Tickets for Becket Pageant for London now on sale!

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June in Guildhall Yard EC2

A unique two day event in the ancient heart of the City of London, re-capturing the vibrant tradition of community and street entertainment of London’s past.

Includes performances of a spectacular new musical

London’s Turbulent Son’ with giant parade, and free livery crafts fair.

A day of fun and entertainment for the whole family!

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London’s Turbulent Son

London’s Turbulent Son by Emmeline Winterbotham with music by Vahan Salorian, re-imagines an historic Tudor pageant staged by City guildsmen in honour of their Patron Saint, Thomas Becket. It brings together a professional cast, live band, and members of the local community - actors, singers, schoolchildren, costume and puppet makers - in a purpose built open-air auditorium in historic Guildhall Yard, just steps from where Becket was born 900 years ago.

Performances 12 noon-2pm and 4-6pm

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“One of the most exciting aspects of the production is to feel yourself walking in the footsteps of an ancient tradition -of theatre for the people of London by the people of London performed on the streets of London about one of their most influential citizens.”

- Writer and director Emmeline Winterbotham

The Livery Crafts Fair

Inspired by the London guildsmen who staged the original pageant of 1519, and Becket’s roots as the son of a City merchant, Guildhall Yard will be styled as an immersive 16th century experience with period entertainers and a vibrant Livery Crafts Fair. Visitors will be invited to imagine themselves as Tudor Londoners, learn about a pivotal period in British history, watch skilled livery craft displays in an open air, Covid-secure environment, and sample a specially brewed Becket Beer!

Entrance free to the public​ 11am - 6pm

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June in Guildhall Yard EC2