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FXB Rwanda Quarterly Newsletter
July - September 2022 

Creating a World Fit for Children

Welcome to this latest quarterly newsletter that highlights our programs' key achievements in quarter four of fiscal year 22. We believe in the potential of actively engaging our stakeholders with updates regarding ongoing activities and impacts and we appreciated your partnership and collaboration! 
Thank you once again for your continuous engagement! 

                 FXB Rwanda Team
New Programs Launch

                Introductory and planning meeting for IGIRE-Turengere Abana Program in Huye district

During this quarter, FXB Rwanda was granted the opportunity to implement five- years IGIRE-Turengere Abana Program in Huye, Nyanza, and Rwamagana districts. The program provides HIV prevention and treatment interventions with aim of reducing vulnerability and HIV incidence among Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), their households, and  Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). The introduction and planning meetings were held in the districts of implementation.

                              Launch of FXBVillage Musambira in Kamonyi district

On July 28, 2022, we launched FXBVillage Musambira I program in Kamonyi district, Musambira sector. The program will reach out to the vulnerable population with poverty reduction interventions. 
Honorable Minister/MIGEPROF Visited Sugira Muryango program
                     Honorable Minister of MIGEPROF with IZUs in Rubavu district

On 29 September 2022, the Honorable Minister of MIGEPROF, Prof. Jeannette Bayisenge visited Sugira Muryango program in Rubavu district to experience the program home visit model. The Minister held a meeting with 50 Inshuti z’Umuryango who worked with the program and they testified about the impacts of the program. The minister also visited two household beneficiaries of Sugira Muryango program to learn how the program impacted them their lives.

                         Home visit by the Honorable Minister of MIGEPROF 

The minister concluded the visit by commending the home visit based approach of Sugira Muryango and appreciating its impacts. 

Climate Advocacy 

On 26th July 2022, FXB Rwanda joined FXB International, FXB USA, and other stakeholders in the climate symposium. The instance was an opportunity for getting shined of climate trends and the enforcement of their inclusion in our programming as well as advocacy continuity for climate wellness. 



     Turengere Abana Program and Partners raising awareness on SRHR among youth of Rwamagana district

Under USAID Turengere Abana Program 

In this quarter, with the support of PEPFAR through USAID Rwanda and other partners, we have reached out to 25,628 Adolescent Girls and Young Women ( AGYW)  with HIV prevention information and services. Through safe spaces, AGYW were trained on SRHR, Sexual Consent, Gender Norms, and other life skills to enhance their capacity to protect themselves against HIV infection, STIs, and unwanted pregnancies.

608 AGYW at high risk of HIV infection were supported to adhere to PrEP services. 380,490 condoms were distributed among AGYW and their male partners, and 22,264 AGYW got HIV testing services as a strategic means of reducing HIV incidence. Furthermore, 4,195 orphans and vulnerable children ( OVC) and their caregivers infected by HIV/ AIDS were supported to adhere to ART, and the program reached out to 18,627 who are not infected with information on HIV/AIDS prevention.
From August 18 to September 01, 2022, we partnered with the Rwamagana district youth council, National Police, Rwanda Investigation Bureau, and other partners to raise awareness of SRHR, sensitized around 21,000 youth that attended the campaign to play a significant role in fighting against Drug use,  and sexual Gender Based Violence as well as avoiding school drop out. 

With the interventions of the NSP-HIV/TB Project 

During this quarter,  NSP-HIV/TB Project reached out to 1,771 female sex workers (FSWs) , 460 men who have sex with other men (MSM), and transgender from Kamonyi, Musanze, and Gakenke districts with HIV prevention intervention and messages. Through this program, 35,380 condoms and 1,674 sacs of lubricants were distributed.

Furthermore, NSP-HIV/TB Project stakeholders held an annual advocacy meeting for discussion on how key population rights can be upheld. The activity brought together 83 participants: FXB Rwanda staff and district-level stakeholders including health facility workers, and peer educators (Representatives of Female Sex Workers, MSM, and transgender) as key actors in the HIV Prevention and TB program.


 AMIE Project

In this quarter, 700   AMIEP Adolescent Girls and Young Women continued their gatherings in 8 safe spaces. They gather once per week to receive sessions on sexual and reproductive health, sexual consent, life skills as well as HIV/AIDS prevention education message

    FXB Executive Director with Kamonyi district officials distributing startup tool kits to TVET graduates

With AMIE Project interventions

On September 8, 2022, the AMIEP supported  100 Adolescent Girls and Young Women from the Kamonyi district who graduated in TVET trades of hairdressing and tailoring with start-up kits. Now, these fully-equipped young entrepreneurs started working for themselves to sustain their economic autonomy.

63 Parents and caregivers of AGYW acquired different modern agricultural technics (farming on small scale) and were provided with seeds to start agri-businesses. This same number of beneficiaries maintained their saving and lending activities. 


Under USAID Turengere Abana Program 

During this quarter,  151 Internal Saving and Lending Groups of  Adolescent Girls and Young Women and 170 Internal Saving and Lending Groups of OVC parents and caregivers from Nyanza, Rwamagana, and Muhanga districts were supported to maintain their Saving and Lending activities. Progressively a total of 201,282,623 Rwandan Francs was saved since the start of the year and a great part is to be invested in their income-generating activities. 


Sugira Muryango Program 

     Sugira Muryango Program participating in play caravan for promotion of early childhood development

In this quarter, Sugira Muryango program partnered with Kina Rwanda (which is a part of the global play movement that believes play can be a driver for social and economic progress in every community) and districts authorities to organize the play caravan campaign across the 5 districts of Rwanda including districts where Sugira Muryango program operates. The Play Caravan is a public engagement campaign with community outreach events where parents, caregivers, and children learn through play, get educational activities, and have fun.

During those events, Sugira Muryango corner was focusing on coaching parents and caregivers having children from zero to three years, on how to develop homemade toys, and stressing the importance of play in the child's brain’s stimulation and learning. Around 5,000 community members were reached during the events and received key messages about playful parenting.

                    VSO Team learning from Sugira Muryango Program home visit model

Between August 17 and 20, 2022, Sugira Muryango hosted a sites visit for VSO Team working with "Let’s Learn through Play" locally known as TWIGIRE MUMIKINO RWANDA (TMR) Project. The objective of the field visit was to help TMR team to learn from our experience in supporting playful parenting with parents and how Sugira Muryango is working with government volunteer workforce known as Inshuti z’Umuryango to support a play-based approach in the communities.

With AMIE Project

350 Parents were trained on positive parenting by learning their roles and responsibilities to cope with their children’s behavior, mainly regarding sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention as well gender-based violence. Both parents and children gathered in pairs to exchange about the due relationship between them as pathways for the parents to support children in achieving their dreams.

Under WASH and Nutrition Project 

With the interventions of WASH & Nutrition project, 82 identified beneficiaries’ families were supported in renewing their houses and improving their hygiene and sanitation conditions. The project provided them with construction materials: iron sheets, and nails, and disseminated messages around WASH.
In the upcoming period, we continue our mission of serving our beneficiaries through current and incoming programs.  
We take this opportunity to thank and welcome continuous partnerships with our stakeholders.
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