Next week, we're celebrating Choice Week, as we join partners in recognising two global days - World Contraception Day on September 26, and International Safe Abortion Day on September 28 - and highlighting the importance of reproductive choice.  
We know that when people have reproductive choice, it opens up a world of opportunity, allowing women and girls to finish school, pursue a career, and plan for the future, exercising their full economic, political and social potential. And despite recent setbacks, we still have much to celebrate! 
Courageous advocates around the world are speaking out for the fundamental right to choose, and winning policy changes that make reproductive healthcare more accessible.  
Bold providers are ensuring that more women than ever can access the healthcare that allows them to plan their own futures.  
And even in the face of an anti-choice opposition encouraged by recent events in the U.S., pro-choice people everywhere are standing up and saying: We will not go back. 
So please join us in celebrating that progress, by standing for choice this Choice Week! Here are two ways you can get involved: 

  1. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #StandForChoice and our partner social media toolkit
  1. Learn more about Choice Week and the transformative power of choice on our website 

I know you share our commitment to ensuring everyone, everywhere can choose their own future, and I’m grateful to have your support. Thank you! 
Banchi Dessalegn 
Africa Director, MSI Reproductive Choices

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