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5 Tips to Overcome your
Public Speaking Fears!

Last night we had one of Perth's best public speakers - The Chatterchief, Shil Shanghavi, share some valuable insight into how to overcome your public speaking fears. 

He instantly captivated the audience with relatable and all too familiar stories of public anxiety in common situations like the classroom, work presentations and meeting new people. 

Bellow are a few tips we picked up last night that hopefully you will find useful too.

This was the first of our Personal Development Series, please keep an eye out on REQ social media or website for updates. 
First up breath. A couple of deep breaths before you start and then continue to breath. Sounds simple enough until you are up there in front of everyone, right? As you start to panic your breath will start to speed up, taking long deep breaths will steady your nerves and shaky voice. 
Be real. Be vulnerable. Be present. The people in front of you are just like you. They may have similar fears, similar experiences or similar interests to you. They are here because they want to hear what you have to say on a particular subject so engage them. By engaging with your audience you will be surrounded by friendly, interested faces which are much easier to talk to than disengaged faces. 
As we said before, your audience is here because they want to hear what you have to say. So do them and yourself a favour by knowing your material. It will please your audience and help you connect with them but more importantly the more confident you are in your material the less anxiety you will suffer.    
Slow down, your mind is working in overtime and we understand you want to get everything out but just relax. Your audience isn't going anywhere and you have practised your presentation in front of the mirror a dozen times and know it is the perfect length for your time slot so just slow down. 

Try matching your breath with your speech and pause between sections. Perhaps use taking a sip of water as an opportunity to steady your breath and check your speed.    
And finally, perhaps you just have to be comfortable with the fact that you are going to be uncomfortable during public speaking and that's okay. 

And who knows maybe one day you will be comfortable up there and be the next REQ guest speaker!
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