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Reflect biblically. Act boldly. Connect with nature in a new way.
Welcome to Wild Christian.

'Take your everyday, ordinary life - your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life - and place it before God as an offering.
Romans 12:1, The Message)

Have you noticed that God sometimes uses a break in our routine to challenge us about something specific? Sara, our Eco Church Support Officer, shares some lessons she learnt during her household’s nine-hour power cut.

Read Sara's reflection and add your thoughts here.

Join us for some wild events!

To help our community enjoy nature and take actions that benefit it in a time of climate change, please find details of some autumn events:

> ‘Act for Nature Day.’ Encounter nature in a special way and receive practical conservation training at A Rocha UK’s Foxearth Meadows Nature Reserve in North Essex (3 September), and at other members of our Partner in Action programme: St Madoc’s in Wales (13 October-registration opening soon) and Hilfield Friary in Dorset (12 November).

> ‘Nature for Everyone’ webinar. It’s really important to A Rocha UK  that everyone - wherever they live and whatever their income - can access nature. Special guest speaker, Matt Browne Head of Policy & Advocacy at Wildlife & Countryside Link will share about why nature is for everyone; and we’ll take a campaign action together! Save the date for our next ‘Campaign Takeaway’ event on Tuesday 13 September, 7:30-8:30pm.

> Campaigning on the climate and cost of living. In the midst of a cost of living crisis, with energy prices set to increase even further, and some UK politicians urging more fossil fuel expansion, it’s vital that we tackle poverty in the UK in a way that not only addresses accelerating climate change, but does not make it worse. Come along to hear from Green Alliance about their new campaign ‘Warm this Winter’ on Thursday 29 September, 7:30 - 8:30pm [online]. Save the date - registration for this online event opening soon. 

> The Great Big Green Week (24 September - 2 October). The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest call for action on climate change and nature, showing decision makers that people from all walks of life are stepping up to take action - and that we need them to step up too. As members of The Climate Coalition, we’re encouraging as many Christians and churches to join in and add our efforts to those of others for the greatest combined impact. Could you or your church host a community event as part of the Great Big Green Week? A litter pick perhaps, some wildlife gardening, or a climate coffee morning -  whatever your idea is - get involved today.

Events are open to all. Please mark them in your calendar and share them with friends.

What action will you take for nature this month?


- #CountThemToSaveThem (15 July - 7 August) Half of Britain’s butterfly species are on the new Red List of species under serious threat of decline or local extinction. Help these well loved insects by finding a suitable spot, taking 15 minutes to record the species you see, and then adding your count on Butterfly Conservation’s interactive map here.

- Save some ‘easy listeners’ to your playlist. The biggest count for nature in churchyards and church-spaces took place last month. Some of you may have taken part. Part of the Churches Count on Nature’s virtual offering was their fantastic online programme. So, if you want to learn more about bats or biodiversity, or how to grow things in a small urban space, browse the full programme here. 


- Offer nature a ‘rest bite’. Look out for local wildlife during extremely hot weather by supplying water and food. Read here for some simple ways to help wildlife beat the heat. 

- Practice mindful wildlife spotting. One of our Partners in Action recently shared a great mindful exercise from their recent mindful newt-spotting workshop: ‘Try to spot amphibians or other wildlife in a local pond. Firstly, you must be patient. If you are bored within 30 seconds, then notice the feeling and switch your attention back to the pond. Attention and awareness is a created gift from God with different elements. We can focus our attention on one part of the pond - perhaps one of the plant pots the newt might be sheltering under, or have a more open awareness of the whole pond. If this practice of sustained attention is new to you your mind will wander frequently, taking you out of the present moment and an observant state. Do notice what your mind has wandered to and bring it back to the pond. With practice this will enable you to learn to both sustain and switch your attention – eventually leading to a capacity to be more deeply attentive – which is life in all its fullness!’ You can find a video of Scargill’s newts here.


- Share a nature-related campaign on our Facebook Group. Thanks to Kim for highlighting this Woodland Trust campaign to protect our most important and oldest trees. Sadly, we don’t have space to include all nature-related campaigns each month - so do use our ‘A Rocha UK Wild Christian’ Facebook group, as Kim did, to share any that you’re supporting so that others can add their voice too.

- Learn something new about nature, climate and campaigning. What can the Bible teach us about campaigning? Chief Executive, Andy Atkins shines a spotlight on some key Bible characters, and explores what their stories can teach us today. Read Andy’s blog here.

Wild Christian in the Spotlight

Can burnout really be a blessing? Jo shares about her own burnout and how she was able to use her recovery to help others.

Read Jo's story and tips for coping with burnout here.

 Show us your wild side - let us know how you're enjoying, nurturing or defending nature this month. Or perhaps you're doing other things that will inspire, challenge and encourage the Wild Christian community? Share your story via the online form including a photo of yourself or you in action. Why not use '#WildChristian' to share what you're up to on social media too.
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