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15th 16th April 2021
Hi, Olá and Hola all,
The annual Postgraduate (PG) Symposium of the British and Irish Chapter of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (BIC-ISMRM) will be organized for the first time ever in collaboration with the newly formed Iberian ISMRM Chapter! 
After a year in which Brexit and the Pandemic dominated our agendas and threatened our desire to remain linked, isn’t this a Positive Spin around? What happens when a British, an Iberian and an Irish scientist logon to a virtual environment? Well, what a great experiment that would be... Let’s do it! This would be the perfect opportunity for PG students from all over the UK, Spain and Portugal to disseminate their work.
Together with our talented Event Planner Investigators (EPI) Team, our main mission is to ensure everybody gets the most out of the event. If there’s anything that we can learn from previous experiences is that online meetings come with advantages, but with a massive lack of networking opportunities.. which is especially important for early career stages! To address this issue, a new buddy system will be introduced at this year’s meeting and we will give you the opportunity to share a brief introduction of yourself.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference, we hope you'll be happy to (virtually) put yourself out there!
Program: what do we know so far?
This year’s meeting will be held online on April 15th and 16th 2021 in the afternoon. The program will include traditional scientific talks and interactive poster sessions. In addition, we have planned two informal sessions aiming to inspire and support PG students on their future career choices.
Did you hear us talking about fun earlier? That’s right! We didn’t forget it… wait for our surprise social event!
Important date and deadlines
The calendar will keep you up to date with key dates and deadlines.
Click on the pics below to view it or to add it in your personal calendar.
Day/time indicated may vary closer to the date.
9th February to 8th April - Looking for a buddy?
Networking is particularly challenging at conferences, even more at an online conference.
Why not to apply to be/ to have a buddy?
It would be an easier way to meet people from different institutions, share experiences and ideas in advance or during the breaks at the event!
Are you trilled?
Coming Soon...
March to 8th April - Conference registration
A limited number of tickets will be available.

The reception and a surprise social event (not free of charge) will be advertised to the attendees closer to the conference.
Submitting an abstract does not automatically register you to the conference.
Candidates for being the next student observer of the British and Irish Chapter of the ISMRM have been found!

More details about them and how to vote will be released closer to the conference.
Abstract submission

Thanks to everyone has submitted and abstract for the conference!

Presenters will be notified at the end of March.
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