Weekly News 9 October 2020

Winter BARTT Series - Cycling & Bike Handling Skills Sessions - Swim Sign Ups - AGM/Committee nominations - Social Rides

Winter BARTT (Bike and Run Time Trial) Series
After the success of the virtual BARTT series, Sean has kindly offered to run a winter series and is looking at running 6 virtual events, one per month until clocks change in March, Watch out for more details but they will probably be on the third Saturday morning of the month, with the first one on Saturday 24 October.

For those of you that took part during lockdown these will be the same format and will generally be a sprint distance event but for variety, there may be a virtual team event on Zwift followed by a run. Of course, anyone not able to use Zwift would still be welcome to take part.

Proposed Dates would be:

Sat 24th October 

Sat 21st November

Sat 26th December -

Sat 23rd January

Sat 20th February

Sat 20th March - Finale!

Cycling & Bike Handling Skills
This Sunday sees the first of Cycling & Bike Handling skills sessions over the next few weeks we are going to run a series of coached sessions tailored to improve our bike handling skills and there are a couple of spaces still available but to avoid disappointment sign up here.

The sessions will be head at Jubilee House 5510 John Smith Drive, Oxford Business Park South, Cowley , Oxford, OX4 2LH.and will cover the basics such as bike equipment, bike checks, safety on the bike with steady progression on balance, braking, cornering, choosing the right gear and much more as improvements will be made. The sessions will be run in a car-free environment and are Covid secure.

These sessions are open to everybody and are a perfect starting point to improve bike handling skills and build confidence to ride on roads, solo or in groups.

Kidlington Swim  and Sign-Ups
We have now increased the number of swimmers at the Kidlington Session to fourteen  - but obviously at the moment swim places are very limited so please be considerate to others and only book ONE SESSION per week. Please make sure you can attend when signing up, if you find you cannot attend for any reason please take your name off the list asap.

OxfordTri AGM and Committee nominations
Oxford Tri 2020 AGM to be held on 7pm on 19th October 2020 over Zoom - more details will be posted nearer the time.

Interested in helping to run your club? Why not, it's great! Take a look at the roles on offer in the club constitution. Nominations for all committee roles can be submitted now here. All roles are open to anyone but some key roles that need filling for next year include Chair, Web Officer and Lead Coach.

The web officer role does not have to be a committee member but nominees will need experience with WordPress and Google Apps Admin. Ideally someone with server experience too. The post could be shared by more than one person. If you want any further details Dan will be able to answer any questions so please drop him an email.

Please complete and submit the form in advance of the AGM. For any enquiries, please contact the Club Secretary.

Voting will take place at the AGM for positions where more than one (eight in the case of General Committee Member) person(s) is/are nominated.

Social Club rides 
We have two rides going out this weekend:

Medium Pace Short led by Anna Smithson - sign up here
Medium Pace Long led by Alex Gandon - sign up here 

Watch out for details on Facebook.

Tracy - 

This Week’s Programme 
Fri          6.45pm - Turbo from home - no sign up ncessary
               7.00pm - Kidlington Swim Session - Sign up essential
Sun        9.00am -  Cyling and Bike Handling Skills Session  - Sign up essential   
                               Club rides - Sign up essential - These rides are non-coached activities further explained on the sign-up pages.           
Tues       7.00pm  - Yoga online - no sign up necessary
Weds      7.30pm  - Radley Swim Session - Sign up essential
Thurs      7.00pm - Track @ Horspath - Sign up essential 
Fri           6.45pm - Turbo from home - no sign up ncessary
               7.00pm - Kidlington Swim Session - Sign up essential
BTF Return to Play COVID Health Screening  

Covid-19 - Its still here! thanks everyone for keeping to the the rules, please keep it up. Apologies when sessions have to change at the last minute, we are under lots of constraints and limitations and we are trying to keep all club members safe.  Keep active.

A reminder that, if you haven't already, you need to complete the ‘BTF Return to Play COVID-19 Health Screening’ Questionnaire  before you are able to attend any sessions. This now a condition of attendance at club sessions until further notice and you will not be able to sign up to a session unless you have completed this..

If anyone has concerns about social distancing and returning to training please contact either our Welfare Officer - Jane Bell or Covid Officer - Georgette Broughton



Race report for the Birmingham Triathlon  by David Wolverton– Practice Pays Off. Or Does It?
What’s the best thing to keep you occupied in the taper period before a race? If you’ve got more “triathlon time” than you know what to do with, but can’t spend it all biking and running? If you’re like me, you’ll :
  1. take in a bit more transition practice
  2. watch some pros do transitions on YouTube
  3. hunt around the house for elastic bands
And so it was the week before the Birmingham Triathlon. A lot of you would be put off by the name. “Birmingham” followed by “Triathlon”. So anodyne. I can’t help thinking that the organisers need to engage the services of a Brand Consultant who would hold a few focus groups, get the letter “X” in there somewhere and issue a bill for £100,000.
So back to the transition practice. The thing I’ve always wanted to do is exit T1 with the flourish that is the flying mount. You get the picture: run powerfully with bike towards T1 exit, approach mount line, get hands on bars while still running, graceful hop onto saddle, acknowledge clumsy and slow efforts of rivals, zoom off onto bike course.
During the week I dissected the movements and practiced in the back garden, where conceivably only the neighbours could see me fall off. And when I could do it, dear reader, I practiced and practiced. After the back garden, I practiced on the streets. I practiced on the hills and in the fields. I practiced on the beaches and landing grounds. I would have practiced in France had I not been required to quarantine. I nailed it every time. What could go wrong?
So on the day of the event I found myself not anywhere near Birmingham but in Whitchurch where they’d relocated the course. That was because of the local CV19 outbreak in Birmingham. I needed to check a couple of things before getting into the wetsuit. One was the temperature of the lake. As expected : cold. The other was the lie of the land around the T1 exit. I admit I expected tarmac. What I saw was “goat track”. Not the easiest of surfaces for a flying mount. I told myself that having put in the practice, sometimes all one can do is flirt with Lady Luck.
As you may have guessed, Lady Luck was not in the mood for flirting. No idea why she needed to be so downright arsey.
All I remember of T1 is shivering. But I got that under control with a bike jersey and skipped off towards the exit. I remember noting that the marshals had done a good job of keeping ruminants off the mount line. Then there is a memory gap. Then I found myself in the hedge by the track with the bike on top of me. The slower and clumsier rivals went past. I got on the bike in a more conventional manner and joined the course.
That wasn’t the end of my difficulties. Reaching down to get my feet into the shoes, I was suddenly aware that my fingers had no feeling. Then stopping the bike to get my shoes on, a realisation that there was no feeling in my toes either. A bit further down the road, with fingers and toes still in their “Shackleton” phase, I took a drink but couldn’t develop enough feel to replace the bottle properly. Long story short, I was off the bike again to retrieve it.
I had high hopes for this triathlon. Looking at past results I had a chance of top two in my age group. That wasn’t going to happen, sadly. If you get off the bike twice and fall off it once, your diem is going to go un-carped.
I did a fair job on the rest of the bike leg, considering that my toes spent the entire expedition cut off from the Command Module. I was actually looking forward to a bit of running to warm them up.
One minute after T2, and it’s clear that it’s going to be a “trail run” with intermittent views of the lake. The sunshine is gorgeous. But it’s a Run. And in my case that means I’m going to be… Wrestling With The Demons.
CURTAIN. A rural scene in Shropshire. Enter DAVE’s POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE (PMA). Running.
Enter DEMON1 and DEMON2, also running. They take up position alongside DAVE’s PMA. DEMON1 is green and scaly. DEMON2 is an orangey fireball. They both have filthy mud-spattered race numbers on their chests. It’s the same number: 45. That was Dave’s number when he came last in the school cross-country in 1980.
DEMON1: “Oh, it’s grass. Not going to be a fast time then.”
PMA : “Yeah, but everyone is on grass. All my tempo runs were on grass. So actually I should come out of this well.”
Eight minutes in and the Garmin beeps me for the first mile. OTHER RUNNERS stream past. They all have customised trisuits with their names on the back.
DEMON2 : “Was that Katie Zaferes that just went past?”
DEMON1 : “That’s Sharon from Wigan Harriers. What an athlete!”
DEMON2 : “Remarkable how she copes with the left leg three inches longer than the right.”
DEMON1: “Don’t get lapped by Sharon!”
PMA : “Not going to be compared to the twenty-somethings. She’s probably doing the Sprint anyway.”
The second mile is more like 8:40 and the demons look pleased.
DEMON1: “Good job you’re not in Oxford Tri colours, don’t want to drag them through the mud.”
DEMON2: “Opening that Chianti mid-week, what were you thinking?”
PMA : “Well it’s okay in moderation. Surely?”
The next few miles are no better.
PMA : “Great news! I can feel my toes again.”
DEMON1 : “Still looking like a 50min 10k.”
DEMON2 : “The slowest you’ve ever done.”
DEMON1 :  “What a sense of occasion!”
DEMON2: “You need to step up the pace in the last lap.”
DEMON1 : “How’s that pain threshold, Chianti Boy?”
PMA :  “I shall move up a gear as, and when, I see fit.”
DEMON1: “Basically when you spot the finish line bananas?”
DEMON2: “Gosh 47 mins gone! Clarey would be finished, changed and on her second G&T by now.”
DEMON1: “Dan A would be comatose on the night bus home.”
PMA : “Right, I’ve had enough. Engaging Zone 4.”
DAVE’s PMA runs off to the finish line. DEMON1 and DEMON2 vanish in puffs of smoke. Once over the line, DAVE’s PMA looks at the Garmin.
PMA : “Bugger.”


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