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Grade 11 (Year 12) on their trip to Da Bia, Hoa Binh
Message from the Headmaster,

My piece this week is filled with returns. On Wednesday, we had the successful return of the camping trips of Grades 5-7 (Y6-8), with tired bodies slowly getting out of the buses in the afternoon. For many of the students, this was the first time they had been away from their parents and home for three-days, and it was a huge learning curve for them (and for the parents, in some cases).
Also returning on Wednesday was our Head of Secondary, Mr. Colin, who has been on a fact-finding mission, and building networks, with people in COBIS and RGS UK: I am sure many days will be filled with the dissemination of all that information. Also returning to campus, but this time after her 6-month maternity leave, was Thu, who has taken-up her desk in my office and will be directing many aspects of the Administration.
Our Grade 10 and 12 (Y11 & 13) students returned to the examination rooms for a second week, and it is good to see the whole process run smoothly, which means the examinees can focus all their attention on answering the questions to the best of their ability.
Another welcome sign of the return to normality is the fact next Friday is a full day of training and planning for the Prep School, as that section of the school is closed to students whilst staff can work together in a way we have not been able to do for many months. A further sign of normality returning is the fact the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is planning a full PTA meeting on campus in the near future: please make every effort to be a part of that meeting when the PTA sends out their invitation.
Finally, it is a welcome return to universities coming to campus to speak with our students about the courses open to them around the world: I hope all students avail themselves of this opportunity.
And with that, I will return to my usual daily tasks and wish you all a safe and relaxing weekend.
Yours sincerely,
Bryan Manditsch
 “No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education.”   
Brad Henry

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Latest News
RGS UK To Be Shortlisted for TES School Awards 2022
We are delighted to share that out of over 3000 outstanding schools, our partner in the UK, Reigate Grammar School, has once again been shortlisted as one of six for the ‘Independent Senior School of the Year’ award in the 2022 Times Education Supplement (TES) School Awards.

The TES Awards honour the most remarkable individuals and institutions in the education sector, providing an opportunity for schools to celebrate their successes and honour the teachers, staff, and teams that are making a meaningful impact in students' lives.

For more information, please click HERE.

Mr. Colin & Ms. Arabella visit our accreditation body's Annual Conference
Over the last three days, Mr. Colin & Ms. Arabella have had the pleasure of being delegates at the Annual COBIS Conference in London. They have had a great opportunity to work more closely with COBIS colleagues and other COBIS schools; fundamental as we prepare for our COBIS Accreditation in the next academic year. There was an excellent focus on Safeguarding, Wellbeing and Facilities as well as supporting schools post-pandemic. Their findings will all feed into the school’s development plan as we continue to grow as RGS Vietnam.
Prep School News
From the Head of Preparatory,

The middle of May is watching us charge towards the end of this current school year. Please remember – that if you have not renewed your child’s enrolment for the next school year, please connect with the Admissions Department as soon as possible. We look forward to opening up the 2022-23 school year in person and on-campus, and we look forward to having you all along with us. 

Taking ACTION – Filling the Kindness Wall
In the Prep section, our Kindness Wall is used for posting acts of kindness that we share with each other in our school, with our family and/or for our community. The goal of the Kindness Wall is to generate a kinder school by being and celebrating kinder people. Our Kindness Wall gives an opportunity for our students to know what kindness can look like and share examples of why kindness is so important. Please take a look at the section below to see some of the latest ACTS OF KINDNESS from our Prep section. Go TEAM! 

G1(Y2) Assembly and Inquiry Journey
Please note that the G1(Y2) class groups will hold their class assembly on June 7th, as well as their Inquiry Journey. We look forward to seeing the G1 (Y2) parents at school for this event. 

Bookweek – Book Mark Design Contest (From Mr Geoff)
We had almost 30 entries into this year's Bookmark Design Contest.  We usually award winners from EY, PYP and Secondary, but this year, we only had entries through to G6 so we decided to select a winner from EY and 2 from the PYP-G6 group.
So, without further ado... Congratulations to:
Amelia G1B
Ritsuki G2B
Minh Khue G4C
Our Prep Staff Leaving Us This Year
Like with most years, some of our Prep school teachers are moving on to other challenges and opportunities, in other destinations around the world. Saying goodbye to any of our Prep members is always SUPER TOUGH. However, with this group in particular – we are seeing some of our long-termers depart. This year, we have some homeroom teachers and one teacher assistant that will be leaving our school. Most are returning home, or off to Europe, the Middle East or other parts of Asia, or onto career promotions. 
The staff leaving are listed below:
Ms Jade Hodgkinson, Ms Jessica Pearce, Mr Matt McDonell, Mr Sandip Ikenberry, Mr Rhys Llewelyn, Ms Estelle Schoeman, Mr Cory Sadler and Ms Thuy Anh Bui (who has been with us for eight years).
I am sure that I and the student community will surely miss this particular bunch. I overtly thank them for all of their hard work and dedication, for choosing to teach at our school, and gracing us with their personalities and for offering us a place in their hearts.  While every teacher in our Prep section has made a huge impact in our community, these ‘long term leavers’ were the builders of most systems within the school, establishing school procedures and practices and guiding us through our IB Authorisation and Evaluation. We wish our Prep ‘teacher-leavers’ every success in the future; I will most sincerely miss them.

School Bus Rules 
In keeping with the School policies regarding safety, RGSV considers bus safety a top priority. Because of the need for the bus driver to focus on the road at all times, there will be a zero-tolerance for misbehaviour on a bus. All students are expected to comply with the bus rules. It is also an expectation that students will treat the bus interior with respect. 
Bus Rules: Students should always do the following: 
  • Remain in their seat, facing the front, at all times. 
  • Stay seated until the bus has come to a complete stop. 
  • Keep all body parts and possessions inside the bus at all times. 
  • All talk on the bus should be at a conversational level. 
  • Bad language is unacceptable. 
  • Be kind and considerate of others and their property. 
  • Remain standing off the road until the bus comes to a complete stop, before approaching to 
    board the bus. 
  • Follow the directions of adults and supervisors on the bus. 
  • Greet and thank the bus crew and adult supervisors. 
  • Students will only be dropped off at their own stop unless a different arrangement has been confirmed with the School Secretary/Head of Preparatory or the Head of Secondary. 
From the PYP Coordinator,
Journeying Through the Annual Review of the PYP POI - (Part 3)
Preparatory Kindness Wall
Secondary School News
From the Head of Secondary,
These last two weeks have seen the Secondary section continue to open up. Our Upper Secondary students continue to sit their external IGCSE & IBDP examinations. We sent our Grade 11 (Year 12) students on their camp to Da Bia, Grade 6 (Year 7) to cuc Phuong and Grade 7 (Year 8) to Mai Chau.  We have hosted a Student Council luncheon and participated recently in a film festival. 

Thanks to the continued opening up of the World, I have been fortunate to visit RGSUK and work more closely on establishing collaborations between the two schools for our Secondary students. I have also been fortunate to attend our future accreditation body, COBIS’s, Annual Conference. Here we focused on looking at Safeguarding, Wellbeing & Pastoral Care, and Facilities.

Finally, a reminder that internal examinations take place soon. Please support your child with their revision time-management at home, and encourage them to eat and rest well.

Please do remember to send any other news items into the Secondary Office as we would love to know what students are doing out of school and, of course, it is an opportunity to congratulate them. I look forward to hearing from you on any topic at all so please do email me via 

Do stay safe & well!

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Colin
Head of Secondary
G11 (Yr. 12) Camp to Da Bia, Hoa Binh
On 4th of May, 38 excited students and four even more excited teachers set off to Da Bia, on the northern shores of Hoa Binh Lake.
Our students went for a paddle in the kayaks the other endured a gruelling hike, trekking to Mo Hem Village, learned how to paddle, enjoyed some races, games and were able to finish off with a dip in the lake, refreshing under such blue skies. They also went cycling and “camp craft”, preparing to roleplay the lifting of an injured body using a stretcher, and so many more.

On the last day, they cruised back across the lake and headed home. There were some difficult moments for all, where people took on new challenges or were required to overcome fears. New skills were learned and despite some complaining during the toughest moments, students built confidence and resilience on this trip. It was great to leave lockdown behind and see the Grade 11 students make closer bonds with each other.

See the full article HERE.
Olympia Film Festival
This year we had two groups enter in the film festival, which is the only inter-school event to take place so far this year. Congratulations to the groups that entered.

On the 24th of April, our group called the "Invisible Strings" presented a tale of a tragic misunderstanding, and a sorrowful love. Our film, "All In My Head" told the story of two young lovers, with a dramatic plot.
At the final festival, although we didn't win, we are incredibly proud of Nguyen Ha Linh, who was nominated for best female actress. We would also like to thank everyone else who participated in making the film and send a special thanks to Pham Le Minh! Even if this year turned out slightly disappointing, we plan to return for the next!

This year's film festival was my second time leading a RGSV team in the Olympia Film Festival. This year, we were assigned the horror genre and created an 8-minute film called 'The Pen'. Once again, amazing memories were created and new experiences were gained. Our performance also improved significantly with our team being nominated for the 'Best Script' award. I sincerely thank my teammates for their support and look forward to such future events. - Sadhika (Team Captain for FireFly Productions).

RGSVSC End of Year Luncheon

On Friday 29th April from 12:00-1:00, the Student Council took an informal opportunity to present our G6 students and those absent during our formal council badge ceremony earlier this semester. We also took this opportunity to wish our G10 and G12 members the best of luck as they commenced official Cambridge and IB exams the following week. The final task of the luncheon was to take a group selfie either with a student from every grade or all students from your own grade.

While the RGSVSC still have three events and two publications to produce before the year closes, these being; G10-12 (Y11-13) School Prom, Lil’ Entrepreneur, Golden Bell Challenge, RGSVSC Insider Newsletter- Summer edition and Summer Podcast, I want to take this opportunity to thank all RGSV Student Council members for their contributions this year.  

See their full photo album HERE.

Latin United Model United Nations - Students' Reflections
From 22nd to 23rd April, some of the RGSV students attended the LAMUN (Latin American Model United Nations)  Conference organised by The British Schools Montevideo in Uruguay. The website is: ​​ The students participated in teh online section of this event. The time difference made this a challenge, Montevideo is 10 hours behind Hanoi so the event took place Frdiday and Saturday evening from 7 pm to past 1 am. On the website, under the 2022 Conference you can see the resolutions that were passed. Our students represented the United States of America and Iceland. 

Here are their reflections of the event:

Thien Anh CHU, G11 (Y12) - Security Council, United States
Personally, I found the event to be quite fun, if exhausting considering when it took place. Highly suggested for anyone who wants to try out a debate competition with formal and special rules.

Chanyeong Park, G9 (Y10) -  GA3 (General Assembly 3), United States
It was a great opportunity for me to communicate with students worldwide, listen to their thoughts and debate with them. I recommend everyone to try this, you will feel like you are a real delegate of the United Nations.

Sadhika Kapoor, G8A (Y9A) - Security Council, United States
It was a great honor to represent RGSV at LAMUN as the only invited school in Vietnam. Although we had to attend the conference in the late hours (due to time zone differences), the event was spectacular. It was my first time taking part in the Security Council on two major issues: the situation in Afghanistan and Ethiopia. The council had many excellent and exceptional delegates which made this an awesome learning opportunity. I am glad that my partner and I were able to win the Best Research Award. I look forward to participating in similar conferences and also encourage other Reigatians to join me on this journey.

Nkwaya Kohn Chloe Grade-9 (Year 10) - Ecosoc (Economic and Social Council), Iceland
The event was new, none like debates I have had at school, super motivated people who are highly experienced, I had mistakes and faults but assured improvement is there.
Don't be discouraged, I recommend giving it a try and opening up a new path.
Tobias Dickinson - Grade 9 (Year 10) - GA3, Iceland
Having never participated in a Model UN before I thought this was a wonderful experience and a great way to learn how it works as well as do some debating. It was fun to meet people from the other side of the world and I look forward to participating in other similar events
The Museum of Amazing, Curious & Mysterious Objects 
ESD - English Skills Development helps to build a love of and a talent for writing in our students. Learners push their ability to write at length on subject areas where their ideas and imagination provide the content. 

Grade 6A, 6B & 6C (Year 7A, 7B & 7C) have been working up rich descriptions for objects. Each class has created a 'Museum of Amazing, Curious & Mysterious Objects'. This has been done in class and on Padlet. The museums were originally hung outside the Grade 6 & 7 (Year 7 & 8) classrooms, but are now on the walls in Grade 3 to 5 (Year 4 to 6) corridor where our younger students can engage with the wonderful ideas and amazing writing created by their older friends.

We hope you enjoy the photos and, if you have a Grade 6 student in your family, then please ask them all about it.

See the full photo album HERE.
Diploma programme
Grade 12 (Year 13) students have completed examinations this week in Mathematics, Economics, Mandarin Ab initio, Biology, English B and English Language and Literature  We continue to wish them well as they continue to move through the final week. 
The Grade 12 Leaving Ceremony will be taking place on 20th May, 6:30pm at Melia Hotel, 27 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

University Counselling
Congratulations to our class of 2022. They have worked tremendously hard and we couldn’t be prouder of them. 

As always, walk-ins are welcome and if students or parents have questions, please contact Mr. Aaron at: 

Activities & Events
The Coming Week

Secondary School
DP Examinations – Monday, 28th April to Friday, 20th May 
IGCSE Examinations – Wednesday, 4th May to Friday, 10th June
Grade 12 (Yr. 13) Leaving Ceremony – Friday, 20th May
Coming Soon
Whole School
Last day of School (half day) – Friday, 17th June

Prep School
K2 (Y1) Assembly – Friday, 27th May
G1 (Y2) Assembly – Tuesday, June 7th

Secondary School
DP Examinations – Monday, 28th April to Friday, 20th May 
IGCSE Examinations – Wednesday, 4th May to Friday, 10th June
Transition Day – Monday, 6th June
Secondary Examinations – Monday, 23rd May to Friday, 27th May
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