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BGVT Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser

The funds raised will allow BGVT to financially help support families whose lives are impacted by organ donation and transplantation during their transplant year. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Cost: $25

Pool payouts are as follows:
Q1: $400
Q2: $400
Q3: $400
Q4/End of Game: $800

RULES: This is your typical squares pool where the goal is to have the square who's digits match the last digits of each team's score at the end of each quarter (if you own the square Pats 7 and Cowboys 0 and the score is Pats 7 Cowboys 0 you win that quarter). One different rule... Each square will have four numbers for the AFC team, and four numbers for the NFC team. This way, you will have one set of numbers for the first quarter, and a different set for each subsequent quarter. So, if you get stuck with, for instance, (2, 2), you may only have it for one quarter.

Here are the steps to sign up and choose a square:
1. Go to
2. Click on "Pick a Superbowl Square"
3. Create a username, and enter bgvt in the Initial Password field, and click "Go for it"
4. Enter in your new password (twice), and your email address, and click "Go for it"
5. Click "Continue on to pick a square"
6. Pick your square(s)
7. To pay for your square(s) click here
8. Choose $ amount that fits the amount of squares you're purchasing (i.e. $25 for 1 square, $50 for 2, $75 for 3, and so on or type any amount in the "other" section)
9. Click Continue and provide your payment details
10. On Sunday, Feb. 5, log back into the squares pool sites to see which numbers you were randomly drawn

Deadline to receive payment is Saturday, January 28.  The first grid closes once all squares are sold.

A second grid will be started once the first grid is full. Here is the link to the second square grid:

The initial password is the same as the first board: bgvt

Don't forget to log back into the squares pool sites on Feb. 5 to see which numbers you were randomly drawn. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

UPCOMING EVENTS: We will also be running a BGVT March Madness squares fundraiser so please stay tuned for this coming in March!!!
About BGVT
The mission of BGVT is to raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation while creating a supportive network for individuals and families whose lives are impacted by this lifestyle.

BGVT aims to create and connect a powerful tribe that rallies, supports, educates, embraces, empowers and celebrates families impacted by transplantation. Through storytelling and journey sharing, the tribe will empower families with knowledge, experiences and support, and promoting the importance of how people can BE THE GOOD and DO LIFE.
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