good of all.  Enabling for familial success and longevity.  When cooperation is not attained, families fracture and farewells usually ensue.  Common good is replaced by arrogance and pride.  It is at this point that a more positive, progressive attitude come into focus for the betterment of self and family to restore the lost companionship, and familial structure.  Mannaz teaches us to seek that advice from the higher self for the betterment of family and ultimately, our own humanity.  Rational minds bring about social structure.  Social structure brings order.  Where there is order, there is the possibility of reaching one’s full potential.  Mannaz sees that we get that chance.

LAGUZ- We begin our existence in the embryonic fluid of our mother’s womb.  From the very beginning we are created and born into the living fluid of our species.  We float in an unconscious state inside the life force we have been assigned.  We dream, without emotion or manipulation. We adapt to our environment without madness or despair.  Our physical shape changes with each day, safely encased in the sacral egg that sustains our evolution for nine months.  Laguz represents the life force that is the water of our humanity.  Water is the catalyst of all growth.  Water sustains the environs, even inside the womb. Laguz is the rune of sustenance. We need sustenance in order to flourish amidst the ever changing water ways of the world that we inhabit. Whether our world be inside the womb of our mothers, or outside atop the womb of our Mother Earth.  Laguz teaches us strength in navigating the waterways in which we travel.  Whether traveling through the valleys of our dreams or climbing the mountains to our achievements, the mysteries of Laguz feeds us from the deepest wells of the Earth, giving us the power to “stand like a mountain”, yet, “flow like a river.” We continually move forward with the force of nature, much like we entered into this realm through the embryonic waters of the womb.  Without the flow of water, no matter how forceful, life cannot be sustained.  When the flow of our life force ceases, growth, in any direction, is not possible.  Living things wither away.  The Earth cannot be sustained and falls into stagnant wasteland.  The mountain crumbles.  The rivers stop flowing.  Life is exhausted.  Laguz represents the ancient waters from which all organic life developed.  Laguz represents the energy that is sustained by those ancient waters, and as long as we stand firm like the mountain, we will not be washed away, with the flow of the river.

INGWAZ- “The past is a memory, the future a mere dream, All that really matters is the here and now” One of the concepts of this lesson reads, “Builds up energy and releases it in a single burst - similar to a male ejaculation.”  Well, being male, I am familiar with how the single burst of an ejaculation feels, and I must say, it’s over way too soon.  What happened to a period of gestation?  Human offspring gestates in a mother’s womb for nine months, and during that time, the mother experiences an array of feelings and transformations within her own life and they create memories to last a lifetime.  The father, on the other hand, experiences possibly nine minutes of physical pleasure, that does not physically transform him.  It gives him a limited amount of pleasure, but doesn’t last nine months.  So, the ejaculation of the male, is about the here and now.  The energy burst is a memory on the next day.  The energy burst is a mere dream that it happens again in the future.  If Ingwaz represents sexuality and integration, it’s about integrating sex right now!  It’s all about the pleasure.  After the male ejaculates, he is overcome with a sense of completion.  His task is complete.  He has arrived to that most euphoric of states where the mental and the physical have worked together and are now spent.  So is Ingwaz the rune of transition?  Is it a rune of rebirth?  Or is it a rune that tells us that we have arrived to this state by the harmonious fusion of energy that completes a pattern in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth?  

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that the human male does transform emotionally during the human females gestation period.  But whereas, the female transforms physically, the males physical transformation lasts as long as his erection.  Again, Ingwaz represents the here and now.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  Right now. Which is pretty much want goes on inside a male during the act of sex.  We are not thinking about what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow, or nine months from tomorrow.  If the male doesn’t have that ‘here and now” aspect to his sexuality, then the cycle of fertility is broken and the energy becomes laborious to maintain. After all, life’s pleasures should not be filled with toil and work in order to satisfy oneself and transition to the next stage.  They should be enjoyed as they happen!

DAGAZ- “The sun will come out tomorrow.  Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.  Just thinking about tomorrow, clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow. Til there’s none.”  We all know these words from the song “Tomorrow” from the hit Broadway musical ANNIE.  They are sung by a little red headed orphan that dreams of a better life than the one she has in the orphanage run my mean ol' Mrs Hannigan.  Her dreams come true when a chance meeting with a millionaire, Daddy Warbucks, takes her away from the darkness of the orphange, into the light of an uptown mansion.  Annie emerges as a child who was once lost in a dark world, then found by a savior that brings her into the shining light of a new world.  Dagaz is a rune that brings us out of darkness and into the light. It is a rune of emergence.  We emerge out of blindness into the clarity of illumination with the teachings of Dagaz.  Dagaz is a rune that is symmetrical on both sides.  The balance can be found at the center point where the polarities of daylight and nighttime meet.  Each half is the same shape and size, and if you were to trace the line from any intersecting point, you would return to your beginning point after tracing every point of this rune.  If Dagaz were to be put upright, it resembles an hourglass.    This is another symbol of balance in polarities.  As one end of Dagaz empties through the midpoint to the opposing side, we keep vigilante in our quest to begin again, much like every morning’s sunrise.  With illumination, comes enlightenment.  Balance brings health to our well being.  As we awaken, we emerge from blindness, both spiritually and emotionally.  When the light within us comes to its completion at the end of a day, we only need to reflect on Dagaz to know that the light of tomorrow, is only a day away.

OTHALA- We are born into this realm as naked and innocent as the years are long.  We emerge as fragile and helpless as a sparrow that cannot yet fly nor find food for itself.  We rely on our parents, or the kindness of strangers, to care for us until we reach a point where we can be somewhat self sufficient.  This is our fate.  Some are born into loving families that will nurture their newborn, and care for them, until they can care for themselves.  Some grow within ancestral boundaries that guide and protect and teach, until one day we inherit all that was our ancestors, and are prepared to pass that which we inherit on to our own children.  This practice has survived with many generations from all that have come before.  Some things are just destined to happen.  This is our fate.  Othala is a rune of fate.  Othala ensures that each generation inherits the gifts of the previous one.  The gifts include ancestral land, ancestral knowledge, ancestral monies, ancestral pride, and most importantly, ancestral names that we carry with us throughout our lives that define our placement in a larger family or clan.  It is our responsibility to nurture this ancestral power and keep it alive lest it be squandered and displaced through carelessness and neglect.  It becomes our responsibility to guard our inheritance and keep it safe, not only for future generations of family, but for our own future as well.  By keeping our ancestral powers safe and guarded within us, we become our own greatest treasure.  We are the caretakers.  We are the guardians of all that has come before.  We are the ones that are gifted with, not only monetary riches of wealth and land, but the riches of the universal knowledge that allows us to tap into the mysteries that we so long to be answered.  The raw ingredients within, align to all the elements that we create in life to succeed.  Many treasures have been lost, conquered, and regained throughout history.  As I look at the shape of Othala, I recall the hourglass shape of Dagaz minus the equal reflection.  Power and energy can be contained within the top boundaries of Othala. However, that same power and energy can be lost if it is allowed to fall through its center core to the bottom open vessel, to be lost forever.  If one stands strong on their own two feet, and keeps the energy and power safely contained within the upper ancestral boundaries, then we are ensuring our fate and the fate of those yet to come.  There are many treasures in our realm.  The greatest exists within us.  


I am honored to have been given the opportunity to share this three part series of my four year runic study with members of the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple. I hope I have given you further insight into the mysteries of the Elder Futhark to enhance your knowledge, your spiritual growth and path, and your majick!  

From the Earth, the Warrior rises, and becomes Divine

Dia De Los Muertos
Rev. Alexander Cabot, HP

A few years ago, I took a trip to Mexico around the Samhain season to experience an old tradition that I never grew up with but always admired, “Dia de los Muertos”, or Day of the Dead.

As I walked around “El Distrito Federal,” otherwise known as Mexico City, I saw decorative sugar skulls line the front of the colorful, four-tiered altars.  Cempasúchiles, not a favorable scent,but in bloom, were scattered between painted skeletons, unlit candles, and plates of food resting on pink papel picado (an intricately designed tissue paper that I love). Three banners hung above the display.  In the center wasLa Catrina,created by Jose Guadalupe Posada, an amazing artist that gave its history.  The female skeletal figure that has become an icon for the holiday is painted with a declaration: Día De Muertos(Day of the Dead). She than was fully drawn by Mexico’s renowned artist, Diego Rivera in 1947.  
On this particular “Day of the Dead,” on an altar in some local place, I wrote an ofrenda(offering) that, I felt, was missing from my altar at home – this way I was connected in translation while visiting this great city.  I wanted to spiritually create a bond with my culture to honor this great festive occasion. Day of the Dead is traditionally celebrated in Mexico on Nov. 1st  in honor of the children and 2ndin honor of the adults– All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. Celebrants make ofrendasto the spirits of loved ones who have died, and left them at their grave sites or placed them on makeshift altars at home.

Día de los Muertoshas its roots in Pre-Columbian cultures and beliefs.  Before the Spaniards ever arrived in what is known today as Mexico, the Aztec gave offerings to their deceased ancestors as part of their rituals.  After the Spanish came, the celebration morphed to incorporate Catholic beliefs and practices, creating this deeply religious syncretic tradition.
Over the last several years, a growing number of people of Mexican and other Latin American descent have celebrated Day of the Dead throughout the U.S.  The Mexican diaspora to the states during the 1990s through the early 2000s largely contributed.

Historically, Day of the Dead festivities were popular in indigenous areas in Mexico, but in the 1980s the celebration spread to more urban areas of the country even though it dates farther back in rural areas of Mexico. Ofrendas became visible in places such as public buildings and museums.
“Santisma Muerte or Santa Muerte” has surged in reverence and taken on an incredible polemic manifestation, it is not associated in the role of the Day of the Dead festivities held every 1stand 2ndday of November here in Mexico.  Also known as the Bony Lady, the followers of Santa Muerte say her appeal lies in her non-judgmental nature and her supposed ability to grant requests in return for pledges or offerings. She has an origin stemming from organized crime in Mexico
As many people may think the Santa Muerte or Santisima Muerte is not the goddess of death whose origins date to the Pre Hispanic period of Mexico. The indigenous people of  Mexico knew her by another name, MICTECACIHUATL, "Lady of the Land of the Dead" in the Aztec tongue, she was believed to be a protector of souls residing in the dark underworld. Mistress to MICTLANTECAHTLI Lord of Mictlan Land of the dead Lord of Darkness.  The Mexicans depicted Mictecacihuatl as a woman in traditional Mexican female garb adorned or decorated with flags, which were put upon corpses prepared for cremation. The holiday was moved in post-conquest times by the Spanish monks to coincide with All Hallows Eve, a vain attempt by the priests to convert this sacred day to a Christian holiday. Nevertheless, the Day of the dead retains its ancient roots honoring the Lady of the Land of the Dead. 
I have always conveyed the importance of acknowledgment of other practices, and despite its geographical distance and culture distance, the similarities are amazing. The same celebratory holiday that we call Samhain (Halloween) today was of a practice of ancient times no matter what country it came from. This is part of a global humanity that I have always honored!
“Thank you for Laura Gonzalez, HPs and Roberto Hernandez, 1st degree Cabot for your accurate information on this article”
Samhain Blessings
Enjoy going through the Darkness
By Mikhail Tank © 2018

We all have to go through the tunnels
Of darkness

When the full moon shines the wrong way
When it's Mercury Retrograde

Instead of laying on the side
Whimpering and crying out

Going through the Darkness

Enjoy it until the Light arrives
Darkness and negativity

Are entirely different elements
Negativity can swallow you whole

Like a whale in the sea of cats
Yet in darkness you can float
And purify, as if enjoying a brief moment

On the Dead Sea
Darkness is like salt

It can taste bitter but it purifies your Soul
That is why, since the early age of twelve

I've created from the depths inside
Connected to the Original Light

And I'm grateful
Even though at times I forget

To stop whimpering
And enjoy the darkness

Наслаждайтесь переживанием Тьмы
Михаил Танк © 2018 Russian Translation

Мы все должны пройти через туннели
Из тьмы

Когда полная луна светит неправильно
Когда это Ретроградный Меркурий

Вместо того, чтобы укладываться на бок
Хныканье и крик

Прогулка по Тьме

Наслаждайтесь этим, пока свет не достигнет
Тьма и негативность

Совершенно разные элементы
Отрицательность может проглотить вас

Как кит в море кошек
Но в темноте вы можете плавать
И очистите, как бы наслаждаясь кратким мгновением

На Мертвом море
Тьма подобна соли

Он может казаться горьким, но он очищает вашу душу
Вот почему, с раннего возраста двенадцати

Я создал из глубины внутри
Подключен к оригинальному свету

И я благодарен
Хотя время от времени я забываю

Чтобы перестать хныкать
И наслаждайтесь темнотой
Sympathy vs Empathy in Life and Magick (a Soul Thought)
By Mikhail Tank

Sympathy can be comforting and non invasive for some, however in a deep way, it can be like poison to the Soul, as there is no depth of soul behind it.
Empathy can be warm and caring, it can enraptured a person in knowing that someone just for a moment truly feels your sorrow and pain and that in itself, carries a bit of the pain away.
Empathy is like a dung beetle which carries manure, later creating further life, a Scarab of sorts whereas sympathy is like picking at a scab of pain.
Scabs and Scarabs are powerful archetypes.
In magic, a scab can be a Witches's mark or a shared cultural wound, it can be that which marks and reminds forever. A scarab can be worn and adored in order to remind one that there is always life ahead of life. Resurrection when one is faced with adversity.
A scarab can give hope to a life which feels like one giant scab, and empathy can infuse love just enough for that one precious second -- when a seed can grow in the unconscious to prevail adversity and bring forth a renewed sense of regeneration of the Soul.
That seed of hope in our psyche is indeed magick.

By: 2nd Degree Priest Robert Cabot Baggani


The heartbeat of the forest calls our name.  The morning and evening mists are aglow with the light of the Sun and Moon.  The Horned God calls us closer to the forest’s hidden secrets and the Goddess nods her head in approval, and we trust the invitation.  We follow, as faithful sons, of the God with many names.  For he has been here long before our kind when wind and trees whispered to one another in a symphony of nature and prophecy.

Our God summons us in the light of the year beginning with Litha, and ignites the light in our soul.  We can walk alongside Him in fields of golden grains glowing amidst the rays of the sun, after His seed has fertilized the womb of Mother Earth.  We walk alongside Him as we witness the Mighty Stag running wild and free within the forests of our mind and soul.  We walk alongside Him as we witness the soaring of the eagle, whose mighty wings span our vision of the eternal sky.  All creatures great and small know His name and trust in Him for protection, guidance, and to keep alive the wild spirit within.

The music of His pipes will keep us safely on the forest path.  For it is then that we will know of Great God Pan, beast and man, Father King of Faery land.

Cernunnos rises from forest floor.  His antlers point to open door.  Magickal and mystic be.  Spread your seed below the tree.  Give life to womb of Goddess light, that we continue forth with might.

Father Zeus that reigns on high from Mount Olympus in the sky.  With firm grip on lightening bolt, to rouse the Gods with one large jolt.

The Hero and High King with the spear, has mighty skill to erase fear.  Intense eyes will look at you, with bended knee we call Him Lugh.

Our God summons us in the dark of the year at Samhain, where light diminishes and our soul looks deep within.  We walk alongside Him on darkened paths that lead to other realms.  We transform in his presence and follow the night crow as she leads us through the underworld.  His seed has withered and the Mother Earth is dying.  She is cocooning herself for the dark months ahead.  Like Mother Earth, all creatures great and small hibernate and go underground like our Dark Lord.  Our Dark God keeps the fire of our passion and manhood alive during the dark half of the year, until we reemerge in the light.

With Cerberus by his side, Hades is the Dark Lord of the Underworld.  Frightening, fearsome, God of the Dead.  He finally kisses you after you’ve bled.

Anubis, We hear you upon ancient grid of pyramid, where Pharaoh lives begat.  Prepare your sons when all else fails, as we meet the Guardian of Scales.

We battle in desert storms to death, an hold balance in Dark Lord Seth.

Our God is radiant and dark in one.  We may bask in the light and fold in the dark.  But we are never away from the Light of the Oak King and the chill of the Holly King.

Gods of Air and Gods of Earth, we ask of you continued birth.

Gods of Water and Gods of Fire, guide your sons with each desire.

We, your children, O Father God, Call unto you for acceptance in our task as sons of the earth and sons of the Goddess.  Lead the way in your Charge to create men from boys.  We follow your lead O Mighty One.

Grant us your presence this Sacred night and attend our Blessed Sacred Rite.

The Myth Behind the Costumes of Samhain
By Rev. Candi Alice Cabot, HPs
I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I love Halloween! I can be anyone I choose!”. Samhain is my favorite Sabbat for a multitude of reasons; not the least being my first darling bouncing baby was born on just that day. The Majickal possibilities when the veil is so very thin are endless - and must be respected. It’s in regards to this respect that I pen this article.
Within the Cabot Tradition, the Witches Ball is the biggest annual ritual we hold. It’s not only filled with Majick, energy and wonder; but love, laughter, happiness, dancing and usually drumming. People from all walks of life are welcome in love and gratitude. The sense of family within our community is something that is palpable. There is but one area, other than the Rede and Code of Ethics, where there is no leeway... and this area would be the beloved costume.
When I was new to the Tradition, the (we’ll call it) integrity of what a person chose to wear simply didn’t occur to me. After all, it’s a costume. I was to soon find out just how wrong that thought process had been. You see, there is a parade in Salem every year, and my choice to participate was based on the ideology that I was supporting Salem’s diverse community of artists, craftsmen, restauranteurs, and shop owners by participating. The parade is a zombie walk... which draws hundreds of participants and spectators alike to the village, and my donning a prom queen zombie dress, complete with blood and makeup was and is a fat NO NO in the Tradition. Mind you, this is not because boosting tourism and participating with the villagers is a bad thing, but because of the POWER BEHIND THE COSTUME.
The Cabot Tradition believes fully in the Majick that is Quantum Physics. Light energy illuminates everything around us - animate or inanimate alike. What we make ourselves into on The Witch’s New Year is a projection for what we want in the coming year as The Wheel turns. Although my intentions were pure - my attire was not something that I would ever want to come to fruition as a reality for me or anyone else; let alone a Walking Dead scenario! No, thank you very much. Please feel free to learn this lesson through my faux pas.
This year, may I suggest that you look deep within. Make a list of the things you desire in your life. Keep them realistic and be certain they do not change the will of another. Write your ideas and thoughts in a Book Of Shadows. Talk to your little ones of their hopes and dreams; goals they may have. You can sort out a small book for your children that is just for Samhain. They can decorate it and refer back to it as the years pass. It’s a clever way to look back on what your projections were for that particular year. Choose what you represent on All Hallows Eve wisely and with care, for when you step out into the veil on the most Majickal of nights, you’ll shoot that intention straight into the Universe! 
The love of Halloween is something that only grows stronger and more steadfast as the years pass for me. With knowledge, a bit of thought, a dab of respect, and a sprinkle of Majick.. we all have the chance to be whomever or whatever we choose. We just need to set our intent, step on out, and let ourselves have it.
                           Happy Manifesting All!
Macha, The Cabot Queen of Samhain
By: Rev. Paul Messerle, H.P.

Many Cabot’s recognize Macha, one of the faces of The Morrigan, to be the one of the titular heads of our Goddess Pantheon.  Years ago, I was introduced to Macha while receiving a psychic reading from our Reverend Mother Laurie Cabot, H.Ps.  As one of our ultimate Ancestors, Macha is the bringer of protection and justice to those most in need of her wisdom, and the black crow feathers used in Cabot Spells and Potions testify to her immediate, fierce and lasting power.  Not long after this ‘introduction’ to our crow-mother, I painted her image on a plank of rough, unfinished wood, one that even revealed the grain of the wood showing through.  There was nothing precious, planned, or premeditated about this act…it was immediate and spontaneous, and the painting manifested within a matter of mere hours.  It ‘needed’ to happen, and it seemed although I was the one painting it, I was pretty much along for the ride.  

Centered within the painting, backed by an indigo-night sky, Macha stands lightly on lush fields of green, almost levitating.  She is simply clad, hermit-like, in a black-woolen tunic dress with careworn tattered sleeves, and a wild full head of black hair flowing freely in the breeze.  A crow is perched on her shoulder, keenly watching. A waning crescent moon, (one of Macha’s correspondences) looms behind her, seemingly bestowing her with horns reminiscent of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor.  A trilithon gateway, echoing the architecture at Stonehenge and deep within Newgrange, stalwartly stands to the upper right opposite a great lake, both gleaming in the moonlight.  Mushrooms, (another of Macha’s correspondences and evidence of faerie) sporadically dot the hills.  Macha stares at the viewer with a determined, concentrated face, while raising a mist of Dragon’s breath surrounding her.  She gesticulates upwards to the heavens in an unapologetic presentation of her forceful power.  I was overwhelmed with the resulting work, and had learned only afterward about Macha’s cosmic and herbal correspondences that I had ‘instinctually’ included.  I presented a copy of this painting to Laurie when I completed WC1, and she told me that this is also how she sees Macha. And a child of Macha I realized I was.

When I was asked to write for this edition of the newsletter, I thought about what I might add to our knowledge of Macha as our Samhain Queen.  She has been beautifully written about in so many books and lore, and her battles, struggles and ensuing curses upon the people of Ulster are legend.  Paraphrasing or merely restating these established written accounts lacked that immediacy the painting had initially presented.  Macha is now past all of her Earthly concerns. She has moved on from them.  So, I turned to the painting, went into Alpha and asked her, “What do you want the Cabot's to know as we approach Samhain?”

“I am the wise sage who KNOWS,” she said.  “As we approach the observance of Samhain, which is a sacred time to reflect and commune with the Ancestors, what are you willing to let go of?  Carry as little with you that will physically weigh you down in the next…” 

At this point I expected her to say “year,” as Samhain marks our New Year, but she continued, “…life.”  Her statement rang true two-fold.  Yes, at Samhain we approach the Gates of the New Year, (and we project what might be possible as indicated by our choice of costume), but we also approach the Gates of the Dead, to speak with our departed, and where we also eventually prepare to join them someday in a new life.  What DON’T we need as we approach the Gates?  What have we outgrown?  Beyond mere physical possessions that we cannot take with us into the next life anyway, what patterns, emotional baggage, regrets, hurts, wrongs, undoing, grudges and guilt can we be unburdened from as we approach the New Year, and how might that help us when we eventually transition from this life? 

I looked again at her in the painting.  Even though her feet cannot be seen I know she is barefoot, and again, seemingly levitating - unfettered by this world’s concerns.  What is weighing us down?  Are we so invested in trying to manipulate what is happening around us, or so emotionally affected by events that we have no control over, that we become earthbound? Her advice… “Be a silent witness and let the events around you UNFOLD.  Before you react, wait.  Pause.  Breathe.  Be patient.  Watch.  SEE. LEARN.  All will be as it is supposed to be.  Karma and justice will prevail.”  Some Cabot’s already have witnessed her beseeched justice in action.  Harsh, steeled, appropriate, but always fair.  I looked at her once more, arms held high, palms up, no longer magnificently displaying her power, but presenting the sky and the stars as a realm of infinite possibilities, and only accessible when we have let go of what holds us down.  I was awestruck and caught my breath.  None of this was intended when I painted it.

At once the audience was over, and I found myself back out of Alpha, but her words and advice remain.  We are Sovereign Cabot's.  We need to remind ourselves of this daily - not to drive our egos but to hold them in check, to be mindful of overstepping ourselves, of overreaching our influence, and to govern the kingdoms of our own personal lives with impeccability and cosmic resonance. Carrying that which does not serve us daily compromises our ability to rule ourselves and operate at the highest frequency possible.  As we approach the Gates of Samhain, Macha the Cabot Queen awaits us there along with the Ancestors.  Be mindful of what you bring with you.  I have included an image so that you may go into Alpha and seek an audience with her yourself. 


Rev. Memie Watson, HPs

This is the longest night of the year we stand in the circle our visions are clear.
This is the night the Yule log burns bright, surrounded by spirits, wood nymphs and sprites.
The wheel is turning we’re calling all forth, the elements of East, South, West and North.
Oak logs are decorated in evergreen fir, while we fill our senses with frankincense and myrrh.
Blessings to all on Winter Solstice night, may our logs keep us warm and always burn bright.

 The Cabot Yule Spell Ornament: The Why's and How's of our Tradition
Written By Rev. Leslie Cabot Armstrong, HPs

At Samhain we dress for what we want to project and manifest into our lives for the coming year,
The Cabot tradition spell ornament is very sacred and a special part of our tradition. One that I hold very dear. When I was doing my third degree class we made the ornaments and hung them on the Yule tree at ritual. I still have them and hang we add them every year to our yule tree here in Canada. Creating these ornaments is great fun for yourself and your whole family. at yule we create a spell ornament to carry on that projection and manifestation. At Yule we celebrate the returning light of the sun and as the sun waxes (grows) in strength so does your spell. If you plan on attending the Yule Ritual at the Moose in Salem take your ornament and hang it on the tree. Remember to take it with you when you leave and you get home hang it on your yule tree. 
Materials:Plastic or glass clear ornament these you can find at Michaels. They have many different shapes ball, Heart, Star and egg , Parchment paper, Herbs(see list below), stones or crystals, Paint, Glitter (optional) Essential oil (Frankincense, Myrrh, Wintergreen or Pine) You choose, ribbon, small bells etc.
Remember it is all about your intentions so you can choose what colors that reflect your intentions. I recommend you refer to Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows “Yule” page 385 to 393 I also recommend you look up the planets that are in effect at the time of yule. (Jim Maynard’s celestial Guide) 
Herbs and Oils:
Pine needles: Planet – Jupiter. Purify a space, promotes clearing of negativity and illness.
Oak Bark: Planet – Sun, Moon, Venus. Protection, Fertility, Removal of blockages.Majick
Holly Leaves: Planet – Mars and Saturn.  Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Majick.
Mistletoe: Planet- Sun. All Healing, All Majick, Power, Health, wealth and Wisdom
Cinnamon: Planet- Jupiter. Success, Luck and Influence People in High Places
Frankincense: Planet – Sun. Promotes success, Protection, Connection with the Divine. 
Myrrh: Planet – Saturn, Pluto. Protection, Sanctity and connection to Spirit. Transformation, Wisdom 
Wintergreen: Planet – Sun. Healing, Luck, Renewal, Endurance.

You don’t have to use all of the herbs and oils that I have listed. Again remember your intentions. Now comes the fun part. Anyone can make these you do not need to be crafty to do so. Try it and have fun you may just surprise yourself. If you would like some color on your ornament. You can pour a little paint inside your ornament and swirl it around and a bit of glitter. Turn the ornament upside down to allow any extra paint to drip out. Allow the paint to dry completely before placing your spell, crystal etc. in the ornament or you can draw or paint on the outside. This would now be a good time to make your herb incense.

Place your herbs and grind them in a mortar and pestle. As you work think of your intentions and what you are wanting in your spell. You can put some into your spell ball and keep some aside to burn as an incense on Yule. 

Spell: Remember at Samhain? What you were projecting for the coming year. You may have projected Prosperity, Health, Money, Courage, Love, Connections with our family etc.… Proper English and spelling is very important in writing your spell. It does not need to rhyme. It can be just a word or a small sentence. Take your time and think what you truly want to bring in this coming year. 

On parchment paper write down your spell or words. You can place them inside the ornament or glue them on the outside. Pour all of the herbal incense into the ornament. If you want you can add a stone or crystal but be careful if you are using a glass ornament. Glue the ornament hanger onto the top. Choose a color ribbon for your hanger. You can add bells or charms to your ribbons. 

I love creating these ornaments not just at Yule but throughout the year as House blessings, for love, or even a gift to someone special.  Have a Blessed Yule and lots of fun creating your ornament. 

References: Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows, A Salem Witches Herbal Majick by Laurie Cabot, The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook by Karen Harrison

Witch’s Spell Cords 
By Rev. Laurie Cabot, HPs; 2011 Blog

Here the loop is, making nine knots in all.  The number nine perpetuates itself, so the spell will go on and on.

I tie majick bags with herbs on the cord.  I write a spell on parchment paper, then roll it up and tie it with ribbon and tie it on the cord.  Hot gluing crystals on top of the knots and finishing the ends with feathers.  Sometimes I fill a little bottle with a potion and hang it on the cord.

Be creative; use a doll or butterfly, glue flowers or mirrors on the cord.  Once I tied a little gift box on mine with a special stone in it.

Make a cord for protection, healing, love, money, new job, peaceful home, successful career or more!

Spell of the Crone
 Rev. Memie Watson, HPs 

“The circle was cast with the wisdom of three, The maiden, the mother, the crone live in me.
By the fire I sit with the crone all alone, Reflecting my past, and my future unknown.
A circle of stones has been gathered with love, I dance in your powers so below and above. The sun has been shining upon me all morn’ My measure has increased, my wisdom reborn.
My arms are wide open – my teacher, my friend, Come share in my dreams and hopes till the end.
Three feathers I’ve gathered to offer to you, Three sips of devotion, compassion be true.

Although we just met, I know in my heart, We’re always together and never apart.
“So Mote It Be”
The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple is constantly looking to highlight our Cabot Witches and Temple members that volunteer their time and effort and are a part of a greater community service.

We feel through community deed and outreach, that we can correctly impact the current conditions of our local and greater planet.  Bringing about beneficial change, awareness and healing is our mission as witches and tie in to our 3 Fold Law.

Although service done inside our Temple is closely recognized and potentially awarded with continued efforts, work in the outer community has not had the same “acknowledgement” as it deserves.
Here in the CKHT newsletter, we decided to create a section for just these selfless people. We will be featuring those in our community that are currently volunteering and highlighting their chosen cause in hopes to inspire and connect you to do the same.

Sometimes knowing where to begin can be the hardest first step to take; but by pioneer witches reaching out, you too can feel the benefits that giving back brings you. If you are volunteering and wish your cause and efforts to be known, email:

The Crystal Wheel:
Copyright Laurie Cabot, HPs

Every Thursday night, at 10:00 pm the Cabot Council of Witches projects their light and energy to a Crystal Wheel in the sky over Salem.

This wheel is a sacred place of solace anyone who needs emotional, physical and spiritual healing  may meditate on our wheel. All the Witches who attend the Crystal Wheel become a conduit so that Universal Information can answer questions and send the proper majick to whosoever enters the wheel.

You may come to the wheel as often as you wish. We do this in  correctness and for the good of all.

Crystal Wheel Meditation
Indigo for Deepest meditation, Portal to other realms, and Psychic awareness
Find yourself in a relaxed seated position with your legs uncrossed and feet flat on the ground. Place your palms open on your lap. You may hold a clear quartz crystal or a clear glass of spring water in you left hand; both can program tonight’s information into it and can be used to recall for later. Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes in and out…again in and out. Feel the warmth at the top of your head, slowly moving across your eyes, running down your neck, then shoulders. The intuitive Indigo light fills every cell of your body as you’re relaxing all your muscles, arms and fingers…feel the warmth in your lower back flowing down your legs, knees and shins…the warm relaxing feeling is running over the top of your feet, to your toes, and under your feet. You are relaxed, comfortable and safe.

In your mind’s eye, begin to see the number 7 and the color red…see the number 6 and the color orange…see the number 5 and the color yellow…number 4 is green, see the color green…number 3 is blue, see the color blue…number 2 is indigo, see the mid-night sky…number 1 is orchid, see the color orchid…

You are now in Alpha level. I will count from 10 to 1 at which you will be in a more perfect working level: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…you are now at your inner most level, where everything you do will be accurate and correct, and this is so. 

While in alpha yet not at the Crystal Wheel, take a moment to think of two pressing issues you wish to have higher knowledge of. Issues that cause the most self-doubt, lack of confidence, trust or anger issues. 

(Pause 1 min) 

Now that you have the two issues in place, balance your character and find strength where there might be weakness. Aware of yourself, you can find solutions for yourself. In your mind’s eye, you rise from where you sit and flow outdoors. Once outside you begin to float upward, traveling gracefully in the Indigo night sky till you see the first glimpse of the sparkling Crystal Wheel 700 feet above Salem, MA. 

Upon arrival, you land on one of the massive midnight-blue quartz points. A pulse of the deep blue-purple light of Indigo radiates from the Crystal Wheel, blending you into the night sky. Look at your hands, notice the effects from tonight’s Crystal color Indigo; you are one with the Wheel, the sky and the pulsing light-energy.  You are becoming and Indigo person, your whole being is at its deepest level of Alpha. 

As people from all over the world join you on this ring of crystals, you take a glance around and may start to see groups of beings in robes with solemn faces. Don’t create them or the experience with your mind’s eye. Be patient, they will come; they are from a higher plane of existence and they are looking for those who are the most sincere on their quest for solving these issues. Through this Indigo light comes psychic awareness for the Universal Mind as well. While you are waiting for these hooded groups to approach you, allow answers to other problem to come forth. 

(Pause 3 min) 

Accept these visions; allow them to come into your conscience and sub-conscience mind. Your daily fear and distractions have meaning and answers thought the Indigo light and our Oneness with the Universal Mind. What remains now are the two most pressing issues from earlier; beckoning for better understanding. These compassionate and intuitive healers are here on tonight’s Wheel to help. They are approaching you now. Instantly you know them as the High Council, they only express goodness and their work is for the good of all.  

You express your issues to them with some words but mostly through your thoughts and emotions. Very little needs to be said for the High Council to understand; answers come in the same. Through symbols, perhaps a talisman placed in your hand; listen carefully, the answer might be telepathically sent. You may not like the answer you receive. But trust their divine wisdom and remember their purpose is only of the highest good. Follow as they guide and you will be able to resolve your problems and find more answers as well as be more connected to the Universal Mind. The Indigo color washes over us all as it pulses far into the night sky and the feeling of Oneness echoes further out into the universe. We are all connected by our unified journey to obtain spiritual attainment. And just as fast as they arrived, the High Council retires in to the unknown. 

The color Indigo aids in deeper awareness of our true self. You thank the universe and express how grateful you are to find the ability to resolve your own issues. If you’re able to offer solace to those in need, envision the names on the Crystal Wheel healing list. 

Pause 1 min

Ask that this be for the greater good of ALL. Take this time to meditate in the mystical color of Indigo in the Crystal Wheel.

Pause for 15 minutes

The Otherworldly knowledge given to us from this deep meditation and the visitation from the hooded High Council leaves you feeling at peace and in harmony with the greater design of your life’s path. Our sincere desire to solve our issues and walk an enlightened path will not be deterred from hard truths or tough realities. Their message of self-discovery gives us the power we need to solve our own problems and pave our paths with assurance. Once we face the truth to our issues we can then trust your inner voice; listen to its wisdom, let it guide you to spiritual and personal balance. With this feeling, it is time to return. You say goodbye and begin to rise up enough to head home. The messages from the High Council stay with you all the way home. So does the energy of the Wheel, even as you guide yourself back into your body. 

Take in another deep breath, give yourself total health clearance and we will count up: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10; 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. Begin to wiggle your toes, your legs, arms, shoulders and head. Now open your eyes. Thank you.

Written by Rev. Laurie Cabot, HPs
Our Rev. High Priest and Priestesses of the Temple have created the following Ministries for anyone interested in these topics to join. They are filled with creativity, a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and are non judge mental.
Women's Spirituality and Sacred Circles
by Rev. Memie Ouellet Watson, HPs 
Administrators: Memie, Jacq and Penny
Women’s Sacred Circles and Spirituality Groups By Rev. Memie Watson HPs The focus and purpose of the women’s spirituality and sacred circles group is to give you the opportunity to connect with other women while exploring the important aspects of essential female values and the aspects of a life of balance. As a group we learn to explore relationships and support of the feminine community, honor our power, reflect and reinvent our knowledge. Our goal is to thrive spiritually while we find inner wisdom and travel our inner path to self. “The time has come as we Embrace to leave all Judgment”
Eternal Web Faerie Ministry for the Cabot Kent Temple
Rev. Jacq R. Cabot Civitarese, HPs
Administrators: Memie
This is a majickal place to begin a personal relationship with the Mystical race and elemental spirits that reside alongside our realm? Through Meditation, a Majick Circle, and Offerings to the Fae we are sure to have their friendship in life and in majick. Already working with them, and have experiences or majick you’d like to share with fellow witches? Well, request to become a member! Once you are one, check out our files and past images...there you'll find a wealth of information posted in our active past. • Learn how our mundane world is intertwined with the magical world of Faerie.
The coalition between Spirituality, Mother Earth & Green Living, Look at all nature around you and know that we are all comprised of stardust . you may also reach out to me for spiritual guidance at:
This Ministry seeks to offer spiritual guidance and support for any members of the Armed Forces, who have ever served a day in the military from Boot Camp to Veteran. We also offer the same services to their family members and other loved ones. With the recent addition, by the federal government, to recognize witchcraft/wicca as a religion, the old religious guidelines of practicing in secret have been modernized. Now you can feel confident to practice and rejoice in your traditions openly. We encourage and welcome any/all questions and inquiries of all faiths of witchcraft/wicca.
The Family Ministry Group is a Ministry of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple. We are here to guide you along your path while following the ancient ways of Witchcraft - specifically the Cabot Tradition. Our goal is to nurture and grow your spirituality within the family unit as a whole.. The administrator of this group is an Initiated High Priestess and has 7 children... all of whom are second degree Cabot Priests and Priestesses... with the exception of the baby, and he can't wait until it's his time! You are welcome with open arms!!
The Academic Ministry of the Cabot-Kent HeremeticTemple of Witchcraft
by Rev. John J. Cabot-Griffin, HP
Administrators: Jacq and Penny
As the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple advocates an academic approach to the Science, Art, & Religion of Witchcraft, our Tradition is concerned with those scholars who are credibly adding to the historical and cultural study of our religion. One of the things which Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs has consistently imparted to her students is the need to actively change the negative connotations associated with Witchcraft. A changing of perceptions often occurs when people have access to the truth: that is the goal of the Academic Ministry of the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple. The goals of this Ministry include: • Sharing and discussing credible information which educates and informs individuals about various topics directly related to our Tradition. This includes the academic study of Celtic culture, and how it relates to the Witchcraft Traditions of the Welsh, Scottish, British, and Irish people. • Discussing credible academic sources which help us to understand the roots of our own rituals, mythologies, and practices. • An academic approach towards understanding the archetype of the Witch, removed of the malicious and often erroneous depictions. By doing so, we hope to simultaneously forge a more balanced and historically accurate image of the Witch. • The active preservation of the history of our Temple, our Tradition, and of our High Priestess, Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs.
Laurie Cabot ~Director
Witch's Spell Cords

Penny Cabot~Assistant Director/Artist
Rev. Memie Watson, HPs
Spirit of the Holidays ~ Samhain/Yule
Spell of the Crone
Rev. Jacq R. Cabot Civitarese, HPs
Assistant Editor/Proof Reader
Rev. Bree Bella Cabot, HPs
Layout Editor/Technician
Rev. Bree Bella Cabot, HPs
The Tradition and Temple Outside of the Salem Witch Community
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